Become an idea machine!
Blogging | By Stephanie Zahalka

Become an idea machine!


I certainly wish i was having my coffee on the beach right now! Ummmm hell yes I can pretend!

At the moment though… i’m sitting on my couch under a cozy blankie, drinking my 2nd coffee, dreaming up offers or courses or ideas that YOU, my audience, would love to know and learn about.

But… where are all the ideas?

What the hell am i gonna sell next?

I’m sure you have this block too, right? Surely it’s not just me?

So … what to do?

Break out your journal of course!! (If you don’t have one i suggest you go get one STAT)

First, give yourself permission and choose to be an IDEA MACHINE.

Second, write down 10 ideas RIGHT NOW.

Just go.
Write whatever comes to mind.

Some of them will never happen of course but write them anyway.

The point is to get into the daily habit of coming up with a bunch of ideas… then it becomes something you are good at. It becomes automatic.

Take a look at what you wrote and ask yourself if any of them are something that you audience may actually WANT.
(not need… WANT)

Pick 3 of them.

Now – are those 3 something that are actually doable?
And are they doable quick? Like can you do it in a few days or a week (not 6 fucking months)?

Now that you have a couple, pick the one that TOTALLY EXCITES you!

NOW you have somewhere to start!


PS- make it a habit, write ideas down every day, and create from there! YOU CAN DO THIS!




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