I physically felt the breakthrough!
Coaching | By Stephanie Zahalka

I physically felt the breakthrough!


Yesterday I purchased an older program of my mentors.  I wasn’t sure if I should spend the money (cuz bills), but my soul was like, “you’re buying this” and the ‘next level’ version of me said “I would’ve already bought it” … so I bought it.  One of her favourite courses and it really resonated with me – (about money funnily enough)… like YES, I must get this.

I listened to the first training last night in bed. Surface level listening. Then this morning I sat down before I did anything else and listened again.

When it got to minute 34:20 I pressed pause and stood up. I literally paced my kitchen and talked this out with myself. This wasn’t a light-bulb moment – this was a smack in the face with a spotlight moment.  I really finally understood – I CHOSE ALL OF THIS.

Wow. I chose it. All of it. Every single struggle, every single moment, every single outcome.  I am the creator of my reality, so of course everything is my responsibility. I looked at it from an outside perspective and really got that I was following MY path and each and every choice, moment, struggle, win, everything – was necessary for ME to keep moving on the path that I needed to be on.  My higher self kept showing me the path and I kept taking it.

If I didn’t experience every single thing that I went through, I wouldn’t have learned all of the things that I now know.  And without all of that, I would not be RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW being ME.

100% pure Steph mother fucking Zahalka.

As scary as it is, I have let go of my company of 13 years. Everything I did, learn, or experienced in this business, I can see now, was so that I can use it to help others level up and step into their power.

I loved my business, it was my identity for a long time, but I’ve outgrown it and have taken the scary as fuck leap into ME. Being me. Sharing my message and raising the vibration of the world. OMG how is this going to work, how will I make money. #fuckthehow

And I am here because my path led me here.  I chose every single experience so I would be able to effectively teach and help others do the same. You don’t really understand something until you’ve gone through it.

My mentor, the beautiful and WONDEROUS messenger that she is, is the reason that I now know my purpose, my passion and to be thankful for every single choice, moment, struggle, win and to be satisfied with what is.  I chose all of it and I am thankful for all of it.  I literally was walking around my kitchen like a mad woman with all of these realisations pouring out of me. I get it.  I put myself here. And I am amazed at my power to do so.

I am powerful as fuck.  I choose to own that. I choose to be grateful for all of it, for my teachers and mentors… and thankful to myself for having the courage to keep going no matter what or how scary.

To keep saying yes to my soul.

I will keep going. No matter what. This is WHO I AM. I am rich and wealthy as well because THAT is who I am.

I see that she is the messenger and the 1% within the 1% are here to learn from her and become the messenger to our soul mate clients so we can perpetuate this changing of the world and raising the vibration of the world. I hear the call and I have chosen to answer it and follow soul.

…. Then I pressed play

and finished listening to the rest of the training.  When she talked about finding and knowing the underlying reason, you will FEEL the switch flick. Like really feel it and know that is what it is.   I legit started crying. Tears poured out of me, because as I was pacing my kitchen, going through all of these revelations with myself, I mother fucking FELT IT.

I literally, physically and energetically, had waves of energy flow through me. I was shaking with it. I felt it.  And knowing that I felt it and that I shifted was so overwhelmingly powerful and amazing that I just cried. Tears of relief and joy and wonder at all of it.  And stoked that I dug deep enough to realise my reason.

My reason – ease and joy – for my family and myself.  That is the underlying reason for all of this.  The money, the work, the message, living life, everything.  To fully experience and live with EASE and JOY and FLOW.

I allow ease and joy and flow and massive amounts of wealth and money to be mine in all areas. I have made the decision and I choose it. It is done.

Thank you




As I learn all of this, I am able to shift and move forward, so that I can help you to do the same. So I can share it with you.

This is what I bring to my programs.

When I level up, you level up.

I want to help you and guide you to find and realise your personal power.  And to step into the power.

You ARE powerful.

Don’t you want to feel it, to know it, to enjoy it?

Aren’t you sick of being stuck where you are at?  Of course be grateful for where you are at and your path here, for your path did lead you here.

Reading this, right now.

Isn’t it time to find the true you, the NEXT LEVEL YOU and find it now, So you can make 2019 the year that you owned it all – your power, your confidence, the success, the money, your PURPOSE!

I hope that is a resounding YES!

If it is, and you are brave enough to take the leap and figure this shit out, so you know what to do and how to do it, and be able to tap in, at any time, to figure out ‘what next’ and to be powerful in your decisions, then

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