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Common mistakes in web design part1

1. Don’t think it’s finished

It’s a big mistake to think a website doesn’t need any more work once it has launched. This would be like settling on a single marketing strategy to last the life of the business. Instead, it should be treated as a constantly changing project.

Kind of like a diet…. if you lose all your weight and then forget about dieting and exercise, then all the hard work you put in was for nothing!

“These days, your site is in perpetual beta. It is forever evolving in line with audience needs and technology,” says Denise Shrivell of digital consultancy MediaScope.

“That’s a challenge for businesses these days who are developing a web-based business. Ten years ago, when you developed a website, you could pretty well sit on it until a redesign or relaunch. Now the challenge is determining that you need an ongoing budget to keep up with the ongoing demands of your audience.”

Visitors will expect different things of your website’s functionality and navigation in two years than they do today. This is why it’s crucial to continually test its effectiveness, and to allocate a portion of your marketing budget to its upkeep.

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