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How bad do you want it?

I was asked this question recently in an email and it is such a good, HUGE question.–
Do you really want success? Like really really?

Now to go further, if the answer is YES, ask yourself: are you already at that level of successful that you want to be?

If not, ask yourself why are you not there.

There is a lot of talk about alignment and affirmations and thinking your way successful. I believe in all of these things and i think we should all do them….

You can’t discount the need for ACTION. Affirming all day long that you’re a millionaire with a yacht that travels the world isn’t going to get you on the yacht in the Mediterranean. 👑🚤💎💵

There are a lot of steps to get there.You need to take action, show up, do the things that need to be done in business and life to move you forward.
Then, you still need to buy the boat, hire the crew, take the holiday and a million other things in between.

So no, while the inner game is necessary, you can’t just sit around and expect it to fall in your lap on a silver platter…
you need to also take action.
You need a strategy and a game plan and
you need to implement it.
You need to show up and share the shit out of it.
You need to be selling it all day long.
And if it doesn’t get you that yacht, well, then you take a step back, reassess and do it all over again.
And keep doing it over and over.

If it truly is something you love to do, are fucking ace at doing and you really really want success and all that goes with it, then it’s not that hard to show up and do the damn work.

I would think it is harder to be broke, on your couch, listening to wealth affirmations than to do what you love doing anyway and make some damn money from it.

Are you ready to show up? Are you ready to get that game plan going, to turn those thoughts into action?

If it’s time to get your ass in gear and get moving, ➡️ PM me.

We can have a quick chat to find out exactly where you are standing in relation to what you are wanting and the next steps to get you where you want to go.
No pitch, no hard sell… just a simple yet effective plan of action.

If you don’t do it now, when will you?
In 6 months, in 2 years, 5 years? … which translates to sitting around at 60-something wondering why the fuck you didn’t take the leap and just GO FOR IT.

Imagine all the amazing things you could have and be doing and enjoying if you just got over you bullshit excuses and procrastination or ‘one day when…” crap!!

Go on ➡️ PM me now.
and tell me — 👇🏻👇🏻

Do you really want SUCCESS??
Like really REALLY?

and be honest – the more honest you are, the clearer your path will be!

People buy WHEN they feel understood…

NOT when they understand you.

I see it so often ~ business owners and entrepreneurs out there starting their business with a product or their service or program. They think ‘Hey I have a great idea here and there is a market for it… so I’m gonna start a business and sell it”.

Okay great!

The problem here is that if this is what you do straight out of the gate, start looking for clients and try to sell, you’re gonna hit a big fat road block. You may get a few sales, but it will be inconsistent at best. You may get some clients, but they probably won’t be your perfect dream boat clients.

You need to start with your FOUNDATION people.I’m not just talking about your logo and website or social media pages. YES of course you need those things.

But FIRST & FOREMOST you need your foundation. You need to understand your BRAND and be able to convey that to your people so they know that you can help them.

You need to know exactly what it is that you do,
the problems you solve,
how you solve them,
WHO you solve them for,
why you do it,
why you are passionate about it,
how you say it,
what you say,
how you show up,
who you are

You need to have a CRYSTAL CLEAR message that your people will understand.
Be absolutely crystal clear about it.
Don’t use language they don’t understand, don’t use big words because YOU think it makes you sound like an expert. It doesn’t. An expert knows how to speak to their audience and let them know how they can help them.

Not only that, YOUR PEOPLE will need to feel UNDERSTOOD before they buy from you.

Let me repeat that for you – (copy this shit down because it is gold) ⚡️ PEOPLE BUY WHEN THEY FEEL UNDERSTOOD, NOT when they understand you.

Have a look at your business from an outside perspective.
Check out your social media pages, your website, your messaging.

Would you instantly know what it is that you do and what problems you solve?

Do you know within a few seconds the results that your clients get or the transformation they receive?

Does your copy, your services, your BRAND make you feel understood?

Or is it all over the shop, confusing or cluttered with unnecessary information that nobody really needs (or wants) to know?

