How bad do you want it?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

How bad do you want it?

I was asked this question recently in an email and it is such a good, HUGE question.–
Do you really want success? Like really really?

Now to go further, if the answer is YES, ask yourself: are you already at that level of successful that you want to be?

If not, ask yourself why are you not there.

There is a lot of talk about alignment and affirmations and thinking your way successful. I believe in all of these things and i think we should all do them….

You can’t discount the need for ACTION. Affirming all day long that you’re a millionaire with a yacht that travels the world isn’t going to get you on the yacht in the Mediterranean. 👑🚤💎💵

There are a lot of steps to get there.You need to take action, show up, do the things that need to be done in business and life to move you forward.
Then, you still need to buy the boat, hire the crew, take the holiday and a million other things in between.

So no, while the inner game is necessary, you can’t just sit around and expect it to fall in your lap on a silver platter…
you need to also take action.
You need a strategy and a game plan and
you need to implement it.
You need to show up and share the shit out of it.
You need to be selling it all day long.
And if it doesn’t get you that yacht, well, then you take a step back, reassess and do it all over again.
And keep doing it over and over.

If it truly is something you love to do, are fucking ace at doing and you really really want success and all that goes with it, then it’s not that hard to show up and do the damn work.

I would think it is harder to be broke, on your couch, listening to wealth affirmations than to do what you love doing anyway and make some damn money from it.

Are you ready to show up? Are you ready to get that game plan going, to turn those thoughts into action?

If it’s time to get your ass in gear and get moving, ➡️ PM me.

We can have a quick chat to find out exactly where you are standing in relation to what you are wanting and the next steps to get you where you want to go.
No pitch, no hard sell… just a simple yet effective plan of action.

If you don’t do it now, when will you?
In 6 months, in 2 years, 5 years? … which translates to sitting around at 60-something wondering why the fuck you didn’t take the leap and just GO FOR IT.

Imagine all the amazing things you could have and be doing and enjoying if you just got over you bullshit excuses and procrastination or ‘one day when…” crap!!

Go on ➡️ PM me now.
and tell me — 👇🏻👇🏻

Do you really want SUCCESS??
Like really REALLY?

and be honest – the more honest you are, the clearer your path will be!

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