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~ SUCCESS TIP #999 ~


(is it weird that I start almost all my posts with ‘So…’? 🤔🤔)

One of the things that I do with my clients, and specialise in, is helping them really nail their messaging.

Yes you should sell. Sell all the time. It’s your job. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to sell or you don’t make money.

But…. before you just throw up a promo post to buy your product or say ‘i can do this for you for $xx’ or join your competition…. you need to ENTICE us first.

Tell us why we NEED this particular thing or service or you in our lives. 

Tell us about what we can get for it (hint- the outcome!)

Tell a story, ignite our imagination of how we would feel or look after having it done. 

This is the stuff that people click on – 

NOT just the ‘hey I’m running a giveaway’

I would love to see you post with some cool and interesting info that might be unknown about your product or service.

Give us some tips or suggestions or anything that will make us think, “oooh I may want / need to do this”. 

Give us some valuable advice or educate us with information that we can use right away that has something to do with the product or service that you want to sell.

Tell me how fabulous I am going to look after getting this done and that I’ll turn heads and feel amazing and take a million selfies 😍📸!

Tell me how I’m gonna save time and the headache of not having to do my own _____ everyday.

Do you see how selling the outcome to someones emotions works better than just saying that you’re having a giveaway or buy my shit?

When you write about your stuff in a way that provides insight or value or gives us something to think about or makes us stop to read it, you have a much higher chance of getting engagement and conversions.

You want to stop their scroll and read your stuff!

It’s the same when posting anywhere about anything – give value, make yourself the expert and trusted leader in your field, sell the feel good or outcome and peeps will be clicking all day long!

Make me feel good, like I MUST HAVE your shit, then tell me how to buy it.



Doing it this way is NEVER going to work

It’s happened to all of us at some point in business…. you think that if you follow another ‘successful’ guru’s advice or model for success in business that you will finally yourself also be successful.

You watch other people in your field that seem to be smashing goals, bringing in the moola, looking awesome on social media and compare yourself to them.

This is when self doubt kicks in hardcore and you seriously question your value and if you’re doing things ‘right’.

Here’s the thing – comparing yourself others or copying their shit and the way they do things will NEVER work.

YOU need to BE you and DO you and embrace your completely UNIQUE identity in order to succeed.

It’s the ONLY way.It’s the only thing that makes you DIFFERENT than the thousands of other people in your industry doing what you do.

You have to discover who you really are and your unique identity and connect that to your brand. You need a unique BRAND that shows your powerful work and value and what you can do for people.

If you are authentic and totally REAL and your focus is on getting results for your clients and transforming their lives or solving their problems – that is the WINNING formula for true success.

If you can’t do those 2 things… if you can’t nail down your unique superpower, we all lose.

If you’d like to
-👑work out your UNIQUE SUPERPOWER,
-👑get real CLARITY on what you do and who you are,
-👑figure out your perfect client’s problems and how YOU solve them,
-👑take your brand to the next level of business….

Then I invite you to book in for my popular BRAND ReBOOT session.

It’s time to get really CLEAR on what your branding needs to be so you can create a truly authentic ‘100% YOU’ badass brand!

We will go through EVERYTHING!

Cool things like your kickass brand strategy, identity, brand message, target audience (dream clients), type of imagery and tone of voice as well a killer bulls eye offer and so much more so that you can be crystal clear and confident in your brand and how you show up – which is legit expert level stuff!

Whatever needs to come up and out, so can get to the real YOU, the real BRAND – nothing is off-limits.

It’s time to do it YOUR WAY👊🏼, not ‘their’ way.

CLICK HERE – You have already waited TOO LONG!! BOOK your session with me today and let’s do this!


What people really buy…

People aren’t paying you for your worth alone or because of your little, or BIG $$$, price tag.

They are paying you for your years of experience, your education, your knowledge, your processes, your unique skills, your time and ENERGY …
– all of that combined to give them the👉outcome that solves their problem or 👉transformation that satisfies their desires.

THAT is what they pay for.

What they also pay for is YOU. All of the above PLUS you! Your energy and passion for what you do.

