Do you even KNOW who you are?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Do you even KNOW who you are?


Do you even KNOW who you are?

One of the fundamental requirements of business and branding (and life really) is to know WHO you are.

How can you even expect to attract your dreamboat clients into your space if you have no idea or can even communicate in all of you’re marketing and branding this fundamental thing??

Sure you definitely need to know all the other things like your why and what you actually do and your vision and voice etc..

But if you don’t go deep into who you are and then effectively communicate that in all that you put out to the world then you will never get to a place where things flow and are easy and feel good and are in alignment.

You can’t be there when you haven’t even opened the first door in.

Take the time to see that door, to even know that there IS a door, and then OPEN THE DAMN DOOR.

Learn about yourself.  Ask yourself the questions and then listen. The answers ARE there, inside of you. They were just waiting for you to ask.

Listen and then ask more questions. Really go deep so you can totally KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Then, you can look at life, business, your brand, your relationships and knowing who you are, those things just click into place.

You can figure out what to do next, where to go, what to say, what to share or create, what to sell.

Because, when you know yourself, you are in alignment. And when you carry that over to your business and your BRAND, then those are in alignment WITH YOU.

You take the action and inspiration as it comes. You do the work. You share your message and create your offers and sell from a space of just BEING YOU.

Then it flows.

Then it is easy.

I say this stuff a lot, but it something that WE ALL need to keep hearing, to keep reminding ourselves…

…simply, to stay in tune with who we are and move from there.

So, WHO the fuck are you and are you telling the world… So YOUR peeps can find you?




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