Are YOU the one calling out for me?
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

Are YOU the one calling out for me?


When you are staring blankly at your computer, alone in your home office… or working on your laptop at a cafe… or scrolling endlessly on your phone…. keeping busy doing fuck all….. crazy frustrated because you KNOW that you were meant for so much more than this shit.

This knowing that you were meant to be a millionaire boss babe that is on top of it all and taking action every day and leveling up to that person that you can see inside of yourself.

But, instead, you sit there, wondering….

What next?

You may feel overwhelmed or just plain ol’ lost when you ponder ‘what’s next?’

What is the NEXT step in leveling up my biz and my brand and MYSELF? What is the next step towards MY vision of success?

Part of that vision shows more money and more clients right?  In a nutshell…. yeah?
I know there is more, of course, but the basics – to move up from where you’re at – is more clients, which leads to more money…


How do I get more clients?
Where do I even find these people?
WHO are they anyway?
What do they look like?
Where do they live
What do they do?

Well, THEY are YOUR people.
You just have to define who THEY are.
You need to call them in.

Are they the ones that are fun to work with and that talk like you, act like you, the ones you actually WANT to call and  do the work with, the ones you can have a laugh with, the ones that you would be okay having in your house and around your family?

That is who they are for me.

They are also the ones who will stop at nothing to move ever closer to their vision.

The ones who are not afraid to fail, because they KNOW to fail is the fastest and best way to learn how to succeed.  They know that failing is growth.

They are motivated and determined to keep going no matter what.

They will stay the course long after everyone else has quit.

They know that to BE the person that they see in their big vision they need to take action and brush off that fear that keeps them stuck.

They also know that it is better to do it with your soul mate peeps, your soul mate biz buddies, your soul mate coaches… rather than go it alone.

They are ready to completely level up in all areas, not just biz, so they can attract their peeps, their soul mate clients, abundance, joy, happiness and DO THE WORK to get that stuff.

They know that when you invest in yourself and your biz, you quantum jump to higher levels of success faster….

which leads to more money honey!

OH yes!

I also know who I don’t work with. (you’ll need to be clear on this too BTW)

I don’t work with people who are afraid of swearing – cuz baby, I throw ‘fucks’ around like candy!

I don’t work with people who don’t take action, who are afraid to take the leap of faith into the unknown and excitement of being the next level you right NOW.

I also don’t work with biz babes and entrepreneurs who are just starting out – I am passionate about helping and guiding and mentoring and shifting the entrenpreneur who has been hustling and finding that they are stuck.

I AM the chick who will get you UNSTUCK.

I AM the chick who will kick your ass to clarity – clarity around your brand, your message, your peeps, your offers, your mindset –

THE CHICK who will level you the fuck up to BE that successful millionaire boss babe that you can see inside of you, the one that is waiting to be UNLEASHED to the world in all her glory.


And…. I can’t wait to meet YOU – the real, the badass, the unstoppable, the powerful, the next level YOU!





If that sounds like you, if that is speaking straight to your soul- and you are ready to level the fuck up and unleash your inner badass boss babe  – then PM me lovely –

I can’t wait to meet you xx


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