Give that to-do list the middle finger
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Give that to-do list the middle finger



Yeah, I’ve done it.  Many times.

I’ve looked at my to-do list and my brain instantly went a little mushy.

Has this happened to you to?

I will admit, I have been guilty a time or two (or 152) to end up on the couch watching netflix because I just couldn’t even…


It’s a thing people. I mean is there a support group for this shit?  Cuz if there is, sign me the fuck up!

Nowadays (not including last Thursday of course – a whole season of True Blood ticked off that list lol) I go about it a bit differently.  And… it’s all thanks to my lovely new habit of journalling – every single day without fail.  (sometimes twice.. shhh)

Every single morning, first thing (after I make my coffee of course – can you even imagine…) I write my INTENTION for the day.   I write out exactly how I am going to feel before I go to bed, knowing that I got shit done.

I fast forward to the end of the day and see myself relaxing in satisfaction, knowing that I got all the things that I am meant to do, done.  Not everything… just the high priority things.

How do you know which ones are high priority (except the obvious of course)?

Well, you ask.

You go inside yourself for a minute and ask.   What does my soul want to do? What does my soul require?  Soul needs, desires and requirements always come first = high priority.

High priority does not necessarily mean the things you THINK you SHOULD be doing.

High priority are the things that LIGHT YOU UP!

The things that you are excited to do. Those ‘hell yes’ items on your list.

So I digress… back to the future…. when I fast forward and find myself in that place of accomplishment and satisfaction, before bed, i LOOK BACK at my day.

From that space of the satisfied person at the end of the day, I look and see what it was that I did.

What steps did I take to get there? What actions did I commit to and do?  How did I feel?

When you look back from that space, of BEING that person, the person who accomplished all that needed to be done and felt satisfied…. it is much easier to FLOW through your day.

You may have seen yourself take a break for a massage or to get your hair done or go have a coffee with some mates.

Or you may have had a flash of getting that new offer out there and telling everyone… or maybe you finished or started those client projects that you felt ready to do.

Whatever IT IS that you do that day, you know it is the right thing to do because of your INTENTION on how you’re going to feel at the end of the day.

Then you DECIDE.

You have to decide that you are going to do the work, do the thing, that you need to do in order to BE that person you saw at the end of the day.

Here is what I wrote today for myself –

“My intention for the day is to feel accomplishment for doing what I am meant to do with ease and flow with fun thrown in of course! Today I teased my upcoming event with the energy and vibe that has already attracted more of my tribe to me. This put me in the energy and space of completing one of my client’s projects with ease. The mindset / inner work I did today uplevelled the shit out of me and I even more available to step fully into my purpose.  I lay down in bed completely satisfied with it all”

It is so much easier to FLOW through your day, even with a massive to-do list, when you have set your intention!

Now, you can look at that mile-long to-do list and the things that light you up and the items that feel like they were done by the end of your intended day will just pop out at you.

Do not concern yourself with anything else.

Just flow through those that you FEEL you are meant to do and when you go to bed, you will feel those feelings and revel in your power!

Then, you go to sleep, wake up and DO IT ALL AGAIN!

Tell me, what is your INTENTION for the day?


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