I’m calling you, can you hear me?
random thoughts | By Stephanie Zahalka

I’m calling you, can you hear me?


You’re like an old friend that I’ve known forever.

Where time and space have no effect on us,
on our being,
on our connection.

It just IS.

It is infinite.
It is timeless.
It is limitless.

You are THERE.
So am I.
Yet I am also HERE.

You are not here yet, but soon, soon you will be, for I call you to me.

I am shining my light for you.
It beckons you.
It whispers to you like a flutter in the wind.

You hear it.
You see it.
You KNOW it.

For we have known each other forever.
Old friends,
Waiting to meet again.

I can see you.
I can hear you.
I KNOW you.

You were waiting for me.
I am here now.


You hear me.
You see me.
You find me.
You come.

Hello.  ❤️

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