You need someone passionate about what they do to get you the results that you need.
The artsy-fartsy part doesn’t hurt either!

my ‘unrivaled gift’ is ‘vision’ and ‘creation’

seeing old things in new ways - envisioning possiblities - creatively turning that vision into reality

Our team of brilliantly savvy design people, has almost two decades of experience in the design, branding & marketing Industry to help service based businesses & entrepreneurs evolve, grow & make an impact on the world.

so you can achieve the lifestyle you want & the freedom to enjoy it

Simply put: We got sick of the #bull

It's no secret that DIY websites and $5 Fiverr logos are running rampant in the business world. Quite frankly embarrassing...for all of us, business owners with a shit brand and real designers alike! Jungle Design Studios is on a mission to educate and empower service based businesses & entrepreneurs - who need a strong brand & message or have an allergic reaction to cheap, nasty and meanlingless logos and websites.

Jungle Design is eager to usher in a new era of what it means to be a brand powerhouse with their no-B.S. approach.

STEPH ZAHALKA ~ Founder, CEO, Designer, Strategist by day and Artsy surfer chick by night

I’ve been an artist for-ever and a graphic designer for over 18 years. (Holy crap that makes me feel old!) I created Jungle Design Studios in 2005 because design and art are my passion and I wanted to use my talent to help businesses and entrepreneurs become insanely successful.

Sometimes it’s a walk in the park and sometimes it’s complicated. But we always find a solution. Either way that’s what makes me love what I do.

My gift, as an artist and a designer, is to take the goals and message of my clients, put that into a design that is stunning, eye-catching AND it has a strategy behind it so it actually works.

I’ve always had a passion for making others look good and boosting the brands of small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. While I love to see visual marketing that looks good, I also know that you need both amazing design AND strategies or the end product won’t put money in your pocket. You need a strong brand voice and message that gets your target audience right in the feels. You can’t afford not to!

I know you have a message or product or service that helps others. That is why you are in business right? (well that and making money of course) If I can help you help others then we all win.

Your customer wins, you win, I win.

Hooray us!


I have recently been working with Stephanie to design marketing materials for our company and associated events. In this time, I have found Stephanie's professionalism and attention to detail exemplary. Her vision and creativity has enabled us to create amazing marketing materials that will help to ensure we generate the exact response we are looking for. I would highly recommend Stephanie Zahalka to any business owner who is serious about creating the right results with the right materials to generate the right business for them.

~Shanny Matterson, IP Wealth

want to know what it’s like working with us?

It’s fun. It’s bold. It’s sassy.
(and a bit laid back with a beachy surfer vibe)
We step out of the box (because it’s more fun out there) and because we are sick of the ‘me too’s’.
We aren’t just another agency or designer or business like the rest AND we think you shouldn’t be either.
Get our of your saturated faceless market and step outside with us - where the fun & money is!


Your embarking on a journey in your business and you need support.
Not only do you need to build a brand, but you need to market it and optimise it, change it, test it and promote it because this all needs to work like a well oiled machine
Consider us your comprehensive digital support team — because the work doesn’t end once the design is finished.


You can get everything you need - brand strategy, brand styling, logo design and kick ass web development all under the one roof! No need to work with multiple companies. Maintain visual integrity by keeping your branding consistent from one medium to another and save money by letting Jungle Design Studios take care of everything.


You need an awesome team looking after your baby, your business, your bread & butter. Who better to do this than a team of highly trained digital ninjas?
With a blow your socks off designers, a sassy brand strategist, conversion specialist, a marketing guru, a traffic generating ad whiz and ninja copywriters there is no way you can go wrong here!

We’re here to guide you with our expertise of what works and why, so the right people start finding you, falling for you, hiring you, and become raving fans for you.