Tell your brand story with a strategically designed website built to convert more leads into paying customers!

IMAGINE YOUR SUCCESS IF YOU HAD A WEBSITE THAT clearly communicated your brand message and generated leads

FACT: 82% of Websites Don't Actually Work
Do You Know Why?

It's because everyone thinks they can whip up a quick website in WIX or some other DIY method to save a few bucks. But the truth is, those websites are just a logo, images and words thrown in a template with no strategy, no goal, no clearly defined brand message and they simply do not work.

You wouldn’t perform surgery on your friend unless you were qualified with years of study and experience. You definitely should not be making your own website for the same reasons.

What you need is a strategic designer, a branding expert and a conversion specialist to turn your website into sales machines that will take your business to the next level!


If your WEBSITE doesn’t
scream out
your brand story
or emotionally connect with your audience
then you
will attract the wrong clients, lose sales and never become a brand that commands loyalty.

There is no point fixing your website if your BRAND is not on point.

and without a brand strategy Your website won’t be effective.

What’s in it for ME?

  • YOU will get strategic solutions to YOUR problems.
  • A clear understanding of who your ideal client is so you can help them.
  • Generate more leads and/or sales with expert conversion strategies
  • YOU”LL have an expert on your side that knows YOU need to make money with your website and not watch it sitting around collecting dust.
  • YOU will have a website that communicates YOUR brand story clearly and will make your ideal clients dying to hire you.
  • YOU will have a strong brand and website in month - no more waiting 6-12 months to get online and winning.

You will have a designer that will make YOUR website look absolutely stunning with a clear brand message -

which is paramount to consumer psychology and their buying habits.


MY online business has a new edge that has been created and designed to be one of a kind in a competitive market that attracts my ideal customer. I used to get a couple sales a month, now I get sales every single day!

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myBrand ReBOOT*

The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about your brand and website in new ways. The Jungle Design Team will take it all in & strategise your brand and website message, your brand values, identify your kickass value proposition and the special ingredients that make you YOU and compels people to engage & buy.

Includes 2-3 hour interview / coaching session and a 12-13 page BRAND ACTION PLAN that identifies your kick-ass website and brand strategy, identity, message, offer and a plan to move forward – for service based businesses.


*(This cost gets applied to any Branding / Web service moving forward).