Design for Web + Print | By Stephanie Zahalka

3 helpful tips for working with your graphic designer

When you work with your graphic designer (which should be Jungle Design Studios of course) you should keep this tips in mind.

1. Good design takes time.

You can’t not design. Even styling text in a word document involves making design decisions. Perhaps not good design decisions but design decisions all the same. And because everyone can do it, it’s assumed that people with a design background can do it more quickly, and more efficiently. All of the time.  This is not true. Typography for a designer can be very complex and time consuming because words in an ad or marketing piece are extremely important.

Making considered decisions will always take time.

2. Strategic design is better than pretty design.

There are three types of designers: those who make the complex clear, those who make things stylish, and those who combine the two to make a very effective design. Our studio and thinking falls directly into the third category. We believe design’s most important role is to prioritise information so the key message is communicated and understood quickly yet looks pretty and eye catching so as to grab the readers attention in the first place.

If we understand a client’s objective, the design will be better value. The more strategic the brief, the better, and more measurable, the result.

3. A good design brief includes boundaries.

We’re not fine artists. While I do enjoy doing something of my own free choice so a client can see something to make up their mind about what they want/need, I do not enjoy when this creates hours upon hours of revisions because the client was not clear in the beginning.  This creates extra costs which are definitely fair, but can make things uncomfortable. Graphic design – formerly known as commercial design – has limitations/boundaries – and I enjoy that. It’s fine if clients don’t know exactly what they want but they should expect to be questioned so thoughts can be organised into a cohesive brief. The more that is communicated early, the less revisions and the smoother (and more enjoyable) the design process will be.clientdesigner

Doing this will make the whole project smoother and more pleasurable for both parties.

If you would like to discuss any design needs or a new project that you have in mind, please contact us today so we can get started.

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