TRUTH BOMB > you lose sales and money
when you make a bad impression with
shitty branding.


When you have a PURPOSE and a WHY and you bring that over into your branding, then your business will naturally attract people.
When your purpose and your why ARE your branding, then you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Take a minute to think to yourself....
What is your purpose?
What is your why?
Are you actually doing what you love?

If you had all the money in the world, everything you wanted was already yours, you had all the free time available...
WHAT would you BE DOING with your time, with your days, with your knowledge, with your expertise?

If what you are doing NOW does not light you up and make you excited and bring out your passionate energy, then you need to take a good look at what you ARE doing and re-assess.


Without creative and meaningful branding, you’ll continue to
attract the wrong clients and lose sales.


so you can share your message, impact millions and make millions just by being YOU and your BRAND.

Does it ever seem like some businesses are just killing it with tons of sales? That they consistently bring in ALL the money and high end, dream clients with what seems like ease?


Because they understand what truly makes them UNIQUE and completely THEM!

That’s why!

If you are just your job description or holding any of YOU back, then the clients that come to you are going to be the ones attracted to that fake you, that half you. Not the REAL YOU.

How AMAZING would it be to jump out of bed excited for work because you were doing shit that you loved and working with people you loved?

Those people would be the perfect clients because you were being totally YOU.

They would be magnetised and attracted to the true you.

That is when YOU and your brand are one and the same.

Question is... ARE YOU READY?


This is what I’ve done for over 15 years now, with both multi-million dollar companies and small businesses and entrepreneurs just like you. The concepts are the same and I can help you achieve the branding and style that both speaks to your target audience and represents you as a professional that can demand top dollar for your services.

It’s all about perception.

Steph Zahalka

I had a DIY logo for a long time until Steph created my new brand, logo, colours and everything needed to really step up my game. Ever since I launched my new brand my sales have gone from 3-4 a month to about 5-6 orders every single day. I truly feel like my brand is me and it really speaks to my target market in a way that my other ‘logo’ never could.

Belinda King - Lily Belle Boho

myBrand ReBOOT*

Our time spent together in this session will totally open you mind to the possibilities available to you and at the same time get really clear on exactly WHAT you do, WHY you do it, WHO you do it for, who YOU are and HOW to put it all together to create a truly authentic brand that compels people to engage & buy.

They. Buy. You.

And that is when the MONEY FLOWS.
That is when the perfect clients FLOW.
That is when life FLOWS.

That is when YOU and your brand are one and the same.

You get a 2-3 hour 1:1 coaching and strategy session with me.
During this session, prepare to get really CLEAR on what your branding needs to be so you can create a truly authentic ‘100% YOU’ badass brand!

We will go through EVERYTHING!
We’ll identify your kickass brand strategy, identity, message, target audience (dream clients), type of imagery and tone of voice as well a smokin’ hot offer & strategy to sell it and so much more.
AND… there’s a bonus