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Focus on what makes YOU thrive

Be unapologetic and relentless with what makes you thrive and lights you up and gets you excited!

So often, we are influenced from the outside world, and cloud our own desires for the sake of those around us.

I wonder if you’re sitting there noticing that you edit and filter what you say and do because you’re trying to please everyone… or you’re stifling your own creativity and true nature in order to not rock the boat or piss anyone off.

Where’s that gonna get ya? Nowhere meaningful or fulfilling fast. Screw that.

Another way of you might find yourself influenced away from what you should be focusing on is opting in to every bright shiny object that crosses our path and then taking it on as something that you should do as well.

Sure it’s fine and dandy to download these things to learn, but don’t get swayed or tempted to start changing your own shit up to copy them.

Stay in your own lane. Stay on your own path.

The sooner you are able to grasp this nugget, the sooner it will drastically change your world.

Steph Zahalka

PS…. I’m gonna be bold (of course) and go ahead and assume that you’re sitting there thinking to yourself ‘I like the shit this chick posts’.

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Doing it this way is NEVER going to work

It’s happened to all of us at some point in business…. you think that if you follow another ‘successful’ guru’s advice or model for success in business that you will finally yourself also be successful.

You watch other people in your field that seem to be smashing goals, bringing in the moola, looking awesome on social media and compare yourself to them.

This is when self doubt kicks in hardcore and you seriously question your value and if you’re doing things ‘right’.

Here’s the thing – comparing yourself others or copying their shit and the way they do things will NEVER work.

YOU need to BE you and DO you and embrace your completely UNIQUE identity in order to succeed.

It’s the ONLY way.It’s the only thing that makes you DIFFERENT than the thousands of other people in your industry doing what you do.

You have to discover who you really are and your unique identity and connect that to your brand. You need a unique BRAND that shows your powerful work and value and what you can do for people.

If you are authentic and totally REAL and your focus is on getting results for your clients and transforming their lives or solving their problems – that is the WINNING formula for true success.

If you can’t do those 2 things… if you can’t nail down your unique superpower, we all lose.

If you’d like to
-👑work out your UNIQUE SUPERPOWER,
-👑get real CLARITY on what you do and who you are,
-👑figure out your perfect client’s problems and how YOU solve them,
-👑take your brand to the next level of business….

Then I invite you to book in for my popular BRAND ReBOOT session.

It’s time to get really CLEAR on what your branding needs to be so you can create a truly authentic ‘100% YOU’ badass brand!

We will go through EVERYTHING!

Cool things like your kickass brand strategy, identity, brand message, target audience (dream clients), type of imagery and tone of voice as well a killer bulls eye offer and so much more so that you can be crystal clear and confident in your brand and how you show up – which is legit expert level stuff!

Whatever needs to come up and out, so can get to the real YOU, the real BRAND – nothing is off-limits.

It’s time to do it YOUR WAY👊🏼, not ‘their’ way.

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Unleash Yo’self

There is something inside of you… calling.

It has always been there and for most of the time, when it comes to business anyway, you have been ignoring her.

You do the professional thing, you follow the ‘so called’ rules, you do this, that and the other…like you learned.

But… that thing, that person, YOU, on the inside has been slowing withering away, forgotten, ignored, left behind.

It is why you go through your days on autopilot. You keep on grinding away, hustling, following the motions….

Emailing, calling, working, scrolling, emailing, busy bullshit work that doesn’t really accomplish anything, emailing, invoicing, emailing…. Emailing…

Is this what it is supposed to look like?
Is this what I started my own business for?

Hell no.

So, what happened? How did I get here?

You got here because you left a part of you behind when you started learning the rules and following the structure and being hell bent on hustling.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop ignoring the part of you of that you shut off?

Don’t you FEEL, inside, that it’s time to let all of YOU out to play?
Because that IS what is missing.

It’s YOU.

You became a business person first and left the rest just a bit behind, in the dark, waiting (maybe not so patiently lately) for you to call her forth.

This is why it is so hard to bring in new clients.

This is why it is hard to know what the hell to do next.
What direction to take. What rules to follow. What work to do. What the next step is….. even just a little step.

This is why you are not attracting your dream boat clients to you like bees to honey.

There is a massive disconnect between who you are and your business.

When I work with my clients, I go deep and find this part of you and CONNECT that, YOU, to your business.
This is branding baby. Your voice, your language, your message, your essence, your superpowers all beautifully packaged up in a brand this is YOU!

But you don’t just ‘do it’.