If you are not crystal clear with your message or your foundation is wobbly AF and nobody really knows exactly how you can help solve their problems – then you need to put everything down and hop on a call with me.
Like yesterday!

I am opening up a few spots for some quick strategy calls to give your branding, your foundation, your business a HEALTH CHECK and see where the leaks are so you can take action to start fixing that today!

click here to book your call

I am only opening a couple spots – so if you’ve ever felt called to chat with me or to find out how to get clarity on any of the above – to fix those leaks – BOOK IN NOW!

This is the exact thing that I love to do.

I look forward to strategizing with my action takers out there reading this right now!


I made my first million!

This is my favourite time of the day… just before the sun goes down and the shadows are long. I love the calmness of the late afternoon and the feelings I get when I look at the lazy ocean as it hugs the shore. It has a completely different feeling now, at dusk, than morning or the middle of the day.  It soothes my soul and I easily drift into other realms.

Sitting on the cosiest day bed on my huge balcony with the colourful shaggy rug, soft and luxurious beneath my bare feet, the giant tree with glossy green leaves just to the left that towers and overhangs half the space, filled with faerie lights, right now soothes my soul as well.  This is my favourite place in the world.

It was a dream come true when we bought this massive villa in Moreira, with the gorgeous, meticulously tiled crystal blue pool and lavish gardens on the Costa Blanca of Spain.  This cove just in front of my view is unreal with the aqua and teal waters that gently lap up onto shore.  The Mediterranean itself is just the best really. I can just see our yacht from here, out on the water.  We are taking her out tomorrow, up the coast and into Barcelona for a week before we head further up the Mediterranean coast for work, and pleasure of course.

Everything is ready to go and now is just the perfect moment to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day with hubby, out here in the balmy air, with my Spanish wine, olives, jamon, crusty bread and garlic. I really can’t think of anything better for this moment, well at least until the sun sets and the scattering of clouds in the sky light up like a majestic fire of reds, oranges, fuchsias and even purples.  It’s almost unreal the way the colours pop and move through the sky, like a sultry seductive dance that you can’t look away from.

Nothing left to do but enjoy the moment. I’ve closed my laptop for the day, after checking my accounts.  I really did nothing in regards to ‘work’ today but the daily balance just keeps going up and up with the last figure at $47,962 for the day. Usually it’s around $15k a DAY, but I am in the middle of launching a fun branding program, that popped into my head last week, so the number is higher of course.  It’s almost unbelievable how I can open my laptop up at any given time and see 5 figures each and every day.  It wasn’t long ago that it was sitting at an average of just $3k-$8k a MONTH – now I make more than that every single day!   

What a crazy, fun, wild, exhalating year it has been.
You see, this all changed back in March 2019.

I remember when I decided that NO, I am not available for inconsistency, for lack, for scarcity, for holding myself back anymore. That’s it. I drew the line in the sand, and I decided in that moment and every moment from then on that I get to choose every detail of my reality. It is my reality and I have everything available to me.  So, I chose to stop holding back and step into my full power. I unleashed myself.  I’ve always worked hard and I always kept going, but this time was different.  I stopped over thinking and just made choices from my higher self and went with it no matter what the outcome. I stopped focusing on money and just started helping people.

I also used to spend a lot of time doing what my soul wanted like going to the beach and hanging with my kids… but there was a part that wasn’t fully soul aligned because I had conditions.  I was doing it in a way that was wishy-washy or I did it because I wanted an outcome.  You know the whole “I’m getting a pedicure because it will make me abundant” thing. Yeah, that was me.  It was half-assed bullshit. All of it and I was in denial. I was too busy worrying about everyone else, what they thought, what they were doing, how they worked their magic and attracted abundance and it kept me from fully focusing on myself. FUCK THAT SHIT. 

I made the decision to BE the person who is abundant, who is magnetic, who is insanely attractive – I am hot AF and I turn heads where ever I go. My energy is magnetic and people can’t look away.

I decided that I am the person who is seen, who is famous, who is VIP as fuck, who is on the cover of magazines because of course she is.  AND yes I was.   

March 1st the magazine came out.  The GCGIB magazine that featured me on their cover.  I know it’s crazy to think that I was a covergirl AND I had a double feature spread inside as well as a couple of articles that I wrote. 

