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Why your site is boring as batshit…

Would you like to know what the NUMBER ONE thing that you can do to make your website stand out from all the others that do the same shit that you do?


Yeah, yeah…. I’ve heard it before… 1,873 times to be exact (not really but you get it) …”but I have to tell them about all my experience” or “I’ve done this, that or the other and they need to know,” “I have these degrees, I’ve worked with this person, I know this….”

blah blah freakin blah.
Snore fest.

I’m sure your about page is a snore fest as well. And your home page. And probably the whole thing. #sorrynotsorry

Oooh did that hurt your feelings? Are you sitting there thinking “My site is awesome, it has all these things that say how experienced and amazing i am”
Well. like I said – B O R I N G…

Sure, some of you may be an exception, but most of you aren’t. You have a boring site that talks all about YOU.

This is why, if you switch it up and make it about THEM instead of you, you will stand out…. cuz everyone else makes their website about themselves.

While I do indeed preach like it’s my business (it is) to #bemoreyou and own your badass self like a boss… what I do strongly advise against is making your website all about you in a way that sounds like you only care about yourself and how good you are rather than about the people that you are here to help.

Big difference.

So, as I was saying before, stop making your site about you and make it all about them. 
Talk TO them in your copy, 
Tell them what their problem is and how you can solve it.
Relate to them so they feel like you KNOW them and then tell them how the benefit from hiring you.

Talk AT them
Tell them all about your experience with what you do
Give then features and credentials of what you do.

See the difference?
It may seem simple or not necessary, but it really will change everything.

Do it. Because the reality is people don’t have time to fuck around, sifting and sorting through your messy website trying to find how you can help them. They want to know what’s in it for them as quick as possible and get on with it. If you don’t convey that as soon as they land on your site, they’re GONESKI’S.
Off to your competitors.

Trust me – go to your website right now and read your home page and services pages. Can you see how you can change your copy to be all about them?

OH – and I do have more for you 🥳🥳🥳- 
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Welcome to #HotTipsThursday – where I will share a valuable business, branding, marketing or mindset tip with you that you can use straight away!

If you post on social media for your business, or have a website, or do any kind of messaging for your service or product … then read on…

Take a minute to look through and read the words on your website. 

HOT TIP – take all of the ‘I’s’, “we’s’ and ‘me’s’ out and replace them with YOU, YOUR, OUR, US….


This is legit worth every second it will take to do this.


People are busy, scrolling, hustling, living, bombarded with information all day, every day.  If they get to your website and can’t instantly see ‘WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM’ they will leave post haste!


So, take the time to make your words, your service, your products ALL ABOUT THEM.


When you do this, you connect, they can feel like ‘hey she’s speaking to me” or ‘omg yes, this is me’. 

When you connect with someone on that level – THEY BUY.


When your whole website or any part of your website is about you, they will be bored, they will leave, the don’t care. 

Hate to drop that little bomb on you (not really) but they don’t give a shit about your credentials or experience or a bunch of words that sound like you are a robot.


They only care about how the fuck you are going to 

  • help THEM, 
  • how you will solve their problem,
  • fix their pain,
  • give them their desires,
  • transform them.


So…. go now, and make your website (and social posts, and offers, and messaging) all about THEM!

Feel free to reply if you have any questions!

Have an amazing day!!!



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What’s your story?


So, like, what’s your story?

Do you even story bro?
Hahaha… but, really… do you have a story?

Of course you do.
We ALL do!

The real question then, is does anyone else know your story?

And I don’t mean friends and fam, unless those peeps are your clients, and they buy all your shit and pay your bills and keep your business booooming.

I’m talking about your clients and anyone who stumbles across your website or online presence that may become a client.

You know, the only real way to separate yourself from the insane amount of competition out there is through your story.

You see, you may have special credentials or tons of experience – but we all do.  Anyone who could be considered competition has probably more or less the same sort of shit they say they can do – you know the usual blah blah boring as bat shit stuff that everyone spews forth thinking it’s quite clever but if they took more than a seconds look at their competition’s websites they would see the same shit.

It makes the rest of us just not even SEE you. You all look the freaking same, sound the same, ARE the same.

But…. it’s quite the opposite in fact.

You are all completely different. You may do the same sort of work or service or have the same type of products, but you are the only one with YOUR STORY.

Your story is what makes you INTERESTING. It’s what makes someone take a closer look. Click further to see more.  It makes you a human, a real person with real shit and feelings, someone they can relate to.

That is what will set your apart.

That is what will make your BRAND STAND OUT.

That is what will call in the dream clients that are awesome to work with.

That is what will make people trust you and hire you and buy from you and pay you.

So… where was I getting with all of this?
Your website, your brand – go now, and if you don’t have it up there yet, add your story.

And I’m not talking about your ‘about me/us’ page that just rattles off some yawn fest stuff you do and how good you are – OMG.  NO.

First – CHANGE THE NAME of that button, that page, to MY/OUR STORY.

Then, you delete all the shit that was there and you write your story.

