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Steph Zahalka is the founder and CEO of Jungle Branding Co., a premier award-winning brand agency based on the Gold Coast Australia, serving clients across the globe. Recent winner of the prestigious Female Entrepreneur of the Year Stevie Award 2020, Steph is a brand strategist and designer who has been featured on the cover of a nationally recognised 'women in business' magazine (GCGIB) and regularly appears on podcasts and events around the Gold Coast as a speaker, panel expert and interviewee where she reveals her unique process for building a wildly in-demand brand for ambitious entrepreneurs, modern CEOs, influencers, thought leaders, and service-based business owners. Steph believes that, when done right, branding is the door to connecting with your people, your audience on a deeper level. Human to human connection that makes your audience ridiculously obsessed with not just your brand, but YOU and your vision that ultimately makes a positive impact on the world.


Want to raise your prices in 2023

So just raise them right? 


Just raising them for the sake of raising them isn’t the only thing you need to do so your audience is 100% on board with it.

You need to POSITION your brand correctly to support this.

To start to understand how YOU can position your business or company in the marketplace to the right audience at your higher price point and speak to THEM in the right language you need to …

First, ask yourself…

❓ Is your skillset, value and results provided relevant to the pricing?
❓ Are you speaking to the right audience?
❓ Are you using the right language for that specific audience?
❓ Is this something the market needs or desires?
❓ Does it fit with the perceived value / demand for it?
❓ Are you filling a gap in the market?
❓ Does it fit in with the rest of your brand?

And… truth bomb incoming 💣💥 … 

Just answering these questions and going on your merry way is not going to cut it!

Not only do you need to know this and BE this with total confidence – it needs to integrate seamlessly with all elements of your brand. 

More importantly, it must be weaved into and infused with the rest of the strategy, foundation, personality, aesthetics, and story so that it makes sense, WITHOUT QUESTION, to your audience. 

There is a reason that I devote an entire pillar of my EPIC Presence Method™ to this very thing. As a 17-year branding specialist, I see so often that this is overlooked and overshadowed by the incorrect perception that branding is just a logo, colours, and fonts.

Your brand is the entire EXPERIENCE on every single touchpoint from when someone first finds you all the way through the client experience and their results.

To stay on top in 2023, you must make sure your brand is positioned, strategized and structured for LONG-TERM success, sustainability and profitability. 

If you’d like to find out about transforming your business into a highly paid PREMIUM BRAND, start your journey here.

Without this CRUCIAL brand element, your business WILL fail!

… This is the single most important thing you can do to have a successful brand.


I am sure you are rattling a bunch of branding things off in your head like
• My logo and colours
• Having consistency
• My positioning in the marketplace
• Knowing my audience
• My USP
• Defining my mission and vision
Etc, etc…

While these are important in branding and you do NEED them, there is ONE thing that sits at the top of the list and for good reason.

More often than not, businesses will say that their greatest source of new business is ‘WORD OF MOUTH’ and referrals.

You see, a great brand will very concisely make a promise to its customers —- this is telling your customers what they should expect when working with you and the promise that you will deliver.

That is the benefit of being aligned with your brand because what you are really saying is :

“We make a promise to our customers, our customers experience this promise, they are fulfilled have such a positive experience they SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.”

And when you deliver on that brand promise, you create an audience that does the selling FOR you, markets you and tells everyone about you.

One of the key elements in my EPIC Presence Method™ is to define and concisely communicate a brand promise that YOU CAN deliver on.

People LOVE to tell others about brands they like and if you deliver on your promise to them, you create those raving fans and that loyal audience that hangs on every word and buys all your things.

However, the opposite also holds true – if you do not deliver on your promise, the marketplace will tell you loud and clear via lost sales, bad reviews and falling revenue.

You can’t sell lies or be inauthentic, your audience is smarter than that and all the pretty pictures and words will not make a lick of difference.

If you’re not getting much in the way of ‘word of mouth’ referrals, it’s likely that you aren’t living up to your promise.

So what to do about this?

First, ask yourself these questions

💥 Do I have a clear and concisely communicated brand promise?

💥 Does my audience know what my promise is?

💥 Am I delivering on that promise when I work with my clients?

If any of those are a no – then send me a message we will chat.

It’ll be worth the conversation!

Remember, your audience will make assumptions and have expectations of you if you do not tell them what you want them to think and expect.
And to make sure this happens, you need to make damn sure your BRANDING is rock solid.

Your high-end clients can’t see you when you look like everyone else

You look like a copycat 😳 …..
You sound just like ‘her’ 😩…..