There is a magnetism to it when you are in your zone of genius (and truly enjoying what you are doing with a buzz and fun joyful vibe) that attracts people to you, that keeps them from looking away… that makes them want to pay you.

When you perfect this combination you really CAN have it all!

#followthefeelgood #makeallthemonies

Steph Zahalka

….Don’t forget

– my Brand Clarity Crash Course….
where you can get crystal clear on what it is you do, why you do it and who you do it for – then say it in a way that attracts in your peeps that can’t look away, that are magnetised to you, that want to pay you –

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xxSteph Zahalka
….Don’t forget – my Brand Clarity Crash Course…. where you can get crystal clear on what it is you do, why you do it and who you do it for – then say it in a way that attracts in your peeps that can’t look away, that are magnetised to you, that want to pay you – 👉is still only $7, but not for much longer!
Link is in the comments you magnetic thing you! xx

Live a life you will remember…

If you want to experience the fabulousness of a true ARTIST – a person who can’t NOT do what is coming from his SOUL – watch the true stories of AVICII.

Seriously i feel like my life has been enriched just watching the story of his life and the music he ‘created’ that is so fucking goddam rad i can’t even…

Knowing his life and story… his songs and music has a 5th dimensional depth to them that i can’t convey in words…. it’s a feeling, it’s energetic… it IS SOUL ..expressed through his music.

Mind blowing, soul expanding… i can feel it in every cell in my body and soul. this may sound woo woo as fuck but omg… watch it and then tell me you feel different.

A true artist, unleashed… we are truly, as a whole, at a loss to not experience what he could have created if he was just listened to instead of forced to feed the money hungry industry, going against his soul.. i am sad that i will not get to feel, hear, experience his (no adjective is good enough) music now that he is gone.

i feel so sad that we will not be able to experience what he could have become. fuck. my heart hurts and is exploding with pure joy at the same time – his art and music is next level.

“Someday you will leave this world behind so live a life you will remember!” -Tim Bergling -Avicii


remember – stay true to your soul – and say no, walk away, from shit that doesn’t light you up. #followthefeelgood

What are they saying about YOU?


When your back is turned, what are they whispering?

When your not in the room, what are they saying?

When you share your message and sell your wares, what are they thinking?

This, my friends, IS why your BRANDING is so important.

By the way – Your brand is NOT your logo!

Your brand is NOT your website or business card or your fancy shmancy custom email signature.



Every single touch point that someone has with you and your business is your brand.

Every message you share, every word you write/type, every offer you put out, every product you sell, every service you sling…

Every time you interact on social media or at an event or dealing with customers and even your team and staff…

Every ad, every flyer, every brochure, every post, every video…

Your logo, your website, your sales pages, your funnels, every piece of visual marketing….

It is all of it!

There are a million other businesses doing what you do, selling what you sell, with the same experience and qualifications, the same company colours, similar name, possibly the same freaking logo (if you went cheap ass and got it done on fiverr)…..

What is the only thing that makes your business different?


It’s the only thing.

That is your brand.

Your brand is the WHOLE PACKAGE.   It is all of YOU!
It is the entire puzzle in which the logo is just a small visual piece of.


If you are grumpy and shitty at the world and that comes through how you deal with customers, staff or comments or your presence on social media – sorry to break it to you, this is your brand.

Do you want a shitty brand? Then keep on keeping on with a (possibly fabulous or maybe cheap) logo but mediocre, fake, forced, half-assed everything else.

Do you want a badass, highly sought after brand? The keep on keeping on being all of YOU everywhere you are online and in real life- totally authentic with all touchpoints on POINT!

Here’s your golden nugget !!!
*** Make sure you CAREFULLY CRAFT all elements of your brand, your voice, your language, your tone, your words, your messaging, your online presence, your posts, your offers, your attitude, YOU, EVERYTHING to be exactly as you desire your brand to be so what they DO SAY is exactly what you WANT THEM to say!

So…. what are they saying about YOU when you’re not in the room?




You now understand how important a brand actually is and how in-depth and detailed it can be….

