Don't just do it
Don't just say it
BE it.

Branding Consultant . Designer . Strategist

Unapologetically authentic branding badass.

I see YOU. I know YOU are in there. I am boldly inviting you on an adventure, an exploration, a ‘no-limits’ way of life, to join me on my quest for meaning and impact.

Be bold. Be brave. Be the HELL YES!

What I believe about my work above all else is the underlying right that someone has to just be themselves and to have ultimate freedom in whatever they do. You have a business but it is so ingrained for us to follow the rules or do things a certain way ...

You are free to be whomever you want to be. Own it, share it, BE that you can move forward, grow and make your impact on the world by being your own 100% authentically, unapologetically, unfiltered BRAND.

I'M STEPH ~ your brand designer, consultant & strategist

I've designing and building brands for over 2 decades. I created Jungle Design Studios in 2005 because I am an entrepreneur goddess and thought why not combine my passion for strategy & storytelling with my sophisticated & elegant design skills to create a totally aligned business doing what I LOVE everyday (cuz that's what you do, of course).

My mission for this studio is to help the purpose driven entrepreneurs, who aren’t just looking to build a business, build and grow an influential brand.

I am NOT your average, every-day logo designer and this is NOT the average, you can find everywhere, brand company that tells you what colours go together and how to pair fonts or create a mood board....(even though I LOVE design)...

I'm the girl who is going to take you on your brand building journey so you can start making the money and tasting the success that comes from having a purposeful and powerful brand that creates raving fans who buy everything that you have to offer!


Oh my goodness, where do I start!? First, Stephanie is an AMAZING designer. Second, she truly understandings marketing and how your brand must match who you are in order for it to "work". She's such a pleasant person to chat with that often times our 1 hour conversations would turn into 2+! If you want to work with someone who will not only understand your business, but help you bring it's vision and message to life- then Stephanie of Jungle Design Studios is your person!

~Roxanne Ray, Be Foxy Marketing

An elegant dance between precision strategy and gorgeous design will elevate your status. Because, it's not enough to just be the best, you need to LOOK the best as well.

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