It’s not pleasant to be thought of as a copycat or even be told that you look and sound exactly like ‘so and so’.

It’s also a bad first impression.

People make decisions quickly now, and if you make the wrong impression you are losing out on tons of opportunities, higher calibre clients and money.
Lots of money.

The worst part is you are a badass at what you do.
You are an expert in your zone of genius, you know you’re one of the greats and you get outstanding results for your clients.

So why are you disappearing in a saturated market where you seem to be another clone saying the same things, selling the same offers and looking the same?

And being called out for it! 😭

The thing is, I know
– You want to stand out
– You desire to be different.
– You crave to express yourself in a unique way

But you can’t seem to figure out HOW exactly to do this in a way that is authentic and unique to YOU and you alone.

And here’s why:

When you don’t have clarity in what you’re trying to communicate and to who, there’s a tendency to become a copycat.

You look to other brands for inspiration and wind up looking and sounding like a clone instead of an original.

It is CRITICAL that you understand where you fit in the marketplace and how your unique point of difference helps the specific audience in that position.

When you don’t nail this, you become everything to everyone and there is nothing that helps your high-end clients differentiate you in the sea of sameness.

You will waste more money and more TIME (that you don’t have to spare) trying to figure out HOW to actually stand out and be SEEN apart from your competition.


if you are who I believe you are…

A rockstar genius who wants this problem solved NOW so you can get in front of your aligned, high-end audience and start impacting more lives asap…

Then you’re gonna want to DECIDE right now if you really do want to OWN YOUR SPACE and be seen as the ‘one & only’ choice for your dream clients.

Let me tell you why my EPIC Presence Method™ is so freaking powerful and the SOLUTION you didn’t know you were looking for…

1️⃣ First, you’re gonna show up in absolute confidence with the power and fire behind your purpose that will light up your brand like nothing else. You’ll be a total vibe and your brand will give off the energy that compels your perfect client to feel “F*ck yeah! I MUST work with this person”.

2️⃣ People buy from you INSTANTLY because THEY know who you are and why they NEED YOU because you intimately know your unique point of difference and you understand exactly where you fit in the marketplace and how to communicate it effectively to your audience.

3️⃣ Your unique identity will allow you to express the soul and depth of your brand visually, emotionally and energetically because the personality and voice you use will attract your clients instead of chase them. Instant connection and total irresistibility not to mention you SOUND like YOU and no one else out there!

4️⃣ When they SEE you, your Aligned Aesthetics™ will ignite their senses, they’ll slow their scroll, binge on all of your stuff and the whole curated EXPERIENCE of your brand compels them to fall in love with you instantly.

You’ll have extra freedom and time because sales are effortless and you don’t have to spend all your time posting, explaining or convincing your audience of anything.

Who you are, why you are different and why they need you.

🔥 They can see you as YOU.

🔥 The read your messaging as ONE OF A KIND

🔥 They hear your voice like you’re speaking TO THEM ALONE.

🔥 They feel your vibe and KNOW you are their ONE & ONLY.

You’re ready.

All you need to do is let me know [ MESSAGE ME HERE ] if you want my free training on Becoming an EPIC (stand out, original, unique, non-clone) BRAND that your audience craves.

Or, because I know you’re busy and time is money, sneak into my DM’s and we’ll get this party started.

You can check out my branding packages here 🖤

What makes a person choose you or your offer over someone selling the same exact thing?

I asked a question in a very large women’s entrepreneur group the other day and there were tons of great answers.

The question was:

What do you think it is that makes a person choose your offer over 22 other people who just offered the same exact thing?

The answers were quite varied and unique – but 90% of all the answers had ONE thing in common.

⭐⭐They were ALL components of BRANDING.⭐⭐

Over 50 comments and only 1 or 2 mentioned ‘branding’ by name.

But all of the answers were indeed elements of branding –

The problem is you’ve been taught a very surface level definition of what branding is or like most people, you just do not know the intricate complexities of real and proper branding.

You see (and I’ve said to 222,000 times) your branding is not just your visuals. It’s not just what you see. It’s not the pretty graphics or font pairings. All that shit comes last.

Here are some of the common answers (all branding BTW)

✔ “The experience they get that comes with it. The stories, the education, the personality.”

✔ “Authenticity. Your energy.”

✔ “How I made them feel, trust, authenticity and results”

✔ “All in all it’s value. They will go with the supplier who values their own product the most and who can communicate that”

✔ “Results, understanding of the niche you’re providing services to, your energy, trust and of course authenticity!”