You need to dive deep and recognise that something inside of you. You need to SEE her and feel her and listen to her.

You need to share your business with her.

You need to be all of you… unapologetically, unfiltered, completely and authentically you.

Bring back the joy.

Bring back the fun.

Bring back the passion and love for what it is you do and who you are and the reason you started it all in the first place.

This is the first step to having a magnetic AF business that lights you up….

This is how you bring back the energy the magnetises clients TO you and have a ton of fun while doing it.

I see you….

Not just the outer persona that you post online with or talk about on your website or show up as at business events.

I SEE the inside you, the real you, YOUR soul.

The one dying to get out to play with you, to make things fun again.
Do you go to bed at night with a million and one thoughts and worries running through your head?


Because you are only half of you all day long, running your business, doing your thing, soulless, bored, worried about the future.

Connect back in and bring out all of YOU and watch what happens.

The inspiration,
the action,
the ideas,
the magnetism,
the energy,
the mother fucking JOY!

It’s a thing babe.

Wouldn’t you love to level up your biz and go to bed stoked AF at what you accomplished because it was inspired and aligned and felt good?

Wouldn’t you like to go all in and have a fully aligned brand and business where all of YOU gets to play?

Life really is about having more fun and your business is no exception!

There is nothing worse than knowing that you were meant for more but didn’t go for it!

I know that you KNOW you’re ready for a change and I’m here for you.
It’s time to invest in YOU!

If you’ve ever been wondering what it would look like to work with me on unleashing all of who YOU are – I am opening up my schedule to offer a few free 30 minute ‘Unleash Yo’self’ calls to work out the best next step for you moving forward.

Stop hiding who you really are… unleash yourself, your brand, your soul… It’s time!

Message me here with the words “Yes! I’m in” and let’s do this babe!

And don’t forget – you really CAN have it all if you #followthefeelgood


What people really buy…

People aren’t paying you for your worth alone or because of your little, or BIG $$$, price tag.

They are paying you for your years of experience, your education, your knowledge, your processes, your unique skills, your time and ENERGY …
– all of that combined to give them the👉outcome that solves their problem or 👉transformation that satisfies their desires.

THAT is what they pay for.

What they also pay for is YOU. All of the above PLUS you! Your energy and passion for what you do.

There is a magnetism to it when you are in your zone of genius (and truly enjoying what you are doing with a buzz and fun joyful vibe) that attracts people to you, that keeps them from looking away… that makes them want to pay you.

When you perfect this combination you really CAN have it all!

#followthefeelgood #makeallthemonies

Steph Zahalka

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xxSteph Zahalka
….Don’t forget – my Brand Clarity Crash Course…. where you can get crystal clear on what it is you do, why you do it and who you do it for – then say it in a way that attracts in your peeps that can’t look away, that are magnetised to you, that want to pay you – 👉is still only $7, but not for much longer!
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Say what you can’t NOT say….

If you really want to own your power – say what you have to say.
Say it.
With conviction.
With belief.
Say it because you can’t NOT say it.

Sure there will be people who do not like what you are saying. At all.
So what?
Does that affect you?

It Shouldn’t. Others opinions are infinitely varied and it does not matter what ‘they’ think.

If it does, then you need to stop looking outside of yourself for validation and approval. That is a long sad unfulfilling road to travel.

When you believe in something and feel strongly about it to the point where you have to share it, tell it to the world, write about it and talk about it and sell it – then it matters not what others say.

You are standing in your truths. Your beliefs.And when you say what you are meant to say, unfiltered, unedited, unapologetic – you are standing in your power.

We are not meant to please or appease everyone.
And you wouldn’t want to.

So stop trying.

Just be you.
Say what you gotta say.
Don’t hold it in – let it out.
Share you message, your art, your energy, your passion.

THAT is when those who matter will listen.

We don’t want to hear what you THINK will please everyone.
we don’t want to hear what you think will sell the easiest.
We want to hear your truth.
We want to hear your passion, your conviction…
What you WANT to talk about.
What you NEED to talk about.

That is what we want to hear.
That is what people want to buy.

Own you power.
Say your words.
Share your message.
Stay on your path and do not worry about what everyone else is doing.
It’s none of your business.

YOUR business is your business.
Share THAT with me.
Tell me about it and why you are so passionate about it, why you are so good at it, why it is your superpower.

That is what it is about.
What it has always ever been about.

Who the fuck are you and why do you do what you do?
OWN it.
BE it.

Don’t let anyone stop you.
Do what it takes and keep going.

