Goals baby! What are yours?
Coaching | By Stephanie Zahalka

Goals baby! What are yours?


You’ve got goals. I’ve got goals. We all have goals.

Sure it’s well and good to have those big future, seemingly out of reach goals, but what about your moment to moment, daily goals?

The ones that can move you forward right now.  How would you feel to accomplish the NOW goals and experience those wins, day in and day out?

And, how would it feel to know how to think and feel those bigger goals and desires in order to get them?

What would it be like to KNOW that you are taken care of, that everything will and does work out for you, that you desires and all that you see inside of you and dream about is available to you… now?

When you show up fully and expect and know that all is possible and you can have anything that you want and dream about, then life gives it to you.

But, you have to do the damn work.

And that work starts on the inside.

You need to know what you want, what you desire, what you DEMAND of life and then, and then, you set your goals, you set your intentions, you call in the ideas, the inspiration and you take the ACTION from there.

You ARE worthy.

You CAN have it all.

The shit that you desire and know that you are meant to have.

The purpose driven business of your dreams.

The gorgeous, high vibe, inside & out, body.

The wealth and money that you were born to have.



Then you must make space for it. You must allow it in.

You must know how to get in the space of BEING that person, setting those goals and intentions and being open to receive all that you ask and call for.


THAT is next level goal setting.

And you must make it a practice.

It is a choice. That you do daily and show up for, daily.

Accept nothing less and EXPECT it to just BE.

And it will be.

If you’d like to learn how to do this, to get into this space of being the person that has it all… then you should get your hot little hands on a ticket to our next workshop NOW (like 2 minutes ago actually) – NEXT level goal setting WHICH IS TOMORROW!

Because, remember – It’s all a CHOICE.

So… what do YOU choose?




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