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Give & Ask. the End

Hey hey beautiful badass boss babes (and boys)! 🤭

I know we are in the middle of limbo – that time between Xmas and New Years where you have no idea what day it is or what to do with yourself – so….

As you sit there wondering which way is up (or maybe you are in hustle mode), here is a little tip for you to take into 2019 with you!

Do you know what 2 key things that you can do to grow the shit out of your business, audience and income?


Give massive value and then ask for the sale.

Give give give to your audience, give them value, give them what they need,

THEN ask for the sale.

I can hear you with your ‘I don’t like selling or I feel bad…” bullshit… get over it.

Sounds harsh but put on your entrepreneur or business owner panties and fucking sell.

If you really believe in what you do and what you offer and your service and product is something everyone should have then you should be WANTING to sell the shit out of it every single day.

🙌🏼 It would actually be selfish and rude of you to not share your awesome shit with me so i can buy it!!!

If you don’t feel like that, then create better shit.

If you feel bad selling your stuff, it’s time to think about a career change or figure out what you really want to do, what excites you and sell that!



Speaking of giving… I have something super fucking amazing to GIVE to you!!!

By the way – I’m Steph,m your badass branding expert and designer. I don’t just “do logos”… I’m the chick that’s gonna kick your ass into clarity and extract that special sauce – what it IS that makes you YOU – and connect that with your BRAND, your business, your passion, what YOU are called to do… and then design the shit out of it with my mad design skills! 🤩👊🏼

I’m doing a FREE mini live training on figuring out WHO the fuck you are and BEING your brand.

Time to STOP being boring!👊🏼

I’ll show you how to let it all out and BE the REAL YOU and run you’re business from the place of being the most real, badass, authentic version of yourself which leads to it all being easy and fun!

When you show up as the real YOU and not a fake, superficial, ‘professional’ YOU, you’ll attract better clients, better money and have a brand that really stands out because people will resonate with you.

It’s an energy thing baby!

But it’s also a practical thing.

I’ll explain it all and show you how in my free live training.

EMOJI 🤩 me here if you’re interested!


And remember… you really CAN have it all of you #followthefeelgood


You should NOT be selling your TIME!


As creatives and service based businesses, you should NOT be selling your time.

Do not charge hourly rates EVER – because that does not take into consideration your talents, your skills, your investments on education, your years of experience, your total value!

What you are selling is your talent and a final creative product, that will meet or exceed our client’s expectations!

You need to price your work accordingly.
It’s all about the VALUE – not the hours.

You are not being paid to work really hard, nor are you being paid to struggle to get the assignment right.

Your client is paying you to DELIVER GREAT WORK on time, every time.

You may think to yourself – but it’s so easy for me and I can do that like in half an hour, how can I possibly charge so much?

Because they can’t do what you do.

They don’t have the skills, the experience, the knowledge or years of know-how to get the job done the way that you can.

That is what they pay for.

To not have to spend 20 hours doing it themselves.

You are solving a problem for them and it’s worth money honey!

And yes, over time, you will get faster at completing projects or services for them, and yes, it will also be easier for you to produce better quality work for them over time because you are getting more familiar with their company, their messaging, their market and audience.

But all of that will make you MORE VALUABLE, not less so.

So do NOT discount. Holy shit NO!

If anything you should raise your rates every year or as the value goes up and you become even more of an expert.

And, before you start filling your head with the whole ‘I’m not worthy’ or ‘who am I to charge that much’ bullshit – STOP!

First of all, you are so more than worth any number you come up with, but secondly, it’s not about that anyway.

Of course you’re worthy and of course you know you’re good at what you do.

But it is also about what you are giving them.  Excellent service, your solving their problems, you give them an outcome that they can’t do themselves.

And… when you can deliver better and stronger  work and doing it faster – then you should BE PAID EVEN MORE!

So, never ever EVER sell your time for money.

Sell your value and then deliver that value!





I am putting together a master class or possibly group program for creatives and designers – to give them the loving ass-kicking they need to level up their design or creative business!

Do you want to charge more?
Do you want more clients?
Do you want to increase your value?
Do you want to take on more work and get paid handsomely for it?
Do you want to know how to scale and grow your business so you can sit by the pool drinking pina coladas while the work gets done?
Do you want access to the strategies and templates and all the things that you could need to level up your creative biz?

If yes – then please message me here – I’d love to know what you want to know or learn and if you are interested in such a program.

thanks xx

Your next RED HOT OFFER is right here!


I have exciting news!! 😲
My FREE 3 Day Challenge is finally here! YESSSS! 🔥

As a result of the amazingness that came out of my HOT SEAT group coaching events AND, what seems to be the most immediate need of biz ladies that I talk to and coach and mentor….

I was going to create and sell a mini course on how to come up with a ‘hell yes’ offer for your business.

