Become a customer magnet with
branding that positions you as the
leader and influencer in your industry.

Brand It Baby is our SIGNATURE BRAND IDENTITY PACKAGE and it really dives into the foundation of your brand and the direction it needs to go.

It is a massive stepping stone – complete layer actually – from where you can take your business and brand and get a running start.

Branding takes a bit more work and insight into who you’re trying to serve, the pains and problems you solve for them. How you want them to see you, and how you’d like them to perceive your unique way to help them. You need to be crystal clear!

It’s getting to the heart of what makes you AWESOME, why people have wanted to hire you in the past, and why they should want to hire you in the future.

And then, we take that, design it and turn it into a noticeable, shareable and memorable brand that can carry your marketing from point to point and make all the right connections.

And once you nail your branding, message, focus and point of difference, it can and should direct all your marketing efforts so that your brand will be consistent in every touch point of your business.

THIS! THIS is how you create a business and brand that attracts your high level clients, demands higher prices and positions you as the go-to person in your industry.

Brand It Baby is the Brand ReBoot & Bombshell Branding
combined into an all inclusive package so you can save $$!

Deep dive into the foundation of your business and brand plus the visuals to go with it.
It’s the whole package baby!

We start with a 2 hour brand strategy session for clarity on:
Your brand message
The voice of your brand
Your point of difference
Direction for your visual marketing
Target market / niche

You also get branding identity design including:
Custom Logo Design
Your logo is often the first impression, it should make a statement, make them swoon and attract people for years to come.
1-2 Additional ‘alternate’ logo designs & Graphic Elements
Consistency is key for brand trust and stand out brand elements will have them ooohing and aaahing.
Unique Colour Palettes, Typography & Patterns
Unique colours, elements & designs help to create strong brand foundations that your audience won’t be able to look away from.
Brand Imagery & Social Graphics
With an irresistible suite of social graphics and banner images you’ll become a customer magnet that will get them clicking.
Multi-page Brand Guide
Your brand identity all together in one place to save you headache and confusion anytime you create something new. Perfect for passing on to your team for total brand consistency.


*Australians add gst

This is the Brand ReBoot & Bombshell Branding combined into an all inclusive package
– discounted when purchased as Brand It Baby

-Your brand message
-themed imagery
-business cards
-flyers + printed graphics
-social media graphics
-visual marketing graphics
-sales funnels
-landing pages

Additional options


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