Consistency really is KEY
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Consistency really is KEY

BRANDING done correctly & CONSISTENTLY = 💰💰💰
I always speak about the OTHER stuff in branding and not the logo as often – probably only to stress the point that ‘your logo is NOT your brand’… but in this case, here are some tips on keeping consistent with your visuals.
Think of your brand identity as the VISUAL HUB of your business.
All the spokes coming off that hub, like your website, your blog graphics, social media channels, photographs, business cards, stationery, should very clearly point back to your BRAND identity.
Having a well-established, consistent, and effective brand identity is how you tie EVERYTHING TOGETHER.
The best way to do this is to have a BRAND STYLE GUIDE that outlines the colours, fonts, patterns, and style of photographs and illustrations/icons that can be used. It also sets CLEAR STANDARDS for the different ways a logo and its variations can be used on a white background, a coloured background, overlaid on a photo, etc. It will also clearly show how a logo should not be used (Can it be tilted? Can the colour change? Is there a limit to how small it can be sized down?).
Having a style guide, even a simple one, will help take your brand identity from an inconsistent guessing game to a VISUAL menagerie of on-point and memorable goodness.
When you keep your visuals CONSISTENT, people will begin to associate those colours paired with those fonts and that style of photograph & imagery as UNIQUELY YOURS.
Good design builds trust, just as consistency and recognition also build trust. When design is professional-looking AND consistent … it’s a win and a win which = more MONEY MONEY MONEY 💵💲honey!
One of my favourite services is designing of course and I love creating BRAND STYLE GUIDES or also known as a branding board.
If you’re still down 👇🏽 here reading and those words up ☝🏽 there had you wishing that you had your very own brand style guide so you too can be all flashy and consistenty (that is totally a word 😜, i swear) and WIN in the visual game of biz – then you, my lovely, are in some LUCK today!
This seriously was a spur of the moment idea (like legit 2 seconds ago) – I am going to offer 2 ladies HALF PRICE on a branding style guide / branding board for their biz!
Well holy shit – 50% off is huge!
I have 2 offers for this –
one is for those who want a style guide put together for their current logo / branding
the second is the full fucking monty where you ALSO get the alternate versions of your (current) logo plus submarks as well. Think of these as extra logos that you can use on everything from social media posts, images, blogs, anywhere – like little logo stamps that are a variant of your logo – like a logo SIGNATURE I guess you could say.
If this sounds like a fucking jackpot to you and you are keen to get this shit going or find out more – PM me and we can go from there!
Until we chat again – remember – only YOU can do YOU so own that shit like the badass boss babe that you ARE!

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