This is what makes YOU your brand.
All of it IS your brand.
Your truth.
Your message.
Your art.
Your business.
Your superpowers.
Your unique skills.
Your gift.
WHO you are.

Make sure you let it out, your way and BE who you’ve always meant to be – share it with the world.
To not do so would be selfish.
You would be depriving us of your power!

So…. what is it you are meant to say?

Steph Zahalka

remember, you really CAN have it all – just #followthefeelgood

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My last branding workshop that I did with Gold Coast Girls in Business SOLD OUT!

I am DOING IT AGAIN! but it will be totally online and I will be running it LIVE in a private FB group as a 10 day program!

Over 10 days – you will learn 10 kick ass proven strategies that will make your brand stand out and SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND!

It’s time that you stood out among the masses so you can be seen and heard as the ONLY OPTION for them to choose!

Hell yeah!

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Let’s talk money, honey!

Ooooh How much is that?
Let’s talk about money honey and pricing your shit!
Here are a few key tips! 💰

📌#1 NEVER compete on price. N E V E R !

This is a massive mistake because there will ALWAYS be someone out there who charges less than you… sometimes a LOT less. I see it in the design industry all the time. Someone puts a post asking for a logo or flyer and 35 people comment in the first 1.52 friggin seconds saying they’ll do it for $50. HOLY fuckballs batman. 
How does anyone who is any good or values themself even a little bit compete with that? You can’t. You stand in your power, your value and charge what YOU charge. If someone wants your quality of work, they will hire you. Not everyone buys the cheapest shit out there.

📌#2 Overdeliver VALUE.

Whether you charge a little or a lot like $5k or more, you will ALWAYS want to overdeliver on value. Make them feel like they underpaid by giving them that something extra that turns them into raving fans – it will make you feel good, them feel good and you now have someone who will tell everyone about you and refer you to others. #WINNING!

📌#3 Position your pricing as an INVESTMENT not a cost.

You’re not selling a mattress to someone, you’re selling years of excellent, comfy, satisfying sleep. You are solving a problem that will make their life or business easier… it’s not a cost that no longer has value once consumed – that is an investment.

Always focus on VALUE…. always make sure you keep in mind what you are giving your clients, the problem you are solving and that it is clearly shown to be an investment!

HAPPY FRIDAY and remember – you really can have it all if you just #followthefeelgood

Steph Zahalka


If you are feeling like you could use some support or guidance on what you’re offering, your pricing, value and all that jazz – then you should check out my 6 month program – to get crystal clear on all of this and so much more! Only a few spots left….

I’ll show you what the next move is, 
what action to take and when to take it, 
how to price it confidently and 
how to step more fully into who you are 
which then shows up authentically in your brand and your business and your services and offers.

I’ll show you how to simplify
the million business ideas in your head, 
get clarity around what you should be doing & 
creating NOW, what to charge, 
and learn how to put all the pieces together, 
and market it all for fast results, 
happy customers, 
and exciting momentum.


If that sounds like “OMG where have you been all my life hell yes” – then click this link gorgeous

Branding Unleashed

When you consider your brand, you need to consider all elements of it!

It not just your logo… it is not just your business cards or fancy email signature… it’s not your website either…
it is EVER SINGLE touch point that people have with you and your business INCLUDING
how you talk,
what you say,
so so much more!

It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room!

Make sure you CAREFULLY CRAFT all elements of your brand, your voice, your language, your tone, your words, your messaging, your online presence, your posts, your offers, your attitude – YOU 👑 – EVERYTHING to be exactly as you desire your brand to be so what they DO SAY is exactly what you WANT THEM to say!

You need to position yourself as the leader and influencer of your industry in the MINDS of your audience so you are the ONLY choice when buying.

If you have been following me for more than a minute, you should understand how important a brand actually is and how in-depth and detailed it can be….

It’s not something that can be fine tuned and perfected over night or even in a few days or week.
We need to extract YOU!
Your essence,
Your purpose,
Your unique skills that POSITIONS you and your business as a LEADER!

Lucky for you I have CAREFULLY CRAFTED a signature program that will allow YOU to carefully craft your “stuff” into YOUR PERFECT BRAND.


This is a group program that is 8 weeks of diving deep into every important aspect of your brand so you can hone in on those things that matter, that move you forward, that take you from ‘one of them’ to ‘the expert’ in your industry. You WANT and NEED to be the name on everyones mind when someone needs your services.

We will be unleashing all of YOU and who you are and what you are meant to do in this world to be of service, make an impact and make money while doing it.