Well, I have decided to turn it into a FREE challenge!
Yes – FREE! 🎉✨ hooray!

I hear all the time how so many of us entrepreneurs get stuck in the bubble of work but have no idea what to do next to:

⚡grow your business
🤹bring in more clients
❣️create more brand recognition
💰and generate more income…

There are many ways of course to do this, but you can only network so much, you can only throw so much money at FB ads, you can only download so many freebies (that do nothing for you but make you feel a bit more lost or down because you’re not killing it like these self proclaimed millionaires)…

You need a kick ass strategy that will grow you email list, bring in new clients and make you more sales!

Am I right?

So… I bring you the FREE 3 Day
🔥 RED HOT OFFERS 🔥 Challenge! ~ Starts Wed 14 Nov.

I will make it super easy for you to learn how to create ‘hell yes no-brainer’ offers that people can’t say no to!

I will show you how to know EXACTLY what your target market and dream clients actually want and need.

You will learn how to come up with ideas like a machine!

I will teach you how to craft and create the perfect offer and how to write it and price it so you can reel them in hook line and sinker!

OOOH I am so freaking excited to do this challenge with YOU!

You have no idea!!! I want you all to be so damn successful that your heads spin with fabulousness of it all!
hahahaha – excited much 🤩🤩

The challenge will start on Wed. November 14th and go for 3 days.

It will all happen in the Facebook group where I will be going live each day and teaching you how to come up with your RED HOT OFFER! I will be giving you some resources and of course, the energy of a group challenge is PRICELESS! You will also receive daily emails as well through the challenge.

Click the link below to sign up and join the challenge! 🙌🏼
It’s totally FREE!
I can’t wait to see you in there!


Have the most freaking amazing day ever!











Goals baby! What are yours?


You’ve got goals. I’ve got goals. We all have goals.

Sure it’s well and good to have those big future, seemingly out of reach goals, but what about your moment to moment, daily goals?

The ones that can move you forward right now.  How would you feel to accomplish the NOW goals and experience those wins, day in and day out?

And, how would it feel to know how to think and feel those bigger goals and desires in order to get them?

What would it be like to KNOW that you are taken care of, that everything will and does work out for you, that you desires and all that you see inside of you and dream about is available to you… now?

When you show up fully and expect and know that all is possible and you can have anything that you want and dream about, then life gives it to you.

But, you have to do the damn work.

And that work starts on the inside.

You need to know what you want, what you desire, what you DEMAND of life and then, and then, you set your goals, you set your intentions, you call in the ideas, the inspiration and you take the ACTION from there.

You ARE worthy.

You CAN have it all.

The shit that you desire and know that you are meant to have.

The purpose driven business of your dreams.

The gorgeous, high vibe, inside & out, body.

The wealth and money that you were born to have.



Then you must make space for it. You must allow it in.

You must know how to get in the space of BEING that person, setting those goals and intentions and being open to receive all that you ask and call for.


THAT is next level goal setting.

And you must make it a practice.

It is a choice. That you do daily and show up for, daily.

Accept nothing less and EXPECT it to just BE.

And it will be.

If you’d like to learn how to do this, to get into this space of being the person that has it all… then you should get your hot little hands on a ticket to our next workshop NOW (like 2 minutes ago actually) – NEXT level goal setting WHICH IS TOMORROW!

Because, remember – It’s all a CHOICE.

So… what do YOU choose?




Your job is to sell…


So, how often are you putting out offers?
How often to you sell something from your business?

If you are products based, hopefully all the fucking time!

But it’s the service based businesses that usually fall short here.

It is not enough to create a list of services, whack that shit up on your website and off you go, hoping desperately that someone, anyone, will hit that page and instantly buy from you.
Honey, it doesn’t work like that.

You need to constantly be generating new ideas and going with the ones that feel awesome and HELL YES!

You need to take fast action and get that offer out there!

You need to share your message, engage with people, built trust, get your brand out there and getting exposure and sharing and giving – but you also need to SELL.

Add a CTA or sell something on the bottom of every post that you do – as a PS.
Sell on the bottom of all of your emails.
Link to your sales page or offer everywhere you post something online.
When you go live, make sure you mention it with a link to your sales page.

Even when you don’t feel like it.
Because, as an entrepreneur, if you don’t sell, you don’t get paid.

So… what is the action that you will take right now, today, that will sell one of your offers, services, courses, programs, products… ???


PS ……
This FRIDAY – for all of you Gold Coast ladies… our workshop is ON!
NEXT LEVEL GOAL SETTING and I am so excited to share this with you.

You see, I’ve been journaling every day for the last 6 months or so. I love it.
I feel crappy when I don’t do it. I addicted to it.

Because when I do DO IT, I am aligning with my soul.
I am tuning into my true desires.
I am tapped into FLOW and

I know what I am meant to do,
called to do, at any given moment.