It’s not something that can be fine tuned and perfected over night or even in a few day or week.

Lucky for you (cheeky I know) I have CAREFULLY CRAFTED a new program that will allow you to carefully craft your “stuff” into YOUR PERFECT BRAND.


A 6 week intensive – where You and I work privately 1:1 fully unleashing all of YOU and who you are and what you are meant to do…

We will extract your purpose

Your mission


and UNLEASH it all!

I have created, over the years, a fabulous way of extracting all of this juicy yumminess from inside of you and connecting THAT to your business so that your business IS YOU! … not some external thing.
And not just woo-woo stuff…  the profit stuff,  target audience, the offers and services, your voice, message – all of it!

Then…. ooooo then… the exciting part! The fun part….

The artsy fartsy part where I get to design the shit out of it and together we create the most perfect, soul aligned BRAND for you to UNLEASH out to the world –

So you can attract your tribe and soul mate clients.

So you can sit back and let your message and voice and brand be the beacon that calls them in.

So you can really truly be you and work and play and act from a space of already being who you were meant to be because your brand and your business and your offers and products and services are in alignment with each other and YOU.

So making money is easy and just happens because you are in flow with it all!

It all becomes so EASY and fun when YOU are fully unleashed and free to be you in life and business and everywhere.

You will wake up in the morning excited to work, because work isn’t work when it is doing what you love and what you are meant to do.

You will lay down at night content and satisfied and joyful that you did what had to be done today and lived your life as you, fully and authentically you.



And, I invite YOU to join me in UNLEASHING your badass within, your SOUL,  your PURPOSE, your MISSION and your MESSAGE.

But this isn’t for everyone.

Those who merely want a logo so they can sell shit just to make money – which is fine, but not what this is about.

I want to work with the passionate ones, the bold and audacious ones who are NOT afraid to be all of themselves in all their glory and announce it proudly to the world!

This is for the ones whose souls are screaming on the inside to be UNLEASHED.

The ones who KNOW that they are meant to do more, be more, have more and be happy as fuck through the whole thing.

If this is you – then I invite you to PM me for details.

This is private 1:1 work, 6 weeks to fully UNLEASH you and your brand – mindset, coaching and DESIGN work included.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. What do you want them to say?

Let’s give them the UNLEASHED version, so they don’t ‘say’ anything
– they shout it out and share you with the world and become your raving fans and dedicated followers and tribe!~


PM me here 

It wasn’t them, it was ME!


I had a realisation last night – around my business that has been happening for awhile.  The not so pretty side of “where the fuck is the money?”

I realised that I have BLAMED not making the money that I used to, from my business, on things like my illness and networking and my surgery and my 2nd child.

I used to make 6 figures a year in my graphic and web design business.  I had tons of clients and things were pretty good.

Then, due to my Ulcerative Colitis, which was insanely painful and debilitating, I had to be admitted to hospital, many times.

Well, at one point, I took an ambulance in and not long after was a legit CODE BLUE over the hospital speaker system.  I’ll never forget that.  The entire hospital swarmed my bed, there were so many of them. Blood everywhere.

I even remember telling them my legs were cold and they replied that I had about 4 blankets on.

Like holy shit… this was straight out of the movies I thought to myself….  “I’m so cold” always uttered before death came.

I had to sign a bunch of papers giving them permission to perform life saving surgery NOW or I would surely die.  Well, that’s fun. NOT.

I remember the whole thing until I was put under and then I woke up.  I woke up with a million tubes coming out of my neck, arm, side, everywhere!

AND….. I had a freakin bag!  A bag.  YES, a poo bag stuck to my abdomen.  uugggghhhhhh.

Anyhoo… long story short – I had to recover for months from that and had 2 more surgeries (no more bag) and more recovery time …. networking stopped.

I think during that time, I came to realise what WAS and WASN’T important to me anymore.

And ‘work’ wasn’t one of them.  Well, work that I didn’t absolutely love.

But… what do you do when you go back, keep doing what you know and what has always worked.  Right?