✔ “Results, trust, reputation, authenticity, energy, personality, price, value, quality, recommendations, your product or services aligns with their needs”

✔ “Your uniquenessYour resonance with that personYour clarity of what you are offering”

✔ “YOU and the value you bring. People don’t buy what you are offering they buy you.”

✔ “Your energy. People will choose you because of you.”

✔ “Ultimately, it’s your energy and how well it’s in integrity with your message.”

✔ “Even if you do the “exact same” service, your delivery, your energy and interaction, your communication style, your intention for offering the service— none of that is the “exact same”.

✔ “You. Being in alignment with your highest purpose puts you in a place energetically makes a huge difference.”

Pretty much every answer here is an element of branding!!!
(Whether they call it that or not, it still is) 🎉👌🏼

This stuff – ALL those answers – are exactly what my signature and award-winning framework The EPIC Presence Method™ strategically and purposefully creates.

Let me break it down…

💎 First, we breathe LIFE into your entire brand by defining and aligning with the deeper energetics of who you are, why you do what you do, your vision, purpose and your unique genius.

Without nailing this, you’ll just be more noise in an already noisy market.

💎 Next, we position your brand as the singular choice in the market so you are able to clearly define and communicate your unique signature process & point of difference.

When you don’t understand where you fit in the market you become everything to everyone and there is nothing that helps your high-end clients differentiate you in the sea of sameness.

💎 Once we have your brand foundation locked in, we create a multidimensional identity & personality that gives your brand life so that your audience can confidently connect with everything you do!

This allows you to express your brand visually, emotionally and energetically which attracts your clients instead of chases.

💎 Finally, we visually express the internal and external elements of your brand to create an entire STYLED EXPERIENCE so that you can ignite all the senses, slow the scroll, and compel your viewers to fall in love with your brand instantly.

When you put all these pieces together you are able to create a visual and energetic brand experience, an EPIC PRESENCE™, that showcases you as the high-end brand you were meant to be, that stands the test of time, influences the behaviour & perceptions of your audience!

My unique process takes the 1-D concept of branding and turns it into a multidimensional identity & brand PRESENCE that connects and aligns with not just you, but also your audience on a deep, subconscious & psychological level that positions YOU as their one and only at whatever price point you align with.

It’s time to stop being basic…
Evolve, grow, expand and BE more than just a fancy facade.

The market has changed.
We crave more, deeper, meaningful connections.

I have discovered, in my 16+ years branding intelligent, driven & wildly ambitious entrepreneurs, that presence is powerful.

It’s time to stand powerfully in 👑 YOUR 👑 EPIC Brand Presence™


I’d love to invite YOU to reach out **message me** if you are ready to purposefully and strategically craft your brand presence so you REALLY DO stand out and are CHOSEN by your audience as their “one and only”.
I look forward to speaking with you 🖤

Marketing can’t exist without branding

Marketing CAN’T Exist Without Branding, and Vice Versa


Most people, when they want more clients or income or to grow their business, they go straight to marketing. They hire a marketing company, bypassing the branding element because they need sales now, and branding feels like a “nice to have” or not totally necessary.

NO NO NO. Just no. ❌

Try to market a business with no clear voice, focus, message, or reason you’re BETTER than everyone else
(besides that you “care more”, OMG eewww 🤢!),
and you will guaranteed spend a whole lot of time and a bunch of money to get zero results and then bitch and moan that this whole “marketing thing” doesn’t work.

But the same is true for building a brand without planning to go all-in on your marketing. The two must support each other to increase sales.

You must go all-in on both!

And they must work TOGETHER.

Branding takes a bit more work and insight into who you’re trying to serve, the pains and problems you solve for them. How you want them to see you, and how you’d like them to perceive your unique way to help them. You need to be crystal clear!

It’s getting to the heart of what makes you AWESOME, why people have wanted to hire you in the past, and why they should want to hire you in the future.

And then, you’ll take that and turn it into a noticeable, shareable and memorable brand that can carry your marketing from point to point and make all the right connections.

And once you nail your branding, message, focus and point of difference, it can and should direct all your marketing efforts so that your brand will be consistent in every touchpoint of your business.

THIS! THIS is how you create a business and brand that attracts your high-level clients, demands higher prices and positions you as the go-to person in your industry.

THIS is what I do!

It’s what I’ve spent years refining and why I created my EPIC Presence Method™

I’ve worked with small 1 person businesses, 6 & 7 figure businesses and multi-million dollar companies to build consistent, authentic, badass brands that can scale and level up effectively. I can do the same for YOU!

Isn’t that what you WANT?
Isn’t that what your business needs?

To stop playing small and mish-moshy all over the place….