The juicy interesting shit. The beginning, the end, the MESSY MIDDLE.  The stuff that makes me nod my head in agreement or get emotional for you. The stuff that hits ya in the feels.

That is what you write.  Don’t hold back. Let it all out.  Because when you do that- WHEN you are all of you and no one else – that is when you are light years ahead in the game of ‘who am I going to hire?’

It IS all a game.

And it’s a story.

So write the good one and share it!




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Cutting out and adding in…


There is a point, probably pretty often, where you need to stop and reassess what is going on with yo’self!

In life, in biz, in body, in health, in house, in relationships… all of it.


I did this today, I wrote out for each of these things the little things that i am doing that is holding me back and keeping me small.

Basically what is not letting me be the BADASS MILLIONAIRE HOT AS FUCK VIP BOSS BABE that I truly am!

I wrote that shit out and then I replaced it with something that I could do instead.  It is easier to switch and shift something than to just delete it completely – cuz the ego and your brain need it and will crave it and you will probably go back to it…. UNLESS you replace it with something else.

So I did this and it is so much easier to just do something else instead.   YOU should totes try it!

Then I had a look at my branding and website.

I thought, I could do this same exercise with my website and my visual marketing.

What is still there that I need to let go of? What is still there that I no longer do or even want to do?  What is keeping me small?

So – instead of just deleting all that shit – I am going to go in, over this whole week, and REPLACE all that old shit with all of the new, awesome things that I now do.

Like DUH!  Why have I not done this yet?

Well, because LIFE.  Sometimes you get so busy just keeping on and hustling that this shit goes on and on without you even noticing.

Just like life and health and fitness and relationships… ALL THE THINGS!

So, I urge you to take 15-20 minutes today, maybe before bed or right now, or during lunch break – to have a look at all of these areas and your WEBSITE and just check in on
what you are doing and saying that is holding you back, keeping you small and no longer serving you.

Get rid of it and REPLACE it with something better, something that the next level you would be doing!


Have fun!



PS —–
I am happy to have a chat with anyone who would like some guidance or support or even help with this.  I love this stuff and if you’d like to add some mindset or branding strategy to the mix on your website so the new stuff you’re doing is like a beacon of light calling in your new kick ass clients – then …

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It’s okay if they don’t like you….


It’s okay if they don’t like you.
Your branding, your message, your marketing, your voice should all be designed to be in full alignment with you, who you are and what your beliefs are.
You are not meant to work with or be liked by everyone.
Indeed that would be bad because then there would be no filter to keep out those shit clients that are more work than they are worth. You would hate working because when it’s not aligned or your not working with the right people, it becomes hard work.
eewww NO.
The reason I always preach to say what you think and be who you really are with no filter and totally own it is because that is what will attract your dream clients to you.
It will ATTRACT those that are fun and easy to work with
and it will REPEL those that you probably want to stay away from anyway.
So, do not worry about offending anyone or saying the wrong thing. You can’t say the wrong thing – only the wrong people will think it’s wrong and they can go play somewhere else anyway. You don’t want them.
You aren’t meant for everyone and that’s okay ❣️
Focus on owning your uniqueness.
Own your shit babe.
Write YOUR words, use YOUR voice, BE YOUR BRAND.
Totally 100% authentically, unfiltered YOU.
Let your marketing and branding do the work for you….
And watch the perfect dreamy ideal clients start to come through and find you.
PS – If you read that and you’re CRAVING high level support and guidance in your business and levelling up your brand, and someone who TRULY has your back with all things strategy AND mindset, I’m your girl!!!
Not only that, together we will go through your BRAND voice and your marketing / web copy and bring it into alignment with who you are as well have all the fun.
Message me if you’re serious about discussing details ❤️

Sitting on the fence?


Sitting on the fence.?

Have you ever found yourself there?

Looking over at both sides,
should I,

Both sides are tempting.

One is safe and comfortable and normal… the usual, familiar…. BORING.

The other side is exciting and scary, full of what-ifs and doubt and faith… it holds something new, GREENER GRASS perhaps?

It’s a precarious position – THE FENCE.

Sitting there can keep you from reaching your potential.

From reaching something NEW.

Something FUN and EXCITING…. A new place to explore, new business to get, new people to meet, new things to do, a new way to BE.

If you have ever found yourself sitting on the fence before, maybe once or maybe all the freaking time, but never had the courage to jump, never had the tenacity to jump, never had the balls to jump, never had the faith to jump…..

Today is that day.

For all of you savvy business owners and entrepreneurs and side hustlers, that have ever been on the fence wondering where to go ALL IN and get that

NEW website

UPDATED branding or logo

LAUNCH that sales funnel / course / program or package

Then TODAY is that day that you JUMP OFF THE FENCE and onto the OTHER SIDE.

The fun side, the exciting side, the NEW SIDE.

Today only I am having a FLASH SALE – for all of you perched precariously on the fence.

If you’re wondering whether to jump, the ask yourself, “what would happen if I DIDN’T jump?”

Life would continue to be the same. Nothing would change. You will be where you have always been.

