Fuck the fake
MINDSET | By Stephanie Zahalka

Fuck the fake


So much of our lives these days seems to revolve around social media and what is going on in everyone ELSE’s lives.

You wake up and scroll.

You drink your coffee or tea and scroll.

You get the kids ready for school or  yourself ready for work and in between this and that, you scroll.

It’s an endless day and night of scrolling.

Because, you know that you find yourself even laying in bed right before you drift off to sleep, scrolling.








i swear….

When you spend so much time reading, stalking and perving on other people’s lives and what they’re doing, you are taking away precious and valuable time that is most definitely better spent on YOU.

Instead of scrolling, maybe take a moment to mentally scroll your life, your day, your yesterday, your dreams for tomorrow.

Then move into a place of being thankful for all of YOUR life and what you have and have had and what is still to come.

The shit that you see on the interwebs and social media is not the real shit that goes down.  Sure there may be a new thing lately where people do post some – ‘reality’ – pics but is it really?

Or is it a STAGED reality to seem more real and not so fake while at the same time being fake as fuck?

Of course there are amazing posts and wins and loving photos of fun and shenanigans and heartfelt words on social media, but you take it in while feeling joy for those people.

Do not compare.

You are YOU and only you can do YOU.

You are on your own journey, your own path… and those out there writing words that trigger you, sharing photos that bring out envy or jealousy or comparinitis…

IGNORE them.

Scroll past them

Or better yet

Put down your phone, switch tabs on your browser and do something for you.  Do something that will move you forward on your path, your journey.

Or just look at something that brings you joy or lights you up.

When people post those things that do trigger you, or maybe you even KNOW that person well and can SEE STRAIGHT THROUGH the FAKE and you can SEE what they are doing….

Look away.

Getting upset or triggered or feeling like shit because they took your ideas or LOOK like they are ahead of you or doing better or look better …. or in anyway shape or form… make you feel ANYTHING except joy and happiness – LOOK AWAY.

Fuck the fake.

Be true to you and have integrity.

And be happy in the space that you are in and for all the things that you have in your life, for your life.

Revel in the fact that you are true, you are YOU and you can feel joy and satisfaction KNOWING that you are perfect and everything that is happening to you is perfect.


Fuck it right in the face with a ninja punch to the jaw.

Then, you close that tab on your browser, you scroll past or better yet, put the phone down, you LOOK AWAY…  you look at something nice, something beautiful, something that makes you happy and from that space, you KNOW that nothing else matters except that you are YOU and what you’re doing and where you’re at is perfect.


YES!  When you are in that space, then you, my lovely, can have anything that you desire and the life of YOUR dreams, not someone else’s.



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