Coaching | By Stephanie Zahalka


Soooo… you wanna build a magnetic brand that’s a true representation of who you are and attract clients who crave your work? AWESOME!

The only issue… is the question that keeps popping up in your mind – ‘how can I possibly do this?’

The short answer – #bemoreYOU

The reason that most people sound the same out there is because everyone is consuming each others content and thinking ‘they have it going on’ and before you know it you are all sounding just like each other.

You know you’ve seen it, you know you’ve done it.
Liked what someone posted or wrote or puts out there and you start to write like them and use the same ‘cool’ ‘light it up’ ‘on fire’ words that you didn’t use to use, but now you do, all the time.

Everyone starts to sound the same!
How on earth are you going to stand the fuck out and be the brand of choice to your potential clients if you sound exactly like those 4 people over there?

Getting really clear on who the fuck YOU are and then BEING that person is the only way out of this.

It’s the only way that you are gonna show up exactly as your perfect clients need you.

It’s the only way that you will stand out enough for them to even find you!

You need to own your shit, be damn self and write and post and show up as THAT PERSON. As YOU!

This is what actual branding is all about babe.
Sure you need a professional logo and full branding visuals and consistency across the board (that is the fun stuff that I love to do BTW)…. but it’s not the whole story.

The whole story is pretty much who the hell ARE YOU?
What do you have to offer and how do you solve my problem or satisfy my desires?
How do YOU do it?

Then do THAT.

Sure, admire those who seem to be doing it already but don’t become them, don’t be a chameleon and use their language and style … use your own.

Regardless of how many people ‘DO’ what you do, if you fine tune what makes you YOU and let that guide you, the more you’ll stand out.

It’s the only way to be a unique brand that magnetises your perfect clients to you.

It’s the only way to be the person that they can’t look away from.

So… the questions to dive into here are…
‘what parts of you and your personality are you dimming down or hiding that you may think is ‘too much’ to let out?’

How can you challenge yourself to infuse more of those parts into your brand and how you show up?

Those that have nailed this are the reason you follow and model them and why their brand is magnetic!
It’s your turn!


If you wanna dive into your copy and talk about how to #bemoreYOU … let’s chat!

My HOT SEAT mini sessions are the perfect thing for nailing down how to infuse more of you into your copy so you can MAGNETISE more of your dream clients to you and truly stand out as a magnetic and unique BRAND!

We can chat over the phone, meet for a coffee or cheeky wine!

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