I drink coffeeuntil it's
time to drink wine

I unlock and unleash the voice inside that your soulmate clients are waiting to buy from

Unapologetic. Unfiltered. Unconventional.

What I believe about my work above all else is the underlying right that someone has to just be themselves and to have ultimate freedom in whatever they do. You have a business but it is so ingrained for us to follow the rules or do things a certain way ...

You are free to be whomever you want to be. Own it, share it, BE it...so that you can move forward, grow and make your impact on the world by being your own 100% authentically, unapologetically, unfiltered BRAND.

Brand Values

Adventure: Discover what’s waiting for you on the other side.
Creativity: Create new things and solutions that amaze and inspire.
Imagination: Dare to dream for some of the best ideas are born in your imagination.
Beauty: Unbridled appreciation and love for beauty in all forms.
Freedom: There are no limits - you can be, do and have anything you want.
JOY: A joyful perspective on most things makes life fun and zesty!

Hey there superstar


It's me, Steph, a badass business queen that paves my own way, speaks my mind, empowers my clients, and has the power to change the world one gorgeous human at a time!

I've been designing and building brands for over 2 decades for 100's of clients. I created Jungle Design Studios in 2005 because I am an entrepreneurial goddess and thought why not combine my passion for strategy & storytelling with my bold & elegant design skills to create a totally aligned business doing what I LOVE everyday (cuz that's what you do, of course).

It wasn't always this way though. I've re-branded more times than I can count. I use to be the logo designer who created pretty logos and sent you on your way. What I came to realise, for myself and my clients, is that you need more. You can only go as far as the level you're at. How can someone grow and expand themselves and their business if they don't have a plan or strategy for moving forward? You can't. I couldn't. So I invested more money on courses & coaches than my husband even wants to know. I've read, I've learned, I've expanded my knowledge so that I could bring an entire experience to my clients. So you would have someone to hold your hand to the boundaries of your beliefs and business then cross that line with you to something bigger, better and brighter.

My magick really lies in the fact that I have the intuitive ability to see inside of someone, who they truly are and extract their essence so they show up online as their aligned, authentic and powerful self.

I am insanely passionate about art and design - with tacos, coffee and wine a close second! Life is meant to be fun and an adventure - so is business. If you're not having fun then what's the point? ...

Together we can explore and go on a brand building journey that will give you clarity and confidence to start making the money and tasting the success that comes from having a purposeful brand that creates raving fans who buy everything that you have to offer!

Be Bold... Be Badass

You need to be unique and just be YOU, own and embrace what makes you different and declare it proudly.

Show your style, be your brand, do your thing and work from your zone of genius. When you do all of those things people will resonate with that, they will vibe with you, they will take the time to get to know, like and trust you which leads to having a tribe of people that love the shit out of you and buy from you - over and over again.

Here’s why I stand out in my industry: I have a unique skill set. I have a tested and proven, signature process that I have honed over the years with 100’s of clients. I’ve found success with both multimillion-dollar companies and small businesses & entrepreneurs. I’ve worked across industries and have great ideas for businesses on the fly.

The concepts are the same and I can help you achieve the branding and style that both speaks to your target audience and represents you as a professional that can demand top dollar for your services.

Oh my goodness, where do I start!? First, Stephanie is an AMAZING designer. Second, she truly understandings marketing and how your brand must match who you are in order for it to "work". She's such a pleasant person to chat with that often times our 1 hour conversations would turn into 2+! If you want to work with someone who will not only understand your business, but help you bring it's vision and message to life- then Stephanie of Jungle Design Studios is your person!

~Roxanne Ray, Be Foxy Marketing

I know you feel my vibes beaming at ya right now! If it's time, I invite you to a conversation... to see what's possible!

Imagine,a short but meaningful call to discover your unique path to becoming an irresistible brand.