Then I found out I was a finalist in not 1 but 2 women in business awards.

All the hard work and showing up over the years was starting to show out in the physical world all because I decided this is who I am and that is all I need to do or be, ever.

March 22nd came and off to the gala awards I went, dressed all fancy like in a purple sparkly dress.  I won you know.  I wasn’t sure I would but at the same time, of course I did.   And everything changed. 

This was the point that I realised that I really did have power over all things in my reality and this was just the beginning.   That decision to BE myself, to be the famous Steph, to be the number one expert in branding and doing it from alignment are all real and true because I decided.

I chose it and got out of my own way.  

I kept on keeping on no matter what but really it was much easier than that. 
I decide it was so and, it was so.
I walked MY path and the universe rearranged itself around me. I didn’t have to do anything but BE me and do my thing – whatever that happened to be in each moment.
I moved and played with the energetic and physical, the spiritual and mental and, of course, the emotional. I was a complete person. I was fully 100% me. 

After the cover and the awards, I started receiving emails and calls from other publications, Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc and so many others. They all wanted to talk to, interview and feature The Branding Chick!  Yeah, that’s me. Steph Zahalka, the Branding Chick.  

I was on podcasts and I was interviewed, and I was asked to speak at events, even internationally, to talk about my unique approach to branding.  I was blowin’ up baby! 

I love branding, I love strategies, I love design, I LOVE ART (I am an artist through and through) and I love helping people succeed and level up.  I am also intuitive, I just know things and I can see designs and strategies and marketing and funnels all done in my minds-eye as I talk to people, to my clients.  

That is why I am so fucking great at what I do and why I nail designs the first time.  I use my intuition, my soul. I access other realms with ease and what comes out is not only soul aligned for me, but soul aligned for my clients and they see instant and massive results from working with me. 

I do not just approach branding in a practical sense and it’s not just design work… oh no. I come at it from the energetic level and extract the true essence, purpose and soul of a person, their message and their business and create from there. That is the place that they need to come from… themselves, from their soul.  And that is what I design and mould and help them to create – exactly what is inside and needs to be materialised on the outside.

I am highly sought after of course.  The waiting list to work with me is at least 6+ months out.  My logo and branding designs start at $25k but that’s low end.  My clients are mostly high end and if they aren’t yet, they come to me because they want to be and they know that working with me, being in my energy will level them up to that status fast.

April was the start of my first real consistent 5 figure months and it just kept going up from there.  I had 8 soul aligned gorgeous ladies sign into my high-level private mentoring program that month and all of them experienced massive results straight out of the gate.  We were all levelling up together and it was incredible.

I hired a team of badass designers and assistants as well as my PR team, my social media team and of course my amazing team at home that do all the things for me.

All of my programs bring in 5 – 6 figures during a launch. My following has grown exponentially and super-fast.  I went from a consistent 4k following on Instagram to 200k in just a couple months.  This has been a wild ride.  So wild in fact that when we leave tomorrow on the yacht, we are meeting up with a celebrity in Monaco to talk about branding their new fashion line. Holy shit right!

But that’s because I continually went in, chose to be that person and decided that fuck yes, I AM the go-to person for celebrities, VIP’s, billionaires, badass entrepreneurs that are out there killing it but are ready to have a deeper connection to their brand and have their brand connect on multiple levels and dimensions to their aligned audiences.

My days, you would think, would be filled with just being busy all the time, but I actually have more free time than ever!  I spend massive amounts of time just having fun! My family and I get to do so much, see so much, experience so much now. 

All because I decided to stop being a pussy and go all in.

I decided to just BE me. To dance in life the way that I dance at the clubs – all the mother fucking way in!

Insane really to go from an investment property and 1 house on the Gold Coast to 2 more investments, including the villa I am sitting in right now in Spain, and my dream home on one of my favourite Gold Coast beaches.  Let me just tell you how amazing THAT house is.    (That house that I manifested back when I did Jessica Caver Lindholm’s millionaire mirror visualisation in 2017.)  I saw that house clear as day, every little detail of it.  I didn’t realise that I was actually seeing a real house. My house. Which, by the way, found ME randomly after we returned from the US in August.  So, of course I bought it.

