YOU need more than a pretty logo.
You need a brand identity created through intentional, strategic and purpose driven design that will grow and expand with your business.

You need a complete visual systems — a full set of logos, colours, fonts and imagery that allows you to create beautiful, consistent, on-brand marketing collateral.

If you want to be paid like a high end brand,
you have to LOOK like a high end brand.


RESULTS that take you from no direction to complete clarity.
STRATEGIES that turn total strangers into loyal customers.
CONFIDENCE to go from ‘affordable’ to ‘premium’
pricing that attracts eager high-end clients.

How good would it be to work with someone who knows what it takes to move you from confused and frustrated to clear, consistent and confident with a strategy that will bring in the CASH?

A strong brand is a profitable brand.



Hey! I'm Steph

sassy, bold, unique, unapologetic, clever, daring, unconventional, powerful, creative, exciting, energetic, artistic, inspiring, revolutionary, colorful and FUN!

It's a lot of words, but I'm a whole lot of Steph and I am the one you call when you need a branding mastermind, enthusiastic strategist and a bold artistic designer who has the ability to extract the essence that is you and CONNECT that to your business, add in a bunch of secret sauce, to create a brand that fuels your passion.

Branding is an adventure and every adventure has a bit of planning, a dash of strategy and a ton of fun!