(and if fucking works!)

When I sit down every morning and write my reality and get into the space of KNOWING that everything that I want is already done and that my goals are done, then it is so much easier to get into what needs to be done for the day.
There is no struggle.
Only EASE.
Only FLOW.

I then take the NEXT aligned action that I need to take.
For myself. For my goals.

What I am going to teach will allow you to do the same.
To start each day from a place of ease and clarity,
so that the rest of the day just falls into place.
From here, you create, share and sell your offers, services or products
or… you go get a massage.

You do what needs to be done from the place of aligned action.


Get your ticket – ONLY A FEW LEFT –
link below



Stop TRYING my love.

Stop trying to be something or someone that you are not.  Especially to those who are out of alignment with you. There is no use trying with people who are committed to misunderstanding you or being in your power and energy to only take from you.

Stop throwing your energy at them and giving them attention.

Walk away.
And do not hold the thought that it may in some way be cold or selfish.  It is not.

It is saying, to yourself and the world, that your energy is precious and you are unavailable to spend it on anyone or anything that does not serve you or your highest good.

Do not stay in a place or around people that make you feel emotionally exhausted because your energy is better spent on things that level you up and better yourself, building your biz, working on your mindset, nurturing your brand, etc…

Let them go in peace.
If you were meant to have a connection the universe will work it out.

Trust that everything happens for a reason, even when it is painful and disappointing. Sometimes these lessons hurt the worst, almost sacrificial, but it is time to KNOW that you are all that you ever need.

You do not need anyone outside of YOURSELF to validate you, make you feel worthy or valuable.

YOU are always enough and perfect exactly as you are.

Have faith and believe that everything always works out for you and all that happens is for your highest good.

Everything happening in your life right now is setting you up to live your best life.

FEEL gratitude for these lessons because without them, you wouldn’t be the you that you are right now.

And you, right now, are PERFECT.

So, stop trying, stop trying so very hard and let it go.

And know that you are always more than enough… and PERFECT.






This Friday, the 5th of October – Asha and I are holding another workshop – this one will take you on the journey of realising your true goals AND manifesting them.


This workshop is so fucking NEXT LEVEL I can’t even…
Change your thoughts – change your life.

This workshop will have you
and CLEARING THE SHIT out of the way so you can
ACHIEVE your goals like the bad-ass creator that you ARE!

What I am going to teach will allow you to align with your soul.
Tune into your true desires and tap into the FLOW.

To start each day from a place of ease and clarity,
so that the rest of the day just falls into place.
From here, you create, share and sell your offers, services or products or… you go get a massage or do something to take care of YOU.

You do whatever needs to be done from the place of aligned action.

CLICK THE LINK 👇🏽TO BUY YOUR TICKET – the last event sold out so be quick, take fast action and set the intention of setting and GETTING your next level goals!


Do you even KNOW who you are?


Do you even KNOW who you are?

One of the fundamental requirements of business and branding (and life really) is to know WHO you are.

How can you even expect to attract your dreamboat clients into your space if you have no idea or can even communicate in all of you’re marketing and branding this fundamental thing??

Sure you definitely need to know all the other things like your why and what you actually do and your vision and voice etc..

But if you don’t go deep into who you are and then effectively communicate that in all that you put out to the world then you will never get to a place where things flow and are easy and feel good and are in alignment.

You can’t be there when you haven’t even opened the first door in.

Take the time to see that door, to even know that there IS a door, and then OPEN THE DAMN DOOR.

Learn about yourself.  Ask yourself the questions and then listen. The answers ARE there, inside of you. They were just waiting for you to ask.

Listen and then ask more questions. Really go deep so you can totally KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Then, you can look at life, business, your brand, your relationships and knowing who you are, those things just click into place.

You can figure out what to do next, where to go, what to say, what to share or create, what to sell.

Because, when you know yourself, you are in alignment. And when you carry that over to your business and your BRAND, then those are in alignment WITH YOU.

You take the action and inspiration as it comes. You do the work. You share your message and create your offers and sell from a space of just BEING YOU.

Then it flows.

Then it is easy.

I say this stuff a lot, but it something that WE ALL need to keep hearing, to keep reminding ourselves…

…simply, to stay in tune with who we are and move from there.

So, WHO the fuck are you and are you telling the world… So YOUR peeps can find you?




if this is having you thinking ‘oooh fuck i need to figure this shit out and get really CLEAR on it‘ then you NEED to get yo ass in my BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE!

When you gain CLARITY, it makes it easier to PLAN and when it’s easier to plan, that’s when you find yourself IN the FLOW.

Even if you’re just starting out
or if you have been in business for years …

If you want to look like you have your shit together, like you are in the FLOW,

Then you’re about to discover the “SECRET FORMULA” you’ve been waiting for all your life…

The “secret formula” to quit struggling and gain total brand clarity!