Things never really recovered quite the same for my business.  But I kept on keeping on, cuz that is who I am. I don’t give up. Fuck no!

Then I got pregnant with my 2nd baby, kept working, and then when it was time to have him, networking stopped… again.

But this time, I couldn’t go back.

Hubby had shift work, I had to take Nina to school every morning (during my networking time) and I had the baby.

Slowly but surely…. it all slowed down in my business.

So I learned more things and tried new avenues… all within my business – but I really didn’t love doing any of it.

And, of course, as to be expected, none of it really took off.  I was all over the place.   And none of it was ME!

And…. I BLAMED all of that lack of networking, my illness, my 2nd baby…. all of it as the reason I was not as successful as I used to be.

Basically – I just realised – EXCUSES….
Well, excuses for WHAT?

BOOOM! light bulb 💡
Excuses as to why i wasn’t bringing in the cash anymore or steady clients – BECAUSE MY SOUL HATED doing all the shit I was doing and the way I was doing it.  I realised that I was missing. My passion was missing.

I only did all the things because they made me money. And we all know, people like us don’t make money doing shit our soul hates to do and dies from little by little day by day.

So obvious, yet so hidden from plain sight.

It’s not the fault of all those OTHER things, it is MY fault.
My responsibility.
I create my reality and my thoughts and actions led me there. Nothing else.

But….. they also led me HERE. Which i am insanely grateful and thankful for!

Have YOU ever found yourself (I am pretty sure you have, we all do) blaming a bunch of external shit and circumstances on where you are and what you are doing?

Blaming others for your lack of what you want.

Blaming things for not being where you want to be, doing what you want to do, having what you want to have?

Well, my friend, it’s NOT THEM…. IT’S YOU!

Time to hop off the blame train and take some fucking responsibility for where you are.

It is amazingly freeing and powerful to realise that when it is your responsibility and your actions and your thoughts that got you here!

So… knowing all of that, what you are you going to choose?

What are you going to think about and do and what actions are you going to take – TO CHANGE what you want to be different?

Because, it’s not them, it’s you and you have the ultimate power to change it all!

Not much else to say about that –

Except, for me and my realisation — I am so stoked that I don’t do that shit anymore and only do what I love.
I am becoming more and more Steph and sharing my message, creating beautiful things, doing my art, extracting the YOU inside of you and designing the shit out of it as a brand that excites you and lights you up.

That is why I declaring that I am building a million dollar business in 2019 and nothing is going to stop me!





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I physically felt the breakthrough!


Yesterday I purchased an older program of my mentors.  I wasn’t sure if I should spend the money (cuz bills), but my soul was like, “you’re buying this” and the ‘next level’ version of me said “I would’ve already bought it” … so I bought it.  One of her favourite courses and it really resonated with me – (about money funnily enough)… like YES, I must get this.

I listened to the first training last night in bed. Surface level listening. Then this morning I sat down before I did anything else and listened again.

When it got to minute 34:20 I pressed pause and stood up. I literally paced my kitchen and talked this out with myself. This wasn’t a light-bulb moment – this was a smack in the face with a spotlight moment.  I really finally understood – I CHOSE ALL OF THIS.

Wow. I chose it. All of it. Every single struggle, every single moment, every single outcome.  I am the creator of my reality, so of course everything is my responsibility. I looked at it from an outside perspective and really got that I was following MY path and each and every choice, moment, struggle, win, everything – was necessary for ME to keep moving on the path that I needed to be on.  My higher self kept showing me the path and I kept taking it.

If I didn’t experience every single thing that I went through, I wouldn’t have learned all of the things that I now know.  And without all of that, I would not be RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW being ME.

100% pure Steph mother fucking Zahalka.

As scary as it is, I have let go of my company of 13 years. Everything I did, learn, or experienced in this business, I can see now, was so that I can use it to help others level up and step into their power.

I loved my business, it was my identity for a long time, but I’ve outgrown it and have taken the scary as fuck leap into ME. Being me. Sharing my message and raising the vibration of the world. OMG how is this going to work, how will I make money. #fuckthehow

And I am here because my path led me here.  I chose every single experience so I would be able to effectively teach and help others do the same. You don’t really understand something until you’ve gone through it.

