Do you need a personal BRAND?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Do you need a personal BRAND?

Do you REALLY need a personal brand?

Sure, businesses have a brand, even though a lot of them really don’t fully understand what it really is.

But as a consultant, an executive or corporate leader, or an entrepreneur or micro business, sharing your message, selling your services, just being YOU…DO you need a personal brand?

Short answer YES.
Long answer HELL YES you do!

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody understands WHY they should work with your or why they should HIRE you.

You may be thinking “I don’t need a logo to just be me and do my thing”… but, a personal brand is not just a logo.

A brand is the way that you package up the WHOLE PICTURE of
what the hell it is you do,
who you are,
why you do it,
who you want to work with,
who you don’t want to work with,
why they should hire you,
what your message is,
what you offer,
the way you talk,
the way you write,
the way you do things,
The way it looks, how it feels, your high end and sophisticated branding and visuals.

It is the essence of all of YOU packaged up in a way that your audience and dream clients can recognise and relate to.

Plus – this is the best part – your BRAND is the perfect way to show everyone your expert status and expert skills! When done right – you are seen as the LEADER in your field!

So, YES, you do need a personal BRAND!

It is the perfect time to sit down, dig deep, extract your special skills and unique talents, and figure out who you are and create a powerful BRAND~

If you don’t know WHO you are or WHY you do it, then you will never reach the level of success that you desire. You need to be in alignment with your business and you do that with your branding.

You do that with a BRAND Strategy Session!

If you’re READY to get really CLEAR and finally have a brand that shows the world the real YOU, the real stuff you DO and WHO you do it for, then a BRAND Strategy Session is perfect for you.

Because what I really want is to help business leaders rise up and discover WHO THEY ARE and reveal their unique skills and step into who they are meant to be in life and BUSINESS.
I want to help you create a BRAND that is truly authentic, totally 100% unfiltered YOU.
And THEN the magick happens.

There is a reason that you are HERE.

There is a reason that you are reading this RIGHT NOW.

It’s time to stop hiding .
It’s time to truly step into who you are meant to be.

I love walking determined and ready business owners & entrepreneurs through my unique process of unleashing yourself and your brand and I’m offering a complimentary “Brand Strategy” session for qualified business leaders.

If you’re so DONE with the old, stale, “not really you” or what you’re about brand, and you’re ready to own your space in the biz world and up-level your brand then together we will:

– laser in on where you’re currently at and what’s keeping you stuck there 
– tap into your unique & special skills that make you the one-of-a-kind that they need
– dive into who your audience is why the need you
– map out a plan for the best next steps for you to get you where you want to go

These sessions always fill up fast and space and time is limited, so book in quickly. And please, only if you’re serious and ready for a big shift and creating a magnetic AF brand! 

If this is you and you’re nodding your head YES YES YES, I can’t wait to dive into this with you.

I am have limited space and time for these amazing brand strategy sessions.


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