If you are ready to hit 6 figures or even 7 figures, then I invite you to take a few extra minutes from your day and MESSAGE 💌 me NOW for a chat to see how we can level up your brand AND marketing!

Why positioning your brand is crucial to attracting a ready-to-buy audience

When you don’t understand where you fit in the market, you become everything to everyone and there is nothing that helps your high-end clients differentiate you in a sea of sameness.

You know you want to stand out and shine in your crowded marketplace!

You desire to be seen and sought after for your expertise.

You would love to have your premium clients flocking to you with their credit cards out, begging to work with you because you are their one and only!

But, to be this “stand out” and desirable brand you’ve been told to you need to

👉🏼 create another offer,
👉🏼show up more on socials,
👉🏼grow a bigger audience,
👉🏼add more things to your list to sell at all the price points

This is simply not true.
This is what you do when you need to “fix” something but have no idea what it is you need to fix.

Plus, this is what leads to the dreaded ‘burnout’ and overwhelm.

In order to position your brand as the one and only choice to a super hot premium audience rather than freebie seekers you need to be able to quickly and concisely show them why they need YOU and you alone.

You can’t do this without knowing what your unique signature process and point of difference is or who it is for.

Skipping over this step leads to launching offer after offer or trying to fix your current offers without knowing what to fix.

With my signature UNIQUELY YOU™ framework, your positioning combined with your unique signature process will do the heavy lifting of converting a more premium audience into leads for you.

Premium clients KNOW what they want and will pay high prices if you can clearly communicate why YOU are their one and only choice.

This allows you to effectively demonstrate to the right people, in the right language at the right price points that have your desired ‘dream to work with’ audience buying from you over and over again.

When you combine this critical step with the rest of my EPIC Presence Method™ you transform your business from another ‘one of them’ to the unique, highly desirable and highly paid BRAND that you’ve always dreamed about.

The one that gives you the clients you desire, the money for the things you want and the freedom to enjoy it all.

Can you see yourself as THAT brand?
The one that has it all!


get in touch
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Do you REALLY need a personal brand?

Sure, businesses have a brand, even though a lot of them really don’t fully understand what it really is.

But as a consultant, an executive or corporate leader, or an entrepreneur or micro business, sharing your message, selling your services, just being YOU…DO you need a personal brand?

Short answer YES.
Long answer HELL YES you do!

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody understands WHY they should work with you or why they should HIRE you.

You may be thinking “I don’t need a logo to just be me and do my thing”… but, a personal brand is not just a logo.

A brand is the way that you package up the WHOLE PICTURE of

what the hell it is you do,
who you are,
why you do it,
who you want to work with,
who you don’t want to work with,
why they should hire you,
what your message is,
what you offer,
the way you talk,
the way you write,
the way you do things,
The way it looks, how it feels, your high end and sophisticated branding and visuals.

Even more than that ———-


👉🏼 mission, vision, values and purpose
👉🏼 positioning, audience, point of difference
👉🏼 character, personality, voice, message
👉🏼 aesthetics, experience, presence

It is the essence of all of YOU packaged up in a way that your audience and dream clients can recognise and relate to.

Plus – this is the best part – your BRAND is the perfect way to show everyone your expert status and expert skills! When done right – you are seen as the LEADER in your field!

So, YES, you do need a personal BRAND!

It is the perfect time to sit down, dig deep, extract your special skills and unique talents, and figure out who you are and create a powerful BRAND~

If you don’t know WHO you are or WHY you do it, then you will never reach the level of success that you desire. You need to be in alignment with your business and you do that with your branding.

My award-winning EPIC Presence Method™ creates massive transformation from a business into a premium, highly desirable and highly-paid brand.

My unique process takes the 1-D concept of branding and turns it into a multidimensional identity & brand PRESENCE that connects and aligns with not just you, but also your audience on a deep, subconscious & psychological level that positions YOU as their one and only at whatever price point you align with.

I have discovered, in my 16+ years branding intelligent, driven & wildly ambitious entrepreneurs, that presence is powerful.

Let’s break it down.

There are 4 key steps in the process to create a complete, multidimensional & EPIC brand PRESENCE that attracts a premium audience.

Energetics + Positioning + Identity + Connection = Totally desirability


First, we Ignite Your Potential™ to breathe LIFE into your entire brand. By defining and aligning with the deeper energetics of who you are, why you do what you do and your unique genius you create a solid and sustainable foundation that will yield magnetic connections and build consistent momentum.


Next, we position your brand as the singular choice in the market using my Uniquely You™ method so you are able to clearly define and communicate your unique signature process & point of difference to the right people in the right language at the right price points. This crucial step takes out all the guesswork and collapses time around acquiring more clients and more sales at higher profits.


