Droppin’ the strategy cuz….. ewwww
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Droppin’ the strategy cuz….. ewwww


I feel so much BETTER! 😍👊🏼💜

You might thinking – okay why, Steph?
Well, if you read ANYTHING that I write about, you will know that I am completely dedicated to being MORE ME!

I am fully stepping into this whole ‘everything is supposed to be easy and fun and flow-y’ thing and I am loving it.

Dropping the strategy – cuz …. tiresome. boring. annoying. hard work. pain in the ass. not fun.

EEWW to all that shit!

For example – just one of many, of course – I wasn’t posting regularly on instagram. I LOVE instagram BTW!
I was trying to follow a strategy I read about mixed in with another strategy I learned combined with even another strategy that is a “must do” if you wanna have good engagement.


I was overwhelmed with finding the right image to match my “theme” “cuz someone said so”.
I was struggling to always write valuable life changing content on every post “cuz someone said so”.

Who the fuck is this “someone” anyway?
And why do “they” get to make the rules.

Those invisible, and visible, RULES that people think they MUST follow to win, to succeed, to make the monies, yada yada, you get the picture.

Fuck the rules.

If I am being more ME and I do what feels good and what I want to do – they why am I all bent out of shape trying to follow someone else’s strategies. Who are THEY anyway?


So why should I do ANYTHING except what works for ME?

I shouldn’t.
End of story.

So – I’m gonna go post something fun and crazy and totally out of the strategies I was following. 👊🏼💣💥

Are you following a bunch of strategies that are boring the shit out of you? That are driving you bonkers…. causing simple things to be way more complicated than they need to be?

Yeah you are. Don’t lie.
We all do it. It’s called the internet and we are bombarded with strategies all day, every day, as business peeps and entrepreneurs.

I think it’s time we SLAY that shit and do things our way. The way that works for US, not the masses. The simple way. The easy way. The way that feels good and is fun!

What do you think?
If you’re with me… keep reading sunshine! 🌞

I got some life changing stuff for you in the comments!




Let’s drop the strategies and just be and do YOU!

Now… how are we gonna do this?


Join me for 10 days of diving deep, connecting back to and extracting the next level you so you can slay the boring, old, disconnected way of being and rock the shit out of 2019 like the boss AF badass leader that you are.

The YOU that is deep down inside of you, waiting for you to let her loose.

The one that already has the success, the abundance, the empire, the millions of dollars.

The one that magnetises the perfect clients in as if by magic.

The one they can’t look away from.

The one that need to be around and buy from over and over.

The next level you is waiting, ready, for you to UNLEASH her to the world.

Let her out!

But how?

Well, to do that, we need to go deep – go in – remove anything in the way and step out – into YOU.

Over 10 days, in a private FB group, there will be live trainings, audio trainings, daily prompts and action to take.

All so you can…

Set your intentions for 2019 so you can start the year excited as fuck to do what you are meant to do

Get into the flow of the next level you so you can do it ALL with ease and have fun!

We’re gonna visualise the shit out of the end of the next year so you can confidently move forward knowing that it’s done!

You’ll learn how to BE that person and call it in so you can access the next steps to take any time, all the time.

Then…  ooooo then, we’re gonna take action baby!

You are going to be one with the next level you NOW and take aligned action in your life, in your business, in your branding, marketing, sales, relationships – ALL OF THE THINGS!

You are going to release, decide, shift, up your expectations and align everything to the NEXT LEVEL!

Just to warn you though…

This is not some secret strategy or 3 step system to riches and wealth.

This is all about making this a practice, a habit, a routine that becomes so easy and so natural, that everything you do and everything you think will be coming from the next level you!

So, when the end of 2019 comes, that next level that you crave and desire will be done and you will have moved on to the next 3 levels!

Or maybe 5 – only you know and only you can take you there if you’re willing to do what it takes and step in, dive deep and BE the NEXT LEVE YOU NOW!


Are you ready?

Let’s do this together, step into ourselves, BE what we were meant to be and slay 2019 before it even starts!


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There you go!

Let’s get all ‘next level’ babe!

I can’t fucking wait.

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