Be the brand your audience is
ridiculously obsessed with

You're here because you have an unquenchable thirst to make
more impact, help more people, transform lives
and do more of what you know you were born to do.

When you build a wildly successful, irresistible and high-end brand that you are obsessed with, you can...

⇢ Express your high-value expertise
⇢ Confidently raise your rates successfully
⇢ Be seen as an indisputable industry leader
⇢ Leave a lasting impression on your audience
⇢ Attract more high-paying dream clients
⇢ Step into vibes of a high-end brand

Branding is a formula for success.

That formula is
mindset & energetics +
strategy & leadership +
aligned & sexy visuals
deliciously irresistible brand
that you and your audience is
ridiculously obsessed with.

The problem is when we only focus on the visual expression of our branding (think logos, colours, visuals) we leave 80% of our branding incomplete & we all suffer for it.

Think of it like a diamond. The surface is all sparkly and pretty, but it’s what’s under the surface that does the job of a diamond. Same with the iceberg analogy.

So many pieces are missing when you only get a “logo”. We need depth and passion, energy and excitement, embodiment and unapologetic ownership of who we are when we are our brand.

brand design is seen above the surface, brand strategy is the unseen purpose, vision, mission, values that connect your brand to your audience

Why do we need those missing pieces?

Because those missing pieces are what energetically completes your brand, the vision for your future and it is also the part that people *(yes, our customers) FEEL.
It’s the parts of your brand that make a connection with our audience.
It’s what makes our audience a ride-or-die fan that DESIRES to be what you embody.

This is exactly why my award-winning EPIC Presence Method™ is so freaking powerful and why it's the base framework that guides everything I will do for you!

Let me break it down for you...

There are 4 key steps in the process to create a complete, multidimensional & EPIC brand PRESENCE that attracts a premium audience.

Energetics + Positioning + Identity + Connection

First, it’s all about energetics - IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL™

It’s your energy and vibe, the vision you hold, the values that drive you. Your deep innermost why, the soul, that gives life to your entire brand. It’s what your audience feels and connects with deeply and why they ‘see’ you.

Result - you’re gonna show up in absolute confidence with the power and fire behind your purpose that will light up your brand like nothing else. You’ll be a total vibe and your brand will give off the energy that compels your perfect client to feel “F*ck yeah! I MUST work with this person”.

Second - it’s time for positioning - UNIQUELY YOU™

This crucial step gives you total clarity on your unique point of difference and you understand exactly where you fit in the marketplace and how to communicate it effectively to your audience.

Result - People buy from you QUICKLY because THEY know who you are and why they NEED YOU. It takes out all the guesswork and collapses time around acquiring more clients and more sales at higher profits.

Next - let’s uncover your identity - CHARACTER CURATION™!

Developing your character, unlocking your voice and discovering your personality in a way that will allow you to express the soul and depth of your brand visually, emotionally and energetically are critical to branding.

Result - You attract your clients instead of chasing them. Instant connection and total irresistibility not to mention you SOUND like YOU and no one else out there!

Finally - it’s the visuals and connection - ALIGNED AESTHETICS™

This is where we decorate the room in the mansion we just built! The mood, the visuals, branded themes, styled presence and visual alignment that brings it all together!

Result - When they SEE you, your Aligned Aesthetics™ will ignite their senses, they’ll slow their scroll, binge on all of your stuff and the whole curated EXPERIENCE of your brand compels them to fall in love with you instantly.

Let's be the ones who lead ourselves first so they can follow!

Let's get your branded and booked out!

Beheld - branded graphics


Level up your launches

Luxurious, divine, exquisite, classy, elite, high-end, designer SUITE OF GRAPHICS to brand & market your next offer - for those in the online space that create & launch programs, courses or online offers.

Includes branding for your offer and graphics for your launch and promotion for landing/sales page, FB covers, banners, social graphics, insta story & grid templates


Strategy, energetics, mindset AND a high-end, luxe identity to position your brand as the only choice for your audience.

Because you DESIRE to have intentional, high-end visuals and a winning strategy that gets you excited, in the vibe and it feels fucking awesome.

brand alignment

Brand energetics & strategy

If your brand only has a logo, it’s not a brand. I’ll guide you through my newly evolved and award-winning “Express Your Essence” ®️ branding process so you can connect with yourself and your audience on a deep, emotional level.

This is the ‘below the surface’ stuff that will level you up beyond what you can imagine. Your deepest potential revealed and expressed to those in your world and those waiting for you to arrive.

Energetic integration!
Not a formula or strategy or blueprint that you follow step by step.

Nope – you want more than that because, if you’re like me, we prefer to pave our own way, do our own thing, the way that feels good and works for us and where we are in our lives with all the things.

This session will shift your entire outlook and perception of your brand so that you can embody and live what you preach and teach in a way that is in full alignment with who you are.

Just being you, and knowing how to do it as a brand, is what will pull your audience TO you.

This will give you the space and freedom to do it your way and hit those next-level business, income and life goals.

Be the beacon they flock to, not the chaser they run away from.

Perfect for

Established businesses who have grown beyond just having a 'logo' and need their brand to grow and evolve with them in a way that is more in alignment with who they are and where they want to go.

what's included

My award winning signature brand methodology

3-hour brand workshop for developing the first 3 pillars of your aligned brand foundation, energetics, premium positioning & strategy

Ignite Your Potential™ Framework
and my
Uniquely You™ Method

Your full brand transformation strategy documented for calibration and reference in a gorgeous, custom designed brand transformation guide so you can refer to it, calibrate to it, integrate it and transform over a lifetime.