I love how easy life is.  I remember back when I used to complicate things for no reason. Funny really and hard to imagine ever thinking like that again.  Let go baby, ride the wave like you’re on an 8-foot surfboard on a steady right that rolls for days.  It is so easy to manifest whatever I want, like magic.

And it gets easier and easier.

All because I simply decided it was so.
Because I believed it and surrendered to the magic of it.

Speaking of magic, my daughter is really eating up all of my old magic books and tools. She is a natural. Of course. Master manifestor right there, which is no surprise.  Jay is just as fabulous and so much fun. His soul shines out of his always smiling eyes and to be around him is just pure joy on tap.  Hubby is my soul mate in all ways.  When we are together, we are unstoppable and the sparks…. Intense to say the least – even after 20 years it just gets better and better.  We are the yin and yang to each other, and it has been this way through many many lifetimes together.

My friends are all totally soul aligned as well.  I used to be so afraid of letting go or losing people or worrying about what they thought.  The outside validation and need to belong was strong, but I decided that I am enough. I am perfect and I am enough. Just me, my soul and I and that is all I will ever need.

That choice and decision really lit a fire in me and letting go also cleared the space for my soul mate clients to find me and find me fast.  They came out of nowhere as if by magic and signed me up. They were all, and still are, overjoyed to pay me and work with me and just be in my energy. 

I love being me and I love that I can decide and choose anything I want, and it falls into my lap or I walk into it like it was always there waiting for me to claim it.

The universe rearranges itself for me, because I decided, and I allow it to.

Everything always works out for me, no matter what – it always works out, because I decided, and I allow it to.

I trust that the universe has my back, always, because I believe it and I allow it to.

No doubt – total trust – complete surrender – belief in myself & my soul – always.

THIS is the reason for existing and the joy of living.

If I can do this, what do you think you can do?

Anything you want baby!
Simply decide and allow it to be.


~ SUCCESS TIP #999 ~


(is it weird that I start almost all my posts with ‘So…’? 🤔🤔)

One of the things that I do with my clients, and specialise in, is helping them really nail their messaging.

Yes you should sell. Sell all the time. It’s your job. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to sell or you don’t make money.

But…. before you just throw up a promo post to buy your product or say ‘i can do this for you for $xx’ or join your competition…. you need to ENTICE us first.

Tell us why we NEED this particular thing or service or you in our lives. 

Tell us about what we can get for it (hint- the outcome!)

Tell a story, ignite our imagination of how we would feel or look after having it done. 

This is the stuff that people click on – 

NOT just the ‘hey I’m running a giveaway’

I would love to see you post with some cool and interesting info that might be unknown about your product or service.

Give us some tips or suggestions or anything that will make us think, “oooh I may want / need to do this”. 

Give us some valuable advice or educate us with information that we can use right away that has something to do with the product or service that you want to sell.

Tell me how fabulous I am going to look after getting this done and that I’ll turn heads and feel amazing and take a million selfies 😍📸!

Tell me how I’m gonna save time and the headache of not having to do my own _____ everyday.

Do you see how selling the outcome to someones emotions works better than just saying that you’re having a giveaway or buy my shit?

When you write about your stuff in a way that provides insight or value or gives us something to think about or makes us stop to read it, you have a much higher chance of getting engagement and conversions.

You want to stop their scroll and read your stuff!

It’s the same when posting anywhere about anything – give value, make yourself the expert and trusted leader in your field, sell the feel good or outcome and peeps will be clicking all day long!

Make me feel good, like I MUST HAVE your shit, then tell me how to buy it.




Soooo… you wanna build a magnetic brand that’s a true representation of who you are and attract clients who crave your work? AWESOME!

The only issue… is the question that keeps popping up in your mind – ‘how can I possibly do this?’

The short answer – #bemoreYOU

The reason that most people sound the same out there is because everyone is consuming each others content and thinking ‘they have it going on’ and before you know it you are all sounding just like each other.

