A brand with purpose… comes from clarity
BRANDING | By Stephanie Zahalka

A brand with purpose… comes from clarity


When you have a purpose and a why and you bring that over into your branding, then your business will naturally attract people.

When your purpose and your why ARE your branding, then you will be unstoppable.

Take a minute to think to yourself….

What is your purpose?

What is your why?

Are you actually doing what you love?

Like really really?

If you had all the money in the world, everything you wanted was already yours, you had all the free time available…

WHAT would you BE DOING?

What would you be doing with your time, with your days, with your knowledge, with your expertise?

If what you are doing NOW does not light you up and make you excited and bring out your passionate energy, then  you need to take a good look at what you ARE doing and re-assess.

It may sound like something that is hard to figure out.

You may be thinking… what the hell IS my why?

or what the hell IS my purpose?

You may be thinking that this is all too freaking hard, so let’s just shove this crap back under the carpet and think about it later.

Or let’s just completely ignore it and try some new marketing or something.  (omg DON’T do this… you will be throwin’ money $ away!)

Am I right?

Well, I can tell you that it can be easy to figure this stuff out.

You just need to take baby steps.

Little itty bitty steps to figure out this stuff.

I will admit, branding is a huge thing. It is the foundation of your business, of you, of how others see you, of how they talk about you to others… and it’s also your identity, how you look, how you talk, your logo, your visual marketing… EVERYTHING.

BUT… don’t panic just yet.

Take a big deep breath and relax.

Let’s start go easy to start…

And the FIRST thing to do is to get some CLARITY.

When you have clarity, then everything flows. Everything just FLOWS.

You KNOW why you’re doing what you do.

You KNOW what you are doing… what you love to do, what you hate to do and what makes you different than everyone else trying to do the same thing you are.

You KNOW who you are doing it for…. who your tribe is, who your ideal client is, who your target market is, who you want to work with and be around.

You will then KNOW how to move forward. How to clarify your brand to yourself and to the clients that need you the most.

Whether that is providing your expert services or selling your amazing products or creating awesome things.

And, once you KNOW these simple yet POWERFUL things, then the rest will just FLOW.

THEN, you can dive into the deeper stuff about your brand. Find out the juicy, secret-saucy, special STUFF that will be an integral part of your BRAND.

You can start to get really clear and expand on what you just learned about yourself and your business.

These are the first stepping stones.  The stepping stones to Brand Clarity.


The SIMPLE step-by-step process that you go through FIRST.

Do this BEFORE you start thinking of re-branding and new logos and a new website and blah blah freaking blah….

Brand Clarity comes first.

Start here… because what you learn here will make what you LEARN NEXT that much more POWERFUL and completely IN-TUNE and in FLOW with WHO you are, your WHY and your PURPOSE.


Do you get it?

Are you nodding your head like YES! I get it.


Are you afraid?

Would you rather be stuck with the fear and absolute despair of running your biz to the sound of crickets ?

Do you prefer the not-knowing, second-guessing, half-assing your way to business success scenario?

Maybe you like the loneliness..the isolation…the mind-f*ck…

I don’t think so.

I KNOW this is not so.

I’d like you to give your fear or hesitation a big fat F*CK YOU middle finger!


Are you are you READY to figure this stuff out?

Is it a HELL YES!!!! ?

If you are feeling like you need to know this stuff so you can OWN YOUR BRAND like the BOSS that you are then you NEED to give me a HELL YES!

F*ck yeah!



I am stoked to tell you that I am launching my BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE  just…

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So you can take your itty bitty, not scary, baby steps into KNOWING

your WHY


and what exactly it is that you LOVE DOING and finally work out how to do that in your business!!!

Be bold

Be brave

Be the HELL YES!


If you are an action taker and it’s time… your time… for total CLARITY… then you best sign up for my new BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE.

This where we go in deep.
We go in and figure stuff out ….
We get CLEAR….

Discover your WHY and the deeper purpose of your brand.
So many businesses miss this essential step!

Get clarity on WHAT you’re building, WHAT you love doing and WHAT makes you different.
Everything else you need to IGNORE when you start.

Figure out WHO your audience and ideal client is so you can streamline your brand for them!
And learn the other WHO and why it’s so important –
hint* it’s not who you think!

Deep dive questions to evaluate the HOW and what sorts of strategies you need and DON’T need.
This is the #1 problem most business owners struggle with.

When you gain CLARITY, it makes it easier to PLAN and when it’s easier to plan, that’s when you find yourself IN the FLOW.

Even if you’re just starting out,
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If you want to look
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The BRAND CLARITY CRASH COURSE is the simple, step-by-step formula to gaining clarity on your brand and the foundation of your business…
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