Cutting out and adding in…
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Cutting out and adding in…


There is a point, probably pretty often, where you need to stop and reassess what is going on with yo’self!

In life, in biz, in body, in health, in house, in relationships… all of it.


I did this today, I wrote out for each of these things the little things that i am doing that is holding me back and keeping me small.

Basically what is not letting me be the BADASS MILLIONAIRE HOT AS FUCK VIP BOSS BABE that I truly am!

I wrote that shit out and then I replaced it with something that I could do instead.  It is easier to switch and shift something than to just delete it completely – cuz the ego and your brain need it and will crave it and you will probably go back to it…. UNLESS you replace it with something else.

So I did this and it is so much easier to just do something else instead.   YOU should totes try it!

Then I had a look at my branding and website.

I thought, I could do this same exercise with my website and my visual marketing.

What is still there that I need to let go of? What is still there that I no longer do or even want to do?  What is keeping me small?

So – instead of just deleting all that shit – I am going to go in, over this whole week, and REPLACE all that old shit with all of the new, awesome things that I now do.

Like DUH!  Why have I not done this yet?

Well, because LIFE.  Sometimes you get so busy just keeping on and hustling that this shit goes on and on without you even noticing.

Just like life and health and fitness and relationships… ALL THE THINGS!

So, I urge you to take 15-20 minutes today, maybe before bed or right now, or during lunch break – to have a look at all of these areas and your WEBSITE and just check in on
what you are doing and saying that is holding you back, keeping you small and no longer serving you.

Get rid of it and REPLACE it with something better, something that the next level you would be doing!


Have fun!



PS —–
I am happy to have a chat with anyone who would like some guidance or support or even help with this.  I love this stuff and if you’d like to add some mindset or branding strategy to the mix on your website so the new stuff you’re doing is like a beacon of light calling in your new kick ass clients – then …

I have a new mini coaching / strategy session called THE HOT SEAT – 40 minute call to Pick My Brain & ask me anything.

Message me if you’d like to schedule a call ❤️❤️❤️

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