You need someone to
kick your ass into
That person is ME!

Branding Consultant . Badass Designer . Savvy Strategist . Fabulous Funnel Hacker . Mindset Mentor . Business Coach

all rolled up into a crazy, swear-y, unapologetically authentic ball called 'Steph'!

I see YOU. I know YOU are in there. Trying, desperately to break FREE. To let ALL of YOU out and to share it with the world through your purpose, your business, YOUR BRAND.

Be bold. Be brave. Be the HELL YES!

I am here to change the world by EMPOWERING the leaders, the visionaries, the creators and action takers to become their brand – their brand that is truly them.

I have a special gift of being able to extract that special sauce that makes you YOU and connecting that, connecting YOU, with your business so that you can move forward and make your impact on the world by being your 100% authentically, unapologetically, unfiltered BRAND.

STEPH ZAHALKA ~ taco eating, wine drinking, beach lovin', designer, coachy, surfer chick who just wants to have some fun!

I've been doing this art and design thing for over 2 decades. (Holy fuck I'm old! hahaha) I created Jungle Design Studios in 2005 because I am an entrepreneur goddess and thought why not combine that with my mad design skills and create a badass business doing what I LOVE everyday (cuz that's what you do, of course).

My job, my PASSION, what I am called to do, is to show you, teach you, coach you on how to BE fully, 100% YOU...

To extract that special sauce - what it IS that makes you YOU - and to connect that with your business, your passion, what YOU are called to do... by creating an aligned & authentic BRAND for YOU so that you can have the confidence and the look to be able to charge what you are truly worth and build a powerful, successful and profitable business that lights you up!

I am NOT your average, every-day logo designer and this is NOT the average, you can find everywhere, brand company that tells you what colours go together and how to pair fonts or create a mood board....(even though it's fun)... blah blah freaking blah!

I'm the chick that's gonna kick your ass into clarity so you can start making the money and tasting the success that comes from having a shit-hot, badass brand that creates raving fans that buy everything that you put out...
and have a fuck-ton of fun doing it!

Are ya with me!


Oh my goodness, where do I start!? First, Stephanie is an AMAZING designer. Second, she truly understandings marketing and how your brand must match who you are in order for it to "work". She's such a pleasant person to chat with that often times our 1 hour conversations would turn into 2+! If you want to work with someone who will not only understand your business, but help you bring it's vision and message to life- then Stephanie of Jungle Design Studios is your person!

~Roxanne Ray, Be Foxy Marketing

want to know what it’s like working with us?

It’s fun. It’s bold. It’s sassy.
(and a bit laid back with a beachy surfer vibe)
We step out of the box (because it’s more fun out there) and because we are sick of the ‘me too’s’.
We aren’t just another agency or designer or business like the rest AND we think you shouldn’t be either.
Get out of your saturated faceless market and step outside with us - where the fun & money is!


If you're CRAVING high level support and guidance in your business, and someone who TRULY has your back with all things design, strategy AND mindset, I'm your girl.


Bringing you my mad design skills and my uncanny ability to intuitively design the shit of anything... that I have honed and perfected over too many years to say out loud.


Business, making money, upleveling gets to be FUN! Working with us, through the entire process is nothing but a good time and there will probably be wine involved!

We’re here to guide you with our expertise of what works and why, so the right people start finding you, falling for you, hiring you, and become raving fans for you.