We will extract your PURPOSE
Your mission
and UNLOCK the leader you were meant to be…
EVERYTHING I said above in my post – all touch points
and UNLEASH it all!

By working with 100’s of clients over the years, I have a tried, tested and unique process for extracting all of those special skills, unique qualities and your brand story from inside of you and connecting THAT to your business so that your business IS YOU! … not some external thing.

YOU are your business and your business IS YOUR BRAND.

This is all touch points PLUS the profit stuff, target audience, the signature offers and high and low ticket services, your voice, message – all of it!

Then…. ooooohhh then… the exciting part! The fun part….

We dive into the visuals and make sure that you create the most perfectly positioned influential BRAND for you to UNLEASH out to the world –

⚡️So you can attract your perfect audience and ideal clients.

⚡️So you can sit back and let your message and voice and brand be the beacon that calls them in.

⚡️So you can really, truly be you and work and play and act from a space of already being who you were meant to be because your brand and your business and your offers and products and services are in alignment with each other and YOU.

⚡️So making money is easy and just happens because you are in flow with it all!

It all becomes so EASY and fun when YOU are fully unleashed and free to be you in life and business and everywhere.

You will wake up in the morning excited to work, because work isn’t work when it is doing what you love and what you are meant to do.

You will lay down at night content and satisfied and joyful that you did what had to be done today and lived your life as you, fully and authentically you – the leader, expert and influence that you are.


And, I invite YOU to join me in UNLEASHING the leader within you, your IMPACT, your PURPOSE, your MISSION and your MESSAGE.

But this isn’t for everyone.

Those who merely want a logo so they can sell shit just to make money – which is fine, but not what this is about.

I want to work with the passionate ones, the VALUE CREATORS, the PURPOSE DRIVEN and FUTURE FOCUSED ones who are NOT afraid to be all of themselves in all their glory, step into a position of influence and leadership and announce it proudly to the world!
The action takes.
The rule breakers.
The ones who will do what it takes.

This is for the ones whose souls are screaming on the inside to be UNLEASHED.

Who crave freedom, who thirst for status and desire recognition.

The ones who KNOW that they are meant to do more, be more, have more and have the mindset to joyfully make it through the whole thing.

If this is you – then I invite you to PM me for details.

This is a group program that goes for 8 weeks to fully UNLEASH you and your brand – mindset, strategy and ACTION work included.

I only release this program a few times a year – do NOT miss this opportunity to step into your leadership and create a brand that people trust and buy from over and over again.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. What do you want them to say?

Let’s give them the UNLEASHED version, so they don’t ‘say’ anything– they shout it out and share you with the world and become your raving fans and loyal followers and dedicated buyers!~

Message me 💛


Live a life you will remember…

If you want to experience the fabulousness of a true ARTIST – a person who can’t NOT do what is coming from his SOUL – watch the true stories of AVICII.

Seriously i feel like my life has been enriched just watching the story of his life and the music he ‘created’ that is so fucking goddam rad i can’t even…

Knowing his life and story… his songs and music has a 5th dimensional depth to them that i can’t convey in words…. it’s a feeling, it’s energetic… it IS SOUL ..expressed through his music.

Mind blowing, soul expanding… i can feel it in every cell in my body and soul. this may sound woo woo as fuck but omg… watch it and then tell me you feel different.

A true artist, unleashed… we are truly, as a whole, at a loss to not experience what he could have created if he was just listened to instead of forced to feed the money hungry industry, going against his soul.. i am sad that i will not get to feel, hear, experience his (no adjective is good enough) music now that he is gone.

i feel so sad that we will not be able to experience what he could have become. fuck. my heart hurts and is exploding with pure joy at the same time – his art and music is next level.

“Someday you will leave this world behind so live a life you will remember!” -Tim Bergling -Avicii


remember – stay true to your soul – and say no, walk away, from shit that doesn’t light you up. #followthefeelgood

Give & Ask. the End

Hey hey beautiful badass boss babes (and boys)! 🤭

I know we are in the middle of limbo – that time between Xmas and New Years where you have no idea what day it is or what to do with yourself – so….

As you sit there wondering which way is up (or maybe you are in hustle mode), here is a little tip for you to take into 2019 with you!

Do you know what 2 key things that you can do to grow the shit out of your business, audience and income?


Give massive value and then ask for the sale.

Give give give to your audience, give them value, give them what they need,

THEN ask for the sale.

I can hear you with your ‘I don’t like selling or I feel bad…” bullshit… get over it.

Sounds harsh but put on your entrepreneur or business owner panties and fucking sell.