You know you’ve seen it, you know you’ve done it.
Liked what someone posted or wrote or puts out there and you start to write like them and use the same ‘cool’ ‘light it up’ ‘on fire’ words that you didn’t use to use, but now you do, all the time.

Everyone starts to sound the same!
How on earth are you going to stand the fuck out and be the brand of choice to your potential clients if you sound exactly like those 4 people over there?

Getting really clear on who the fuck YOU are and then BEING that person is the only way out of this.

It’s the only way that you are gonna show up exactly as your perfect clients need you.

It’s the only way that you will stand out enough for them to even find you!

You need to own your shit, be damn self and write and post and show up as THAT PERSON. As YOU!

This is what actual branding is all about babe.
Sure you need a professional logo and full branding visuals and consistency across the board (that is the fun stuff that I love to do BTW)…. but it’s not the whole story.

The whole story is pretty much who the hell ARE YOU?
What do you have to offer and how do you solve my problem or satisfy my desires?
How do YOU do it?

Then do THAT.

Sure, admire those who seem to be doing it already but don’t become them, don’t be a chameleon and use their language and style … use your own.

Regardless of how many people ‘DO’ what you do, if you fine tune what makes you YOU and let that guide you, the more you’ll stand out.

It’s the only way to be a unique brand that magnetises your perfect clients to you.

It’s the only way to be the person that they can’t look away from.

So… the questions to dive into here are…
‘what parts of you and your personality are you dimming down or hiding that you may think is ‘too much’ to let out?’

How can you challenge yourself to infuse more of those parts into your brand and how you show up?

Those that have nailed this are the reason you follow and model them and why their brand is magnetic!
It’s your turn!


If you wanna dive into your copy and talk about how to #bemoreYOU … let’s chat!

My HOT SEAT mini sessions are the perfect thing for nailing down how to infuse more of you into your copy so you can MAGNETISE more of your dream clients to you and truly stand out as a magnetic and unique BRAND!

We can chat over the phone, meet for a coffee or cheeky wine!

PM me if you wanna book in!
Limited spots available xx

Focus on what makes YOU thrive

Be unapologetic and relentless with what makes you thrive and lights you up and gets you excited!

So often, we are influenced from the outside world, and cloud our own desires for the sake of those around us.

I wonder if you’re sitting there noticing that you edit and filter what you say and do because you’re trying to please everyone… or you’re stifling your own creativity and true nature in order to not rock the boat or piss anyone off.

Where’s that gonna get ya? Nowhere meaningful or fulfilling fast. Screw that.

Another way of you might find yourself influenced away from what you should be focusing on is opting in to every bright shiny object that crosses our path and then taking it on as something that you should do as well.

Sure it’s fine and dandy to download these things to learn, but don’t get swayed or tempted to start changing your own shit up to copy them.

Stay in your own lane. Stay on your own path.

The sooner you are able to grasp this nugget, the sooner it will drastically change your world.

Steph Zahalka

PS…. I’m gonna be bold (of course) and go ahead and assume that you’re sitting there thinking to yourself ‘I like the shit this chick posts’.

Perhaps I’m right perhaps I’m not… either way, if you’re keen to read more, learn more, hear more of my sassy brandy businessy asskickery wordery them join my damn group lol.

It’s free. It’s awesome. It’s for badass leaders like yourself. If you don’t you’ll be missing out on some epic shit you’ll get nowhere else.

Link to join right here. Click that shit.
And have an amazing day!


Oh…. and don’t forget, you really CAN have it all if you just #followthefeelgood

Doing it this way is NEVER going to work

It’s happened to all of us at some point in business…. you think that if you follow another ‘successful’ guru’s advice or model for success in business that you will finally yourself also be successful.

You watch other people in your field that seem to be smashing goals, bringing in the moola, looking awesome on social media and compare yourself to them.

This is when self doubt kicks in hardcore and you seriously question your value and if you’re doing things ‘right’.

Here’s the thing – comparing yourself others or copying their shit and the way they do things will NEVER work.

YOU need to BE you and DO you and embrace your completely UNIQUE identity in order to succeed.