My mentor, the beautiful and WONDEROUS messenger that she is, is the reason that I now know my purpose, my passion and to be thankful for every single choice, moment, struggle, win and to be satisfied with what is.  I chose all of it and I am thankful for all of it.  I literally was walking around my kitchen like a mad woman with all of these realisations pouring out of me. I get it.  I put myself here. And I am amazed at my power to do so.

I am powerful as fuck.  I choose to own that. I choose to be grateful for all of it, for my teachers and mentors… and thankful to myself for having the courage to keep going no matter what or how scary.

To keep saying yes to my soul.

I will keep going. No matter what. This is WHO I AM. I am rich and wealthy as well because THAT is who I am.

I see that she is the messenger and the 1% within the 1% are here to learn from her and become the messenger to our soul mate clients so we can perpetuate this changing of the world and raising the vibration of the world. I hear the call and I have chosen to answer it and follow soul.

…. Then I pressed play

and finished listening to the rest of the training.  When she talked about finding and knowing the underlying reason, you will FEEL the switch flick. Like really feel it and know that is what it is.   I legit started crying. Tears poured out of me, because as I was pacing my kitchen, going through all of these revelations with myself, I mother fucking FELT IT.

I literally, physically and energetically, had waves of energy flow through me. I was shaking with it. I felt it.  And knowing that I felt it and that I shifted was so overwhelmingly powerful and amazing that I just cried. Tears of relief and joy and wonder at all of it.  And stoked that I dug deep enough to realise my reason.

My reason – ease and joy – for my family and myself.  That is the underlying reason for all of this.  The money, the work, the message, living life, everything.  To fully experience and live with EASE and JOY and FLOW.

I allow ease and joy and flow and massive amounts of wealth and money to be mine in all areas. I have made the decision and I choose it. It is done.

Thank you




As I learn all of this, I am able to shift and move forward, so that I can help you to do the same. So I can share it with you.

This is what I bring to my programs.

When I level up, you level up.

I want to help you and guide you to find and realise your personal power.  And to step into the power.

You ARE powerful.

Don’t you want to feel it, to know it, to enjoy it?

Aren’t you sick of being stuck where you are at?  Of course be grateful for where you are at and your path here, for your path did lead you here.

Reading this, right now.

Isn’t it time to find the true you, the NEXT LEVEL YOU and find it now, So you can make 2019 the year that you owned it all – your power, your confidence, the success, the money, your PURPOSE!

I hope that is a resounding YES!

If it is, and you are brave enough to take the leap and figure this shit out, so you know what to do and how to do it, and be able to tap in, at any time, to figure out ‘what next’ and to be powerful in your decisions, then

click the link and join me to
SLAY THE OLD AND BRING IN THE NEW NEXT LEVEL YOU ~ So you can rock the shit out of 2019 before it even starts as the next level you!

Be quick- the cyber Monday sale ends at midnight!
Save $100!!!