Let me ask you –

are you happy there?
Is it exciting there?
Do you wake up in the morning excited to work and do your thing?
Do you go to bed at night totally stoked that you fulfilled your purpose for the day?

Now, look inside and ask yourself again – “what COULD happen if I DO jump off the fence onto the other side?”


Today’s the day my friends.

The day that you JUMP.


Your chance to save $1000’s…. right here, right now!

You can take that leap of faith, get something new and shiny and fancy, feel those FEELS that you get when you do crazy shit like this.

It’s today.

Now or never.

What you are going to do?

I see 3 options

1 Climb back down to the side that you have always been on, will always be on, wondering about the excitement and new possibilities of the OTHER side, doing the same old thing, no changes, hustling and bustling in the busy-ness of business.

2 Sit there on top the fence looking at both sides, day dreaming, wishing you had the guts to jump, telling yourself that you’ll do it…. One day… soon…. But there you stay, never knowing if either side is the right place.

3 DECIDE right now to do it, to JUMP, to take the leap and DO THE DAMN THING. Get the upgrade, see if it changes anything – which it will, merely because you JUMPED.  Upgrade your business, your brand, your website and be stoked about it because it’s new, it’s exciting and the feelings you experience of the unknown, of what’s to come.


So…. Which one are you going to do?



Because if you don’t, you will wonder, WHAT IF I just did it?

Life is now, today is the day to JUMP!

If you do DECIDE to jump, first – get EXCITED! … then –  message me – right now –  or give me a call on 0438 934 499 and we’ll see what’s on the other side of a new website or a new sales funnel or some new branding!

-to saying YES to life.


How Design Matters–More Than Ever–In 2014

designmattersLately the word going around is “design no longer matters” and, that in today’s world, the words and content on websites means more for supporting SEO and overall online business strength.

Here are some valid reasons why this is no longer true………

Quoting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a recent interview in the annual design issue of Fast Company magazine, he noted, “Design does matter. And not necessarily in a way that people realize.”

The principle applies to individual business as well as on a city scale:

“If good design is doing its job, it is managing your perception of an experience in many ways—both obvious and not so obvious. How you feel, and therefore if whether you’re going to engage and buy, is directly influenced by the design of a website, a package or a business card.”

-Randall Smith, founder of Salt Lake City brand management agency Modern 8

Smith agrees with the comment of Forbes contributor Mike Myatt: “Why present a content vs. design argument? The Holy Grail is found in nesting great content within brilliant design—don’t think ‘either/or,’ think ‘and’.”

Myatt continued, “Being found is nice, but it’s the experience and engagement that occurs (or not) that really matters. There are many ways to get eyeballs to your content, but what really matters is what happens when you get there.”

To that end, here’s how design will matter most in 2014: in the creation of responsive web design—design that adjusts itself gracefully for an optimum experience on desktop, tablet or smartphone OS. As contributor Josh Steimle recently reported in Why You Business Needs A Responsive Website Before 2014 even if you have only a “brochure” website right now, it is possible to spend as little as several hundred to several thousand dollars to overhaul your site to a format that exemplifies the best principles of responsive design.

As Steimle reported the world is rapidly moving to mobile. Ninety one percent of adults keep their smartphones perpetually within arm’s reach. Nine out of ten mobile searches lead to action, and more than half lead to sales. More than 5 billion people will use mobile phones by 2017, according to Statista. In fact, there is close to a 50% chance you are reading this article from a mobile device even now.

Yes, quality content matters, but superb design matters as well. Most importantly, the design that optimizes perception and experience to whatever medium the viewer is participating within will be the greatest winner in 2014 and beyond.

So design really matters. With this in mind, are you ready for 2014? How well does your site accomplish the goal of nesting great content within brilliant and responsive website design? I welcome your thoughts.



Parts of this Article sourced from written by

Cheryl Conner

Cheryl Conner, Contributor – writes about communications, business and the ways the two intersect

Time for a new look?

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The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match.

Do all of your branding materials match?


It’s not enough to have your business card match your logo. Any and all handouts should be branded to match. This could be as simple as creating a universal color scheme that unifies all materials or incorporating your logo into the design. You can also design specialty marketing materials that stand out. Some examples include: custom stickers & decals, QR codes, unique shaped business cards and creative mailers or flyers. The more freedom you give your designer the more creative they will be. In turn the marketer will have an easier time getting their message to stick in customers minds and not be lost in the shuffle of other companies.

Also be careful of those template websites where you just plug in your logo and go. This can also create a disconnect and look unprofessional especially if your other marketing is top notch.  Just inserting your logo into all of your materials will not cut it.  The entire piece as a whole whether a website or a brochure must send the right message and be consistent in it’s design.

Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing…?

Inbound marketing is not a tactic, channel, or technology. It’s a way to approach to your marketing to capitalize on the way consumers make buying decisions today.

Inbound marketers understand that people value personalized, relevant content and connections — not interruptive messages — at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Inbound allows you to attract visitors, convert leads, close customers, and delight them into promoting your business to others.

Here is a graphic to help illustrate