Once we have your brand foundation locked in, it’s time for Character Curation™ of your brand’s identity. This allows your brand the become the full expression of your multidimensional identity that gives your brand life, personality and creates excitement with your audience and within yourself on a subconscious and energetic level.


Finally, through Aligned Aesthetics ™ you create an unshakeable and authentic CONNECTION with your audience. We achieve this by visually expressing the internal and external elements of your brand to style an entire experience that ignites all the senses, slows the scroll, and compels your viewers to fall in love with your brand instantly.

When you put all these pieces together you are able to create a visual and energetic brand experience, an EPIC PRESENCE™, that showcases you as the high-end brand you were meant to be!


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5 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand

You may have thought about it, but how do you actually know if it’s time to REBRAND your business…

There comes a time in every business, when they realise that what they started with – their logo, their mission, their purpose, what they even do and how they do it – has evolved into much more.

✅It’s okay to have started with a cheap logo or even an expensive one.

✅It’s okay to have started with the bare minimum.

✅It’s okay to have not been crystal clear on what you do and how you do it when you started.

✅It’s okay to have had no clue about your target market and how to reach them.

✅It’s okay to not have known anything about branding and the foundation of your business when you started.

It’s bloody brilliant that you JUST STARTED at all!

Most people don’t. Most people don’t have the guts and gumption to go for it. And most of those that do – give up. It’s usually because they can’t get leads and clients or their not making any money – usually both.


It’s pretty normal in business and entrepreneurship to hit a point where what you did back when you started just isn’t working anymore.

And this is a good thing!
Embrace it.
Businesses that don’t grow and evolve and expand and fine-tune what their about, will fail.

When the time comes to grow and to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on all the things that make up your BRAND … who you are, what you do, how you do it, how you say it, what you say, your vision, your mission, your purpose, your audience, your logo, your marketing, your brand visuals, your imagery …. ALL OF THE THINGS –

Jump in with both feet and get excited for the next phase or chapter

 the NEXT LEVEL – because this is where you will find your power, your success, the money, the clients, the JOY and HAPPINESS of doing what you love YOUR WAY with the ease and flow of just BEING YOU!


Check out this list of 5 signs that mean it’s time to REBRAND your business…..

1. You need a new level of YOU in your business….

it’s time to be real and unapologetically YOU… your brand needs to be screaming WHO YOU ARE and really shouting out your passion otherwise you will be lost in a sea of sameness and your perfect clients won’t even SEE you or HEAR you.

2.Your current brand doesn’t LIGHT YOU UP and EXCITE you….

its time to not be mediocre and “one of them” or “me too” about your business, your purpose, your life, your vision, your focus, your everything! You’re ready to CREATE something powerful and meaningful that you are truly passionate about…. something that you can’t shut up about!

3. You’ve OUTGROWN your original mission and purpose….

as you spend more and more time in your business you start to realise that you like some things more than others and you prefer working with particular types of clients over other types. You are READY to get CLARITY on your purpose and what problems you solve and HOW you solve them. Your VISION has grown and it’s time to level up and expand

4. You crave a new, more aligned audience….

the people you want to be around has evolved, you want followers who are more aligned to your purpose and vision… you have a message that needs to be heard by YOUR people but aren’t sure how to get that message to THOSE people.

5. The world around you is changing and evolving…

yes even though it is scary to dive into new marketing avenues, you KNOW that you must stay AHEAD OF THE GAME. Funnels, email marketing, social media, networking…. all of the things to keep you SHINING LIKE A DIAMOND in a sea of competition and saturated marketplace.

6. Your branding looks like everyone else’s…

It’s a saturated market out there and looking & sounding like everyone else is not doing you any favours. Sure you love this persons branding and want yours to look that gorgeous as well, but copying is not going to win you clients. With so much noise out there, you need to stand out and differentiate yourself from the rest “of them”. If you find your branding is blending in and you’re not being seen, then it’s for sure time to rebrand and make your own mark that slows the scroll and magnetizes your dream clients to you!


If ANY of those had you nodding your head YES and you feel that it’s truly time to take that next step into the NEXT LEVEL of your BUSINESS and your BRAND ….
or even just curious …

Then why don’t you PM me right now and we can have a casual chat (with wine) and find out if this is the right and aligned next step for you.

OR…. even better! Hop on over to my branding page and check out my epic awesomesauce branding packages to turn your biz into a wildly in-demand brand.

Options baby – you have them!
Let’s do it yeah? 🤓