Learn this ONE, simple formula… and never worry about sending the wrong message or attracting the wrong clients, EVER again!

This is because of how the formula works.

When you USE it…
When you’re in the FLOW….

You will become so MAGNETIC that your audience and perfect clients will effortlessly GROW… straight into your business.

So, get your ass over there, click this link here >
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It’s all about right NOW!


Imagine for a second that you wake up every day in a space of satisfaction and a feeling of wellbeing and happy for all that you have. You take a moment to stretch and enjoy your warm, cozy bed and soft sheets and blanky, your comfy pillow and just really FEEL thankful that you feel this good.  Then you set the intention for your day to be nothing short of amazing and that things will just go your way and you will have fun and feel joy and excitement for all that you do.

You write in your journal over a nice cup of coffee, the kids are eating brekkie and almost ready for school, you leave, drop them off with kisses, one of them is grumpy but you change that by wishing them a fabulous day at school and telling them you can’t wait to see them at 3pm… they walk away smiling. You get back to your day and you notice the flowers and the birds, you see beauty everywhere you look and enjoy the great weather on the way to work/home/job/office….

Things just flow… things are easy… even the demands for your kids to get dressed for school are easier. You are feeling contentment because of how you chose to feel when you woke up.

How fucking awesome does that sound?

Now imagine waking up, hopping straight on your phone, scrolling facebook or insta or reading the news and having all this energy of other people injected straight into your consciousness. The good, the bad, the bitching, the success, the EVERYTHING else outside of you that is now occupying your thoughts, taking up all the space in your brain.

You make your coffee, get your kids ready for school, scream 152 times for them to get their damn shoes on… you’re running late, things are frantic, there is traffic, you have a million emails demanding your attention… things are just all over the fucking place and you’re on your 4th cup of coffee and it’s only 9:30am.

Fuck that shit.

Which day do you prefer?

How do you want to go about your day, your life, your business?

It’s all about mindset and how you choose to show up.

It’s a choice.

That you have the ability to make daily… in every moment.

But when you start your day WITHOUT purpose or intention or choosing satisfaction and contentment for all that you have, it is a whole lot harder to switch to that.

That is why when things seem to go wrong, they go wrong all damn day.  You know that ‘I’ve had the worst day’ kinda day?

I bet you’d rather have a fabulous day.

It’s all about setting your intention and how you choose to feel as soon as you wake up.

It’s about the goals that you set for yourself and your life and your biz.

When you think about GOALS, you probably instantly think of those 30 day, 90 day, 5 year type of goals.

Well what about today? And tomorrow? And this week?

When you start with the NOW, everything will flow from there.

If this sounds like a goddam great idea, and living and working from the space of contentment and satisfaction and calling in the flow and ease of achieving all your goals is something that you cannot go another day without – then you should definitely get your ticket to our next workshop.

Next level goal setting!

Not the set and forget kind, the kind that you set and GET!

Click this link here and get in quick – THE LAST EVENT SOLD OUT FAST AF!

And… holy shit! The bonus!  If you get your ticket before the 1st of October, you will get an amazing gift on the day that will legit CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Go on – do it!  Let’s level the fuck UP!!!






Do you feel that?


Do you know what all super successful entrepreneurs have in common?

Do you know what they all do every single day that they claim contributes to their success?

Do you want to know?

I’ll tell you….

They ALL spend time every single day working on their INNER GAME.

They work on their MINDSET

They practice gratitude and affirmations and meditate or journal or do something that levels them up on the inside BEFORE they proceed with the outer work, the busy work, the work in their business, their jobs, their life, their whatevers…

It’s all about the mindset.

They set goals

They visualise

They take action every day that levels them up.

It’s a choice, a practice…

When you do this every day, you are living in a space where you are open to receive.

You are open to inspiration.

Have ideas coming at you left right and centre.

You are in tune with what to do, what to offer, how to sell, what steps to take next that moves you closer to your goals, know what action to take at any given moment that brings your big vision and desires closer and closer to you.

It’s from here that you can manifest anything that you desire.

It’s from this practice, this choice, this daily ritual that brings your version of success closer to you and before you know, you are there…. And on to the next level of success….

So, yes, goals…. But with a high vibe, high speed injection!

If this is something that sounds like a fucking great idea, a great practice to get into, then get into our next workshop.

NEXT level goal setting –  go from the ‘set and forget’ style of goal setting to set and GET and start manifesting like a mo-fo!

You MUST get in quick though – for 2 reasons.

  1. The last event sold out in just a week.
  2. If you get your ticket before oct 1st, you will also get an amazing gift that will change your life!

Go here, buy your ticket, grab your favourite pens and get excited to start being the person that success flows to rather than you chasing it. Ooh yeah!