The first step is to apply to book a call with Steph - The Branding Chick. This will move us along the process of seeing if we are a good fit to work together and to find out if you are ready to level up your branding and business. We would then most like book in a Brand ReBoot if you are looking to rebrand your business or move onto a consulting package if you do not need 'branding'.

No. the MyBrand ReBoot is a coaching & strategy session that will blow your mind open to the complete, strategic process of getting crystal clear on what your business is all about, who you want to be working with/selling your products to and your messaging. PLUS another 7 days of access to Steph to keep you moving forward.  Your brand is what will set you apart in your industry and help you connect with the right people. The knowledge and clarity you gain from the session is something that you can take away and action yourself or have us take care of the execution of your brand for you. Whichever you choose, you will walk away with a clear vision and the strategy on paper to take with you.

Yes! We offer payment plans as well as slightly lower pay-up-front options.

I would like to say NO, but I do have an a la carte logo option. I know it’s tempting to think that a brand is “just a logo” and nothing more. However, the entire foundation of my business model is based on research, strategy and execution of an entire brand experience. This means that I do a lot of research and brainstorming around brand strategy, market needs and target audience so that you will get a full and cohesive branding package that will help you reach your perfect clients or customers. If you’re simply looking for a logo re-design and have enough of your own current research or brand identity setup already, I’m happy to chat about ways that we can work together.

Our approach here at Jungle Design Studios is to create an entire experience for your brand rather than just one-off pieces. I want your clients or customers to have a consistent and lasting impression of your business from first interaction through to purchase/action and beyond. Because of this, I only provide ongoing design support for current and past clients. This way I am completely familiar with their brands and know they have a solid identity designed already. If you have questions about this process or need some more clarity, feel free to get in touch with me!

I charge the majority of my projects at a set rate determined before we begin. This way, it’s priced based on value, there are no surprises when you get the invoices and we both know what to expect going into the project. There are occasions when I charge my hourly rate. For example, some of my clients who have hired me for ongoing monthly work are billed by the hour. Also, if you’d like to add revision rounds or more concept work to your project, we can bill that hourly in addition to the project price.

The way that our process works and your involvement every step of the way, there shouldn’t be any surprises with the final designs. This is why all projects start with the MyBrand ReBoot so we are both crystal clear on the direction we are going and with all of the foundational work done up front, there is little room for surprise. Our process has been refined and grown over the years and there are points in the process where your feedback coupled with our expertise is applied during the revision process so you will end up with a brand and designs that you love.

This depends on a few different things. I limit my client intake per month to ensure I can pay the proper amount of attention to each project. After the MyBrand ReBoot, if you choose to go ahead with one of our Brand ReLoaded packages, we’ll go over a timeline together and determine how soon we can start your project. If you have a particular deadline or time frame, you can contact me to see if we can work together!

Once you go ahead with one of our design packages, I have an onboarding process where we will choose a start date for your project and you will receive details on exactly what I’ll need from you depending on the project. Please expect to have things like content for funnels or branding material ready to go. That means ALL copy (the text of your project), ALL imagery or any other piece of material you wish to include. If you aren’t ready with your materials yet, we will move the start date of your project to accomodate. I’ll also need your prompt feedback and responses during the process. In order to stay on track, I’ll give you a detailed timeline of when you need to be available for feedback and approvals. This process is how we keep our projects efficiently managed and able to be completed in the 1 week or 1 – 3 month timeline. Failure to provide the content or feedback by the agreed upon deadlines could result in rescheduling the project.

I do have a team of designers and developers that work with my company. I am manage the entire creative direction of the project from start to finish as well as do design work. Branding, styling and logos are my passion, so I do a lot of design work in this part of the project. Having my team members on board helps having another creative eye on each design decision. Plus, your project gets completed in a timelier manner! I work with other specialists on projects too, like brand strategists, photographers, copywriters, web developers, digital marketers, video experts and facebook ad geniuses. These kinds of collaborations are in place to make every project reach its maximum potential. :)

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