You can never make the wrong choice


I’ve been dropping in and what I am getting back out is nothing short of breathtaking!
So, I am on this mission to drop deeper into soul and only take action from that place. It is indeed why I am here. It is the reason that we are all here.
To find out what it is that our souls crave and desire and require of us. THEN DO IT!
You aren’t here to learn how to business, you aren’t here to struggle or feel broke. You aren’t here to spend your days doing mediocre shit that depresses you, frustrates you or holds you back in any way. You are here to be YOU!
I’m not saying that any emotions or feelings are in any way bad. None of them are bad. They are to be experienced, it’s part of being human.
But, how you CHOOSE to perceive them is what matters. And that CHOICE changes everything.
When fear pops up, take a step back, detach and check it out for what it is, thank it and then let it go. Step past the fear and move forward. Always move forward. Baby steps, big steps, ANY STEPS – but make sure you keep moving forward. Stay the course.
You are here to experience all the things and be okay with what is. All experiences lead to growth, if you choose for it to.
KNOW that you can never make the wrong choice. Therefore, anything that happens, is of your choosing. A choice you made somewhere in the past is what you are now experiencing.
And… in the knowing that all of your choices are what you are experiencing, aren’t you excited? EXCITED that you are creating your reality. Excited that you have the power, through your choices, to create, have, manifest, get anything you want.
So, when you go about your day and something happens, take a moment to notice your thoughts and CHOOSE to reframe it in a way that turns it around to your benefit. Remove emotion and take it for what it is, a choice you made before, that you are now deciding to learn from and be grateful for the lesson, and make a new choice and move on.
But you have to CHOOSE.
And then you have to BELIEVE.
Do this always. Make it a habit. Practice it.
Then before you know it, you will be experiencing all of those choices as they manifest and become your reality.
PS –
As someone who can choose to be, have, do anything that you want – what do you choose? Who do you choose to be?
Can you feel it deep inside, the real you waiting to be set free?
The YOU that wants to
say whatever you want to say,
do whatever you want to do,
be whoever you want to be.
Aren’t you sick of hiding yourself?
Aren’t you bored as fuck trying to be someone that you’re clearly not?
You were born for more…. so much more babe.
You didn’t start your business to struggle.
You didn’t build your dreams so you could hustle but still have no money.
You don’t get up every day to do work that has no meaning, no joy, no direction…
You started your business because of your love for it.
You built your dreams because the passion inside of you to do what you were meant to do.
You want to get up every day to do your purpose work, to share your superpowers, to help people with passion and joy and fun and flow!
So…. what are you going to CHOOSE?
My new program is ON and it is fucking amazing!!
Choose to click this link and read the words, hear the message, feel the energy
Lighting your BRAND on FIRE so you can step into the YOU that CHOOSES whatever the fuck you want and have the guidance and direction and support to get it done!

What are you afraid will happen….?


So many people that I speak with, read comments from, interact with on a business level and even my clients –

seem to have some kind of hidden or not so hidden fear of being themselves.

Like, what are you afraid will happen if you are just yourself?

If you talk like YOU.
If you act like YOU.
If you show up like YOU.
If, in every area of your life AND business, you are just being 100% authentically YOU.

What are you afraid will happen?

As far as your personal, everyday life – you should always be yourself. That’s a no-brainer.

As far as business goes – you should also always be yourself.  But this is not so much a given is it?

People are constantly saying and writing things that are half-assed or holding back what they REALLY want to say – what they are meant to be saying.

I don’t understand why.

Who is the one who made up the rules that you are following that say you gotta use technical jargon to describe what you do or sound like a made up robot writing words and sentences that are hard to even read because you’re trying so damn hard to say something that doesn’t even really matter (I’m talking big useless words here).

HOLY SHIT.  My brain hurts sometimes.

FFS just talk like a normal (or not normal) human being.  You do know that on the other side – the ones reading the shit you are writing – are human yes?

When you show up and talk and write like YOU and use words that you would actually say in conversation, it’s a lot easier to connect with people.

YOUR people.

If you are afraid of what people think or are gonna say or maybe criticise or not like and follow you anymore – then THOSE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE.

You are not meant to be liked by everyone. You are not meant to cater to everyone. You are not meant to work with everyone. Everyone is not your friend.

OMG can you even imagine how fucking chaotic it would be to try to be all the things to everyone.  (I just puked in my mouth a little actually)

So, let’s just get over ourselves for a second. Get over your fears, kick them to curb and just start being YOU.

Take off the mask. 
Stop with the fake bullshit that you ‘think’ they want to hear…. cuz it’s not what you think.

Those people that aren’t offended and stick around, will probably start to like you even MORE (this is why they buy BTW).  That’s better than being an invisible mediocre one of the masses – eewww.

You are more than that.  You were meant for more than that.

So stop fucking hiding, step out into the light and BE the light.

Say what you want, let it all out, share your message, unfiltered, unedited and be who you were meant to goddam be!

Now, I ask you….  if you had no fear, and you were not afraid to say whatever the hell you wanted…. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SAY?




I am so freakin excited about my new program!

