BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka



Welcome to #HotTipsThursday – where I will share a valuable business, branding, marketing or mindset tip with you that you can use straight away!

If you post on social media for your business, or have a website, or do any kind of messaging for your service or product … then read on…

Take a minute to look through and read the words on your website. 

HOT TIP – take all of the ‘I’s’, “we’s’ and ‘me’s’ out and replace them with YOU, YOUR, OUR, US….


This is legit worth every second it will take to do this.


People are busy, scrolling, hustling, living, bombarded with information all day, every day.  If they get to your website and can’t instantly see ‘WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM’ they will leave post haste!


So, take the time to make your words, your service, your products ALL ABOUT THEM.


When you do this, you connect, they can feel like ‘hey she’s speaking to me” or ‘omg yes, this is me’. 

When you connect with someone on that level – THEY BUY.


When your whole website or any part of your website is about you, they will be bored, they will leave, the don’t care. 

Hate to drop that little bomb on you (not really) but they don’t give a shit about your credentials or experience or a bunch of words that sound like you are a robot.


They only care about how the fuck you are going to 

  • help THEM, 
  • how you will solve their problem,
  • fix their pain,
  • give them their desires,
  • transform them.


So…. go now, and make your website (and social posts, and offers, and messaging) all about THEM!

Feel free to reply if you have any questions!

Have an amazing day!!!



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