Brand vs. Logo
Logos & Branding | By Stephanie Zahalka

Brand vs. Logo


Branding vs Logo Design…

I get asked all the time what the difference is between a logo and a brand. Most people think a brand IS their logo and vice versa.

It is not.

A logo is a visual graphic, mark or element that identifies your organisation. It is only one element. Yes it is important and helps with recognition of your business; but there’s no way a logo can represent or illustrate everything about your brand.

So what is a brand? A brand is the sum total of all the experiences, impressions and knowledge a person has of your business. It is the basis of your position in the market.
Your brand includes every single touch point your customers have with your company. It’s the emotional & intellectual response a person will have when thinking about your company.

Because the logo is more tangible it’s the place many focus when they want to change or evolve their company. But that’s putting the cart before the horse. It’s not that they don’t need a new logo. Most of them do. However, a logo should be the outcome of a wider branding process that explores an organisations vision, value proposition and messaging.

You may wonder which is more important. Well I think they are both important and you can’t or shouldn’t have one without the other.

But, you need to START with the branding.

You need to dive deep into the WHO, WHAT, WHY of you brand.
You need clarity and confidence in your brand before you start designing any visual aspect. This first step is paramount to a successful business.

You need to know your audience and what their problems are. This will have an impact on your visual designs.
You need to know why you offering your product or service. People by why you offer it rather than the actual offer.
You need to know what you’re offering. What is the problem that your product or service solves?
What is your voice? or tone when speaking or writing?
Who are YOU and what do you stand for?
What makes you unique and not another ‘one of those guys’?

There are so many questions that need answering before you think about a freaking colour palette or fonts.

So now, you may be thinking that branding is more important.

It is very important and forms the foundation for everything else.
But a good logo is an important brand asset and a way to help differentiate you from your competition and communicate the essence of your brand to the market.

A good analogy is that the logo is the tip of the brand iceberg. It’s the visible part above the water line, but what it represents is so much bigger.

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