It’s all about right NOW!
Coaching | By Stephanie Zahalka

It’s all about right NOW!


Imagine for a second that you wake up every day in a space of satisfaction and a feeling of wellbeing and happy for all that you have. You take a moment to stretch and enjoy your warm, cozy bed and soft sheets and blanky, your comfy pillow and just really FEEL thankful that you feel this good.  Then you set the intention for your day to be nothing short of amazing and that things will just go your way and you will have fun and feel joy and excitement for all that you do.

You write in your journal over a nice cup of coffee, the kids are eating brekkie and almost ready for school, you leave, drop them off with kisses, one of them is grumpy but you change that by wishing them a fabulous day at school and telling them you can’t wait to see them at 3pm… they walk away smiling. You get back to your day and you notice the flowers and the birds, you see beauty everywhere you look and enjoy the great weather on the way to work/home/job/office….

Things just flow… things are easy… even the demands for your kids to get dressed for school are easier. You are feeling contentment because of how you chose to feel when you woke up.

How fucking awesome does that sound?

Now imagine waking up, hopping straight on your phone, scrolling facebook or insta or reading the news and having all this energy of other people injected straight into your consciousness. The good, the bad, the bitching, the success, the EVERYTHING else outside of you that is now occupying your thoughts, taking up all the space in your brain.

You make your coffee, get your kids ready for school, scream 152 times for them to get their damn shoes on… you’re running late, things are frantic, there is traffic, you have a million emails demanding your attention… things are just all over the fucking place and you’re on your 4th cup of coffee and it’s only 9:30am.

Fuck that shit.

Which day do you prefer?

How do you want to go about your day, your life, your business?

It’s all about mindset and how you choose to show up.

It’s a choice.

That you have the ability to make daily… in every moment.

But when you start your day WITHOUT purpose or intention or choosing satisfaction and contentment for all that you have, it is a whole lot harder to switch to that.

That is why when things seem to go wrong, they go wrong all damn day.  You know that ‘I’ve had the worst day’ kinda day?

I bet you’d rather have a fabulous day.

It’s all about setting your intention and how you choose to feel as soon as you wake up.

It’s about the goals that you set for yourself and your life and your biz.

When you think about GOALS, you probably instantly think of those 30 day, 90 day, 5 year type of goals.

Well what about today? And tomorrow? And this week?

When you start with the NOW, everything will flow from there.

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