You need MORE than a pretty logo.
To have a brand that both you and your audience are obsessed with, it needs to have all the elements that embody who you are so it becomes easy and fun to be in full alignment with your brand. This is what makes a brand magnetic.

Your brand isn't about what you do as much as WHO YOU ARE when you do it. It's the energy + the strategy. Both the masculine + the feminine. It's where science meets magick and become who you were meant to be.

If you want to be seen, heard & paid like a high end brand, you have to be the embodiment of a high end brand.


MINDSET that takes you from imposter syndrome to epic self-worth and confidence.
STRATEGIES that make you ridiculously irresistible to your audience.
ENERGETICS to go from 'having' a brand to 'being' a luxe high-level brand that magnetizes eager, high-end clients.

Imagine working with someone has been there, faced the problem, felt the pressure and moved through it, out the other side and KNOWS what it's like from experience.

I lead myself so you know that we can walk together from where you are to where you want to be.



Hey! I'm Steph

sassy, bold, unique, unapologetic, leader, daring, unconventional, powerful, creative, exciting, energetic, artistic, inspiring, revolutionary, emotionally intelligent, aligned, colourful and FUN!

It's a lot of words, but I'm a whole lot of Steph. Welcome to a new level of ME! I have calibrated to a new level and things have expanded and grown around here. While I love love love designing and creating extraordinary art & logos for high-end brands, I have embraced the fact that I have always been a mentor and coach and the results my clients get come directly from this aspect of my work. I thrive and excel in helping the online entrepreneur to step into their luxe next level brand.

Because I have evolved and expanded, I am the perfect sister to guide and walk and work WITH you as you expand and evolve beyond your current brand. It's time to redefine and reinvent a brand that is in alignment with your next level and adding in a bunch of secret sauce, energetics, mindset + soul, just makes creating a brand that fuels your passion and embodies who you are on a soul level all that more fun.