It’s the ONLY way.It’s the only thing that makes you DIFFERENT than the thousands of other people in your industry doing what you do.

You have to discover who you really are and your unique identity and connect that to your brand. You need a unique BRAND that shows your powerful work and value and what you can do for people.

If you are authentic and totally REAL and your focus is on getting results for your clients and transforming their lives or solving their problems – that is the WINNING formula for true success.

If you can’t do those 2 things… if you can’t nail down your unique superpower, we all lose.

If you’d like to
-👑work out your UNIQUE SUPERPOWER,
-👑get real CLARITY on what you do and who you are,
-👑figure out your perfect client’s problems and how YOU solve them,
-👑take your brand to the next level of business….

Then I invite you to book in for my popular BRAND ReBOOT session.

It’s time to get really CLEAR on what your branding needs to be so you can create a truly authentic ‘100% YOU’ badass brand!

We will go through EVERYTHING!

Cool things like your kickass brand strategy, identity, brand message, target audience (dream clients), type of imagery and tone of voice as well a killer bulls eye offer and so much more so that you can be crystal clear and confident in your brand and how you show up – which is legit expert level stuff!

Whatever needs to come up and out, so can get to the real YOU, the real BRAND – nothing is off-limits.

It’s time to do it YOUR WAY👊🏼, not ‘their’ way.

CLICK HERE – You have already waited TOO LONG!! BOOK your session with me today and let’s do this!


Unleash Yo’self

There is something inside of you… calling.

It has always been there and for most of the time, when it comes to business anyway, you have been ignoring her.

You do the professional thing, you follow the ‘so called’ rules, you do this, that and the other…like you learned.

But… that thing, that person, YOU, on the inside has been slowing withering away, forgotten, ignored, left behind.

It is why you go through your days on autopilot. You keep on grinding away, hustling, following the motions….

Emailing, calling, working, scrolling, emailing, busy bullshit work that doesn’t really accomplish anything, emailing, invoicing, emailing…. Emailing…

Is this what it is supposed to look like?
Is this what I started my own business for?

Hell no.

So, what happened? How did I get here?

You got here because you left a part of you behind when you started learning the rules and following the structure and being hell bent on hustling.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop ignoring the part of you of that you shut off?

Don’t you FEEL, inside, that it’s time to let all of YOU out to play?
Because that IS what is missing.

It’s YOU.

You became a business person first and left the rest just a bit behind, in the dark, waiting (maybe not so patiently lately) for you to call her forth.

This is why it is so hard to bring in new clients.

This is why it is hard to know what the hell to do next.
What direction to take. What rules to follow. What work to do. What the next step is….. even just a little step.

This is why you are not attracting your dream boat clients to you like bees to honey.

There is a massive disconnect between who you are and your business.

When I work with my clients, I go deep and find this part of you and CONNECT that, YOU, to your business.
This is branding baby. Your voice, your language, your message, your essence, your superpowers all beautifully packaged up in a brand this is YOU!

But you don’t just ‘do it’.

You need to dive deep and recognise that something inside of you. You need to SEE her and feel her and listen to her.

You need to share your business with her.

You need to be all of you… unapologetically, unfiltered, completely and authentically you.

Bring back the joy.

Bring back the fun.

Bring back the passion and love for what it is you do and who you are and the reason you started it all in the first place.

This is the first step to having a magnetic AF business that lights you up….

This is how you bring back the energy the magnetises clients TO you and have a ton of fun while doing it.

I see you….

Not just the outer persona that you post online with or talk about on your website or show up as at business events.

I SEE the inside you, the real you, YOUR soul.

The one dying to get out to play with you, to make things fun again.
Do you go to bed at night with a million and one thoughts and worries running through your head?


Because you are only half of you all day long, running your business, doing your thing, soulless, bored, worried about the future.

Connect back in and bring out all of YOU and watch what happens.

The inspiration,
the action,
the ideas,
the magnetism,
the energy,
the mother fucking JOY!

It’s a thing babe.

Wouldn’t you love to level up your biz and go to bed stoked AF at what you accomplished because it was inspired and aligned and felt good?

