TRUTH BOMB > you lose sales and money
when you make a bad impression with
weak branding.


Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. But it is necessary if you want to get ahead of your competition and create something that demands loyalty from your customers.

Digging deep and designing a stunning yet strategic brand for you is something that we truly love and are passionate about.

To create an emotionally charged visual message that really speaks with the heart of your audience is something to be taken seriously and should not be skimped on or rushed.

Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding will increase the value of your company.


Without creative and meaningful branding, you’ll continue to
attract the wrong clients and lose sales.


to separate you from your competition, truly represent your unique identity AND motivates your customers .

Does it ever seem like some businesses just knock it out of the park with sales? That they consistently bring in the big bucks and high end clients with what seems like ease?


Because they are badasses!

That’s why!

If you’re not positioning your brand correctly, there’s no wonder why you’re not closing the deals you want to close.

If you want to close big deals but your brand look like it came out of a Cracker Jack box OR you tried creating it yourself, you have a big POSITIONING issue that’s putting your brand in the wrong place.

Fiverr isn’t going to get you high paying clients....

It’s going to get you $5 clients.

Time to step up your game and embrace the evolution of your business to a badass brand!


This is what I’ve done for over 15 years now, with both multi-million dollar companies and small businesses and entrepreneurs just like you. The concepts are the same and I can help you achieve the branding and style that both speaks to your target audience and represents you as a professional that can demand top dollar for your services.

It’s all about perception.

Steph Zahalka

I had a DIY logo for a long time until Steph created my new brand, logo, colours and everything needed to really step up my game. Ever since I launched my new brand my sales have gone from 3-4 a month to about 5-6 orders every single day. I truly feel like my brand is me and it really speaks to my target market in a way that my other ‘logo’ never could.

Belinda King - Lily Belle Boho

myBrand ReBOOT*

The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about your brand and website in new ways. The Jungle Design Team will take it all in & strategise your brand and website message, your brand values, identify your kickass value proposition and the special ingredients that make you YOU and compels people to engage & buy.

Includes 1.5-2 hour interview / coaching session and a 12-13 page brief that identifies your kick-ass website and brand strategy, identity, message, offer and a plan to move forward – for service based businesses.


*(This cost gets applied to any Branding / Web service moving forward).