[CHALLENGE] You wanna be an EXPERT?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

[CHALLENGE] You wanna be an EXPERT?


Hello my lovelies!

I want to help boost you to EXPERT LEVEL status!
You ready?

The more VALUABLE you become to your clients the more they’re going to be willing and WANTING to pay you to make their problems go away.

Lets get something straight and up in the open right now.

The only thing your audience wants is for you to make THEIR problems go “bah bye!” And they want it done in a way that is NOT annoying, painful or hard work.

That’s the bottom line.

Your audience ONLY cares about themselves and their problems.

People are too busy these days for their time to be wasted.

In order to position yourself as the expert, you need to understand that there are “LEVELS” of VALUE that you can deliver to your audience and the higher you go up on that ladder, THE MORE YOU’LL GET PAID!

When you start to deliver an EXPERIENCE and LIFE CHANGING and SOCIAL IMPACT and TRANSFORMATIONAL levels of value, then you’re playing in the realm of experts.

So, my challenge to you — what do you currently offer that you can increase the value of?

What you are gonna do to level the fuck up and climb that ladder.


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