Wouldn’t you like to go all in and have a fully aligned brand and business where all of YOU gets to play?

Life really is about having more fun and your business is no exception!

There is nothing worse than knowing that you were meant for more but didn’t go for it!

I know that you KNOW you’re ready for a change and I’m here for you.
It’s time to invest in YOU!

If you’ve ever been wondering what it would look like to work with me on unleashing all of who YOU are – I am opening up my schedule to offer a few free 30 minute ‘Unleash Yo’self’ calls to work out the best next step for you moving forward.

Stop hiding who you really are… unleash yourself, your brand, your soul… It’s time!

Message me here with the words “Yes! I’m in” and let’s do this babe!

And don’t forget – you really CAN have it all if you #followthefeelgood


What people really buy…

People aren’t paying you for your worth alone or because of your little, or BIG $$$, price tag.

They are paying you for your years of experience, your education, your knowledge, your processes, your unique skills, your time and ENERGY …
– all of that combined to give them the👉outcome that solves their problem or 👉transformation that satisfies their desires.

THAT is what they pay for.

What they also pay for is YOU. All of the above PLUS you! Your energy and passion for what you do.

There is a magnetism to it when you are in your zone of genius (and truly enjoying what you are doing with a buzz and fun joyful vibe) that attracts people to you, that keeps them from looking away… that makes them want to pay you.

When you perfect this combination you really CAN have it all!

#followthefeelgood #makeallthemonies

Steph Zahalka

….Don’t forget

– my Brand Clarity Crash Course….
where you can get crystal clear on what it is you do, why you do it and who you do it for – then say it in a way that attracts in your peeps that can’t look away, that are magnetised to you, that want to pay you –

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xxSteph Zahalka
….Don’t forget – my Brand Clarity Crash Course…. where you can get crystal clear on what it is you do, why you do it and who you do it for – then say it in a way that attracts in your peeps that can’t look away, that are magnetised to you, that want to pay you – 👉is still only $7, but not for much longer!
Link is in the comments you magnetic thing you! xx

Say what you can’t NOT say….

If you really want to own your power – say what you have to say.
Say it.
With conviction.
With belief.
Say it because you can’t NOT say it.

Sure there will be people who do not like what you are saying. At all.
So what?
Does that affect you?

It Shouldn’t. Others opinions are infinitely varied and it does not matter what ‘they’ think.

If it does, then you need to stop looking outside of yourself for validation and approval. That is a long sad unfulfilling road to travel.

When you believe in something and feel strongly about it to the point where you have to share it, tell it to the world, write about it and talk about it and sell it – then it matters not what others say.

You are standing in your truths. Your beliefs.And when you say what you are meant to say, unfiltered, unedited, unapologetic – you are standing in your power.

We are not meant to please or appease everyone.
And you wouldn’t want to.

So stop trying.

Just be you.
Say what you gotta say.
Don’t hold it in – let it out.
Share you message, your art, your energy, your passion.

THAT is when those who matter will listen.

We don’t want to hear what you THINK will please everyone.
we don’t want to hear what you think will sell the easiest.
We want to hear your truth.
We want to hear your passion, your conviction…
What you WANT to talk about.
What you NEED to talk about.

That is what we want to hear.
That is what people want to buy.

Own you power.
Say your words.
Share your message.
Stay on your path and do not worry about what everyone else is doing.
It’s none of your business.

YOUR business is your business.
Share THAT with me.
Tell me about it and why you are so passionate about it, why you are so good at it, why it is your superpower.

That is what it is about.
What it has always ever been about.

Who the fuck are you and why do you do what you do?
OWN it.
BE it.

Don’t let anyone stop you.
Do what it takes and keep going.

This is what makes YOU your brand.
All of it IS your brand.
Your truth.
Your message.
Your art.
Your business.
Your superpowers.
Your unique skills.
Your gift.
WHO you are.

Make sure you let it out, your way and BE who you’ve always meant to be – share it with the world.
To not do so would be selfish.
You would be depriving us of your power!

So…. what is it you are meant to say?

Steph Zahalka

remember, you really CAN have it all – just #followthefeelgood

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