Have you EVEN thought about this…
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Have you EVEN thought about this…


Have you EVEN thought about WHY you do what you do?

Like really thought about it?

Not just the “it seems like fun” or “I don’t want a boss and I want freedom” or whatever surface level shit you think of on the fly.

You need to go in deep.

Even if you think you just thought it would be cool to sell cute baby products, there is a reason that you CHOSE that over everything else.

It may be a totally subconscious decision that you haven’t really noticed, but it’s in there.

You gotta look for it.


BECAUSE – people buy that reason, that WHY.

Your why is such a big thing.  So big in fact that it should be required when you first create your business and register the name.

Yet, many people do not ever sit to think about or define their WHY.

I wonder why?

When you dig deep and really figure out your WHY, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.  The ones who haven’t defined it, or told anyone about it, or made it part of their brand and who they are.

They will no longer be your competition.

Why you ask…

Well, that is because humans are emotional creatures.  We buy based on emotions and rationalise with logic AFTER.

When you have a well defined WHY and it is part of your message, brand voice, language and the words you write and speak – and part of your BRAND – people are attracted to that.

They buy your energy, your vibe, your WHY.

They don’t buy the product or service, they buy ‘why’ you’re doing it and the passion and energy that you have backed behind it.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

So, sit down, grab a pen and figure out your WHY!

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Not only will you get CLEAR on your WHY

you will also…

Get clarity on WHAT you’re building, WHAT you love doing and WHAT makes you different.
Everything else you need to IGNORE when you start.

Figure out WHO your audience and ideal client is so you can streamline your brand for them!
And learn the other WHO and why it’s so important –
hint* it’s not who you think!

Deep dive questions to evaluate the HOW and what sorts of strategies you need and DON’T need.
This is the #1 problem most business owners struggle with.

When you gain CLARITY, it makes everything easier and you will start attracting the right clients and customers because you will have the energy and passion showing in your brand- that same energy that compels them to BUY!

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