Full branding package for  startups
Logos & Branding | By Stephanie Zahalka

Full branding package for startups


With the online space so saturated, you need to stand out in the marketplace.  You not only need to cut through the noise, you need to also make sure you are doing it in the right place to the right people.

Branding – when done properly – is key to that.

To be clear – branding is not logo design.   Branding INCLUDES logo design just like a puzzle includes many pieces.  You need all the pieces of the puzzle to get the whole picture and the same goes with branding.

Most of the clients I work with come to me for a re-brand because they started out with the “logo” and business card and went on their merry way.  Well, a logo on its own doesn’t cut when it comes to representing your business.

Why not learn from this and get your branding done right, when you START, rather than later and have it cost double or triple the money.

Don’t skimp on branding. 

According to one of THE most successful entrepreneurs out there, Sir Richard Branson says:

“The way a company brands itself is everything – it will ultimately decide whether or not a business survives. The defining factor that has kept us in business, and growing, for more than 40 years has been the strength and reputation of the brand.”

If the man who runs more than 400 successful companies said it, it must be true, right?

If you’re unintentionally or intentionally skipping past creating the basic foundation of your entire business,

A lot!

Imagine getting this done right and building the momentum to a successful and thriving business right NOW.   

Not in 5 years or 2 years or when “you’re ready”.

Do it now.  Rocket launch your business to more customers and more income now.  Why do it the hard way? Why struggle?  You don’t have to.
Let’s get this happening together.

Jungle Design Studios has a full branding package designed specifically for startups.

Okay, cool right? But what’s the difference between my signature brand package and the one for startups like you?

For one, you, as a startup, has not been in business long enough to know a few key things that experience business learn after a year or two.

Does that mean you should wait a few years?

If you want to take the long, windy, rocky road, sure.

If you want to launch past and take the road you’re meant for, then you do this now.    Imagine the clarity and certainty you will have with a solid understanding of your brand, it’s style and mood and it’s message!

Even more important is your AUDIENCE will UNDERSTAND it too so they can connect with you on a deeper level – which makes it easier for them to BUY from you.

The beauty of this package is that it gives you an extra special deal for revisiting some key things every 3 months to refine your brand so that it evolves with you and not against you.

This package has some key features specifically for startups and with a startup price tag.   It is NOT discounted.  It was created specifically with the things that you need right now to move forward in your business with a clear direction, a strategy for growth and the tools and visuals that you need to be SEEN, HEARD and desirable to your audience so they buy from you.  

Jungle Design Studios full branding package ranges from $3500 to $7500+.
You can get started now with the startup branding package for a fraction of that.

You get the startup version of my signature branding method which includes a

  • deep-dive strategy session tailored to your stage in business,
  • a mini strategy guide with everything you need to know to show up in front of the right audience with the right message across all marketing mediums
  • a visual identity suite of brand graphics and logos to get you started
  • a mood board to guide your visuals when posting online and marketing
  • a mini brand style guide to keep everything (colours, typography, style, vibe, look and feel) consistent no matter who you have working on your visual marketing
  • 3 quarterly check-in strategy sessions to keep your branding up to date as your business evolves over time (which it does 100%)
  • monthly support to keep your brand and business on track*
  • AND – an option to add on a website or sales funnel

Everything that you need to get started in business. 

Branding for startups so you can thrive NOW!

If you are ready, to actually succeed, grow your audience and make money NOW with a rock-solid foundation for your business then let’s talk.

We’ll get you started so you can do what you do best and leave us to what we do best. 

Remember – Fiverr branding will get you $5 clients.
Professional branding will get you paid higher more premium prices.

Be the BOUTIQUE, not the thrift shop.

Brand Designer + Identity Creator

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