This is the most transformational program that I have created yet!   I will UNLEASH YOU!  I will help you take off the mask and so you can be completely, all, YOU.

The energy that is bubbling up around me when I think about what we are going to do together – how we are going to level up together – and take your business and brand and YOU from where it is now to higher and higher levels of “HELL YES! I am rocking this shit and winning!”

It’s time to step out of the day to day hustle of working your ass off and not getting anywhere.
Time to call in those dream clients of yours, who are waiting for you to SHOW THE FUCK UP and give them what they want.

Are you ready to finally have a clear direction to go and clarity on what to do and how to do it?

Let’s light your branding on fire babay!

If you can feel the energy here and my excitement about this program and you wanna read more of what this program is all about – then click this link beautiful and FEEL, in your soul…. if you are MEANT TO BE A PART OF THIS and work with me 1:1….



To level you the fuck up, so life and business lights you up and you jump out of bed every morning excited as fuck to work – because when you do what you love it’s not work baby!

When you KNOW you’re meant to have it


Have you ever read something and thought to yourself ‘YESSS’ while you were reading it?

Not just a ‘yep’, ‘yeah’, ‘sure’…

I’m talking about the HOLY SHIT YESSSS and you keep saying that to yourself while you’re reading about the program or the post or course that you are interested in.

When you are in that place, feeling that way, screaming YESSS in your head, then that is what you should base your decisions on.

NOT the price.

I find it really weird that people would choose a mentor or a coach or teacher based on price.  OMG eewww.  You choose and hire a mentor because of who they are, what their message is, the energy that you can feel and resonate with.   Because you think to yourself, I like this chick, she’s speaking my language and I love being around her energy!

I was listening to my mentor this morning and she was talking about this and it’s so true.  Whenever I find myself in the position to hire or engage a mentor or high level program or coaching, the decision HAS to be based on what screams out YES! to me.  Always follow the feeling.

When you don’t, and you get yourself that new coach based on price and not WHO they are, or their energy or that connection you feel with them, then, honey, you are NOT going to get what you need from that person or program.

I would not want anyone to sign up for any of my programs based solely on price.  NO way.

I want you to sign up because you are LOVING what I am saying.
Because you feel a connection to ME and my energy.
Because you CAN’T NOT sign up.


The other day I found myself reading about a new program that sounded amazing.  I scrolled the page and was looking for what the program entailed.  What was included basically. Then I was looking for the price. I found the price and then looked back at the program inclusions, read it all a few more times.

When you find yourself in this spot, then then answer is probably a no. You’re not going to get out of it what you are wanting – or needing.

I totally understand about financial situations, and of course price matters and you may not have the money for a big investment – but

I ALSO KNOW…. that when you KNOW that you are meant to have something no matter what, then you WILL FIND A WAY to get it.

That’s just how it is.

DECIDE that you want it, get it and let the rest work itself out. It always does.

And… when you invest in yourself, and it feels aligned – meaning it’s A HELL YES – then it always works out.

It’s all about the energy and the feeling you get in your soul… the feeling that you KNOW that you are meant to have it.





OMG have you heard?

I am so freakin excited about my new program!
This is the most transformational program that I have created yet!

The energy that is bubbling up around me when I think about what we are going to do together – how we are going to level up together – and take your business and brand and YOU from where it is now to higher and higher levels of “HELL YES!  I am rocking this shit and winning!”

It’s time to step out of the day to day hustle of working your ass off and not getting anywhere.  Time to call in those dream clients of yours, who are waiting for you to SHOW THE FUCK UP and give them what they want.

Are you ready to finally have a clear direction to go and clarity on what to do and how to do it?

Let’s light your branding on fire babay!

If you can feel the energy here and my excitement about this program and you wanna read more of what this program is all about – then click this link beautiful and FEEL, in your soul…. if you are MEANT TO BE A PART OF THIS and work with me 1:1….

To level you the fuck up so life and business lights you up and you jump out of bed every morning excited as fuck to work – because when you do what you love – it’s not work and Mondays are rad lol!

So… lovely, here’s to rad Mondays!