Plus an extra 30 minute integration session to go through the guide so you are clear, confident and ready to go.

Additional 2 weeks of voxer support for integration

steph zahalka brand strategy guide design jungle branding co

Payment plans available
Australia add gst

brand alchemy

Total brand alignment, transformation + embodiment

My Signature Service


If you know me or have been in my world for more than a hot second, you know I live and breathe branding. But, things have just levelled up over here and branding as you (and the world) know it was so the old paradigm.

Yes of course we need the strategy and of course your brand needs to be visually stunning in your own unique way that expresses your fabulous and potent essence.

But it's so much more than that.
It's both the masculine & the feminine.
The strategy & the mindset.
The energetics & the expression.
It's NOT what you do, but WHO YOU ARE when you do it.
It's you leading yourself first, so others follow.

It's the deep stuff that reveals your limitless potential.

When you EMBODY your brand and who you are, it's easy to
calibrate to that next level
feel aligned with your business
attract high-level clients
who pay premium prices
with an easy, fun and soul fulfilling business

An entire month of total brand alignment, transformation and embodiment.
No, it’s not all just woo sounding stuff.

You get the strategy, the foundations, the mindset, energy and leadership work which when we integrate them together creates that holistic and high-level brand that you desire.

Just because we say ‘luxe’ doesn’t mean you need to turn into a fancy, designer hand bag fashionista (unless of course that is your desire).

Luxe is when you feel so freaking amazing and connected with your brand and everything about it that your energy and presence ooze luxe and high end and premium vibes.
It’s all about the vibes baby.

This is complete integration, calibration and embodiment of YOUR next level brand, whatever that looks like to you.

what's included

Private 1:1 Brand Development
4 x brand sessions / calls including my signature
3-hour brand workshop
My entire award winning EPIC Presence Method™

Ignite Your Potential™ Framework
Uniquely You™ Method
Character Curation™ Process

Aligned Aesthetics™ package with my signature Visibility Formula™ method
Logo design
Alternate logos
Colour palette
Font selection
Textures & Patterns
Filters & Image Styling
Brand Vibes & Vision Board
Brand Style Board

Your full brand transformation strategy & style guide documented for calibration and reference

14 days of voxer support for integration

Payment plans available
Australia add gst

Aligned Aesthetics™

Brand Identity & Design

Sometimes the logo and colours you got when you started no longer align with who you are now and where you want your brand to go. It happens - you are evolving and it's important to go with it, not fight it.
Investing in brand creative and designs that match the current energy and strategy of who you are and who you are becoming will give you the momentum and direction you need to level up.

It's time to express the inner workings of your brand with some sexy and confident visuals that align with your core values and has a lasting impact.

Rest assured— we only do original around here so your brand is custom designed specifically for you and your brand energetics and strategy.

Perfect for

New businesses who want to start with momentum, strategy and an aligned brand identity so they can make an impact now, be seen now and and get paid asap.
Also perfect for established businesses who have outgrown their current logo and visuals and need a high-level brand refresh.

what's included

My award-winning signature Character Curation™ framework

3 calls including a 2-hour Aligned Aesthetics™ workshop session to create and define your brand presence and visuals

Aligned Aesthetics™ package with
Logo design
Alternate logo
Colour palette
Font selection
Patterns & textures
Filters & image styling
Brand Vibes & Vision Board
Brand Style Board

7 days of voxer support for feedback, guidance, calibration & integration

steph zahalka brand strategy guide design jungle branding co

Payment plans available
Australia add gst

VIB luxe brand experience Jungle Branding Co.

Imagine yourself sitting at a cafe, sipping some bubbles, on the 32nd floor of the newest and most luxurious buildings in your city. While you wait for your highest level clients (who you regard as close friends since you know each other so well) you open your phone and see 12 new payments that just came in. All of them are 4 and 5 figure payments.

Of course they are. Ever since you levelled up your brand you've become so wildly in-demand that you've booked out all of your premium packages for months out. You are actually so in demand that you've already quadrupled your prices and your waiting list is still growing.

Working is no longer work, it's fun. You hang out with amazing humans that are making a massive impact, tons of money and huge growth. The result they are getting are so insanely awesome that you have potential clients begging to work with you at even higher prices.

How do you feel? Stoked AF? Insanely happy? Rockin the VIP status like the badass boss that you are? Hell yeah!

Let's make that dream a reality! ↞ click here

Are you ready to push play and be a wildly in-demand & booked out brand?

Book your call and let's chat

Brand Strategy + Website + Lead Generation

Pip Meecham from Project Box is a powerhouse of knowledge in her field and you can thank her for making systems sexy. Pip engaged me for a brand strategy session to give her the foundation and direction for her brand - which is on point thanks to her dedication to growing and nurturing her business. When you visit her website it is crystal clear to her audience how she can help them, it's easy to use and is focussed on what's in it for them. When someone sees teal and purple they think of Pip and when someone needs systems or automation they think Project Box!

Check her out here >> PROJECT BOX

Brand Strategy + One-to-One Clarity Call

Jessica Lee Black is an amazing woman who knows what she wants and is determined and motivated to get it. We dove deep on our call to figure out one of the biggest issues she was struggling with in her branding. Her audience! Who are they, what do they want and need, where are they, how does she talk to them? She is crystal clear now, knows what to say and how to say to exactly who she is here to help! You can tell by how she shows up so real and authentic and truly coming from a place of wanting to passionately serve her audience.

Check her out here >> JESSICA LEE BLACK