If you really believe in what you do and what you offer and your service and product is something everyone should have then you should be WANTING to sell the shit out of it every single day.

🙌🏼 It would actually be selfish and rude of you to not share your awesome shit with me so i can buy it!!!

If you don’t feel like that, then create better shit.

If you feel bad selling your stuff, it’s time to think about a career change or figure out what you really want to do, what excites you and sell that!



Speaking of giving… I have something super fucking amazing to GIVE to you!!!

By the way – I’m Steph,m your badass branding expert and designer. I don’t just “do logos”… I’m the chick that’s gonna kick your ass into clarity and extract that special sauce – what it IS that makes you YOU – and connect that with your BRAND, your business, your passion, what YOU are called to do… and then design the shit out of it with my mad design skills! 🤩👊🏼

I’m doing a FREE mini live training on figuring out WHO the fuck you are and BEING your brand.

Time to STOP being boring!👊🏼

I’ll show you how to let it all out and BE the REAL YOU and run you’re business from the place of being the most real, badass, authentic version of yourself which leads to it all being easy and fun!

When you show up as the real YOU and not a fake, superficial, ‘professional’ YOU, you’ll attract better clients, better money and have a brand that really stands out because people will resonate with you.

It’s an energy thing baby!

But it’s also a practical thing.

I’ll explain it all and show you how in my free live training.

EMOJI 🤩 me here if you’re interested!


And remember… you really CAN have it all of you #followthefeelgood


Joy is the key to having it all

I was talking to Nina this morning about gratitude and being happy and when she is not happy, that she can choose to change how she feels. 🙌

I told her a story that I heard – about a Grandma and her 2 grandchildren.

The grandma was taking the kids, a boy and a girl, to the fair. She noticed as soon as she picked them up that the boy was pretty grumpy and just being a frowny McFrown frown. The girl on the other hand was smiling so big and just so excited for the day that she spontaneously burst out in giggles for no apparent reason other than pure happiness.

BIG difference between the two…. which made it easier to sit back and observe them during the course of the day.

It started in line.. a long line.. the boy was moaning and groaning and hating the line so he was too grumpy to notice anything other than the long line.

The little girl on the other hand didn’t mind the long line, because she was enthralled with the acrobats off to the side to entertain those in line. She was beside herself with excitement for the beautiful costumes they were wearing and the amazing tricks they were doing.

Once inside, the little boy, with his frown, just looked down and kicked the dirt while they walked around the fair, not noticing anything or paying attention.

The little girl, with her huge smile of delight, noticed everything and enjoyed looking at it all and as she did, stall holders were giving her lollies and she got a balloon and even a sticker.

As the day went on, the boys day just got worse and worse, the little girls got better and better. She won games and stuffed animals, he didn’t get anything.

When you are in a bad mood and stay stuck in the muck and yuck and grumpy, dissatisfied feeling – you get MORE YUCK. You get more of what you focus on, more nothing, more shit.

When you are happy and feel joy and excitement, you attract more of that. More feel good, more fun, more joy. People are attracted to you delight and they feel good and want to keep feeding it, give you things, compliment you, return the smile.

That’s why people who are having a bad luck, keep having more bad luck and people who seem to be lucky, end up having good luck all day long.
So…. where am I going with this?

Whether in life, or relationships or in business or anything really – when things aren’t going your way or it seems like you’re pushing shit uphill, STOP.🛑

Take a moment, feel into what you feeling, notice it, thank it, release it.
You do NOT need to keep yourself feeling that way. It is not necessary. Sure you can acknowledge the shit, but just as quickly move on.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.
Life is meant to be easy.
You are just stuck in old programming that keeps you focused on what you don’t have or don’t want.
Stop it.
Change your perspective.
Change your train of thoughts.
Look left instead of right.
Go this way instead of that.
Walk away if you don’t like the conversation or situation.

CHOOSE to be happy and choose to feel good.
Do something that brings your focus to something else, something you like, a memory or an item…. whatever it is, get yourself in the space of satisfaction or gratitude.

When you are there, that is when you notice the beautiful life going on around you. Instead of a long hot shitty line – you will see the beautiful acrobats and show (life) going on right beside you.

One of my (many) intentions for 2019 is to always be aware of how I feel and move in the direction of satisfaction, delight, excitement, fun, laughter, JOY!

Be aware of how you feel at all times – it gets easier and easier to follow the feel good when you notice how you feel and then choose how you want to feel.

You really CAN have it